Seven of Wands Meaning


What Are the Meanings of Seven of Wands? The Seven of Wands represents a man who defends himself with a wand against six others. He is standing on a hill, retaliating against those who attack him: his followers and supporters who are now at odds with him. The Seven of Wands is a card of … Read more

Page of Cups Tarot Meanings


What are the meanings of Page of Cups The Page of Cups is a Water and Air element, which is the reason behind what he can do: make your dreams come true. The apparition of this card is a great thing. At its best, it shows that love is just around the corner. At its … Read more

World Tarot Meaning


What Is the World Tarot Meaning? Are you wondering what is the World Tarot meaning? Rest assured that this is a great card to have in your reading. Before going into the specifics below, I will already share a few general meanings of the card, so that you get a feel of its symbolism. It … Read more

Five of Swords Tarot Meanings


What Is the 5 of Swords Tarot Meaning? The Five of Swords Tarot meaning is highly centered on conflict. Similarly to all Minor Arcana Fives, this one makes no exception in dealing with challenge, struggle, fight and change. To make matters even more challenging, this card is also linked to defeat. So it is not … Read more

Page of Wands Tarot Meaning


What Are the Meanings of the Page of Wands? Generally speaking, the Page of Wands Tarot Meaning is in the area of having projects that come to fruition. Something you initiated a while back starts to deliver positive results. Another meaning that is to be considered frequently in a reading is that this Page represents … Read more

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

It often happens that people think about the reversed tarot cards meanings in negative terms. The logic is that their symbolism is opposite to the one of the upright cards. While this is not a completely wrong approach, it is nevertheless a very limiting one. There is definitely more to reading the reversed cards. In … Read more

Suit of Wands Tarot Meaning

What Do the Suit of Wands Cards Mean? The Suit if Wands Tarot Meanings are rooted in passion and adventure. It is the suit of those who discover, who impatiently push the limits to reach further. Think about enthusiasm and about an unstoppable desire to excel and to win. Wands are about huge energy put … Read more

Suit of Swords Meaning

What Are the Suit of Swords Tarot Meanings? The Suit of Swords Tarot Meanings are related to action, power and conflict. Like with almost anything, such actions can be good or bad. However, Swords symbolism tends to be a bit skewed towards negative meanings. It is not unusual for cards that are part of this … Read more

What Do the Pentacles Mean in Tarot?

Suit of Pentacles Cards Meanings When you explore the Suit of Pentacles Tarot card meanings, think about pragmatism! This is the suit of money, work, luck and material objects in our lives. It’s about being rooted in the realities of your environment and about building something durable, on a sound foundation. While this is a … Read more

What Does the Suit of Cups Mean?

The Suit of Cups Tarot Meaning The suit of cups Tarot meaning has to do mainly with the emotional area of your life. It allows you to explore more about your feelings and about the way you connect to the others and to the world. An important note about the Cups Tarot symbolism is that … Read more