Aquarius Woman in Bed (Aquarius Woman Sexuality)

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Are you interested in Aquarius Woman Sexuality? Then this guide is for you!

One thing that marks out an Aquarius woman is her high level of confidence. They are very energetic in their sexual life.

Under the right circumstances, she achieves awesome orgasms. She is not selfish, and she knows the approach to use to make her man happy.

She is bold when it comes to expressing her sex life. She is neither embarrassed nor shy. She conveys her feelings just as they are, without fear.

The Aquarius girl is delightful company in bed. She will surprise you with new moves that are likely to leave you breathless.

Her prowess between the sheets makes her partner keep going back for more. This stems from the effect of the planet Uranus in her life.

It empowers her to be expressive in all things, including in the bed.

She appreciates it if her man is romantic. He should be a good kisser. She enjoys cuddling and unhurried foreplay.

But, for her, sex is not sex if it isn’t hardcore.

So, be ready to do some notorious or kinky stuff with her. Her sense of adventure in the bed knows no limits.

She prefers the company of a man who’s as passionate as she. Lovemaking with this woman is always a wonderful encounter.

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How to Create Sexual Interest in Aquarius Woman

Can you talk really well? If you can, you have very good chances of seducing the Aquarian girl. She easily gets seduced by a man who can talk sense.

Your initial approaches should have an element of an engaging and stimulating conversation. If you can sustain this for hours, you will arouse her sexual interest in you.

You’ll know that you are doing fine if she keeps giggling during the conversation. She’ll be ready to sit with you and talk for hours.

This is a clear indicator that you have touched something deep inside of her.

She’s likely to have sex with you if you are well-kempt. Be a smart dresser. Tend to your hair and nails. This girl is highly interested in your appearance and grooming.

She is turned on by a man who takes care of himself.

She is observant, too! She notices everything about you. She will know if you are clean and sexy, or if you are just putting on an act for her.

If you want to spend quality time with her, better get your act together.

You will capture her attention if you are funny. She has a soft heart for the man that makes her laugh. She will pay back in ways you won’t forget for all the smiles you bring into her life.

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What are the Sexual Traits of Aquarius Woman?

The Aquarius girl is considered tender and sensitive. This aspect of her personality is definitely seen in the bed as in all the other areas of her life.

Be ready to be pampered if you are with this woman. She likes treating her man like a baby who still needs to be cared for.

The Trick with the Aquarian girl is to ensure that she is attracted to you. You see; she doesn’t jump into bed with just any man she comes across.

She has to be interested in you. So, if you are just hitting on her just to have a good time, you had better change your strategy.

She can see through any act her partner puts on. She is highly skilled in the techniques of seduction. She can smell a phony from way off.

When it comes to lovemaking, the Aquarius girl wants you to be romantic. She is deep and erotic. Handle her romantically as you prepare her for the main activity. Tease her to raise the sexual tension.

Once she gets into lovemaking proper, the gloves come off. She knows no inhibitions. She wants it hard, but sensual and sexy as well.

She knows her way around this. She will give you the kind of moments that you are not likely to forget any time soon.

The Aquarian girl enjoys long foreplay. You will score well with her if you are good at oral sex. She considers this as a way of expressing your emotions.

It’s also an assurance that you find her attractive.

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Best Ways to Seduce the Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius girl is as interested in her own happiness as she is of her partner’s. She is levelheaded when it comes to sex.

Also, she has high expectations from her partner. This means that you need to seduce her with this in mind. Your aim is to get her interested in you.

She is very intelligent and will notice if you are being pretentious. So, go about this with the seriousness it deserves.

You can start by ensuring that you are well-groomed. She likes it when you look sexy.

Try an unconventional approach. Remember; she already knows what you are trying to do. You need to spice things up to sustain her interest.

So, don’t beat about the bush. If you want to kiss her, just go straight to her and do it. This is likely to catch her off-guard.

It might just create the kind of effect you are looking for. By doing such unexpected things, you arouse her senses.

Plan a surprise outing. Get to know her taste, and gift her appropriate piece of jewelry.

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Secrets of Aquarius Woman in Bed

The Aquarius girl is very adventurous. But, she often comes across as cold and aloof. Her more exciting side comes to the fore when she wants to try new things in her life.

In this state, she desires that her man be equally experimental.

Unlike most other girls, this girl is not shy. Neither is she tethered to traditions and societal norms. If you are the progressive kind of a man, you are lucky to have this girl as your partner.

She will fill your life with all the fun and excitement you need.

This girl is intellectual, and she wants a man who can stimulate her intellectually. So, you need to be vibrant.

Think of engaging activities that can occupy both of you.

She enjoys being teased, especially just before sex. You need to come up with unconventional ways to go about this.

The Aquarius girl is kinky. She experiments with different toys and sex styles. Sex to her is about adventure and unpredictability.

Keep a cool attitude when you are around her. She dislikes any show of insecurity. Rather; be confident and courageous.

These qualities seem very sexy in her eyes.

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The Aquarius girl is not one to spend too much time over sexual concerns. She won’t lose sleep over them.

However, she considers sex an inalienable part of her life. She considers it a necessary function of the body.

Sex is a biological function that she can’t do without. But, she does not tie it in with her sentimental conditions.

She can bond very well with a man who holds this perspective when it comes to sex. If he looks at sex as a means of physical gratification, both he and the Aquarius girl will have a mutually beneficial relationship.

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