Gemini Woman in Bed (Gemini Woman Sexuality)

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Are you interested in Gemini Woman Sexuality? Then this guide is for you!

The Gemini woman lives on fantasy. She’s so much into this that she may forget to work towards making realities in the bed more meaningful.

She needs a lover who’ll get it right with her from the very start. If her initial sexual experience with this man is disappointing, she may not give him another chance.

This could be a problem, for she may be unable to settle for one sex partner for long.

Unfortunately, none of the partners will be the wiser. She won’t reveal to them why she has to dump them.

You see; this girl’s body holds many secrets. Her mind holds even more. It’s only by fully understanding her that you appreciate what her ideal sex experience should be like.

So, the first act of physical love counts a lot. In her mind, she sees this as what she should expect from you each time you engage in sex.

She takes time before she allows her lover to discover her inner life. This is her way of protecting herself.

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How to Create Sexual Interest in Gemini Woman

If you want to arouse her interest in sex, you should be ready to experiment with new things. This girl loves experimenting.

Try seducing her with something she’s not used to. For example, make out with her in the most unexpected of places.

Kiss her in the elevator. This will drive her nuts. It is bound to send your message and intentions home.

The Gemini girl is interested in a man that can display some kinkiness and naughtiness in bed. She will fall for you if she discovers that you can be entertaining and wild during sex.

She considers this very sexy. Unleash this in bed and you’ll get her going nuts.

Also, she is very attracted to a display of intelligence. Don’t be shy about flaunting your wittiness and intelligence.

This is a huge turn-on for this girl. If you can use these resources to impress her, you can be sure that she will be happy to spend quality time with you.

She is looking for a man that can match up to her sexuality and sensuality. Prove to her that you are sensual and equally sexy.

The Gemini woman is highly interested in a good kisser. This is the time to sharpen your skills. Your kisses should be passionate as well as seductive.

This is the only way to get her to ask for more.

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What are the Sexual Traits of Gemini Woman?

The Gemini woman is naturally erotic. Also, she is intellectually motivated. If you want to win her over, you need to appeal to her intellectuality as well as to her sensuality.

She is easily aroused by words. You will stimulate her easily through words. This means that you should be a good conversationalist.

And, don’t just talk for the sake of it. Talk sense.

Women born under the Gemini zodiac sign have a strong sex drive. You need to be equally motivated if you hope to keep up with her robust energy.

Indeed, her sex drive is up there and can be compared to that of Virgo and Libra. It calls for a very strong man to satisfy her.

You will enjoy unraveling her mysterious nature. The more you learn about her, the more pleasure you derive each time you sleep with her.

The Gemini girl is generous. She likes sharing things with others. Thus, it should not be a surprise is she decides to keep more than one partner.

Their social nature enables them to make friends with ease.

She needs an exciting and adventurous man by her side. Otherwise, she gets bored easily, and she’s likely to look elsewhere for solace and comfort.

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Best Ways to Seduce the Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman is one of the most charming and mysterious girls in the zodiac spectrum. When it comes to matters of sex, she is driven by the need to create wonderful experiences.

You must ensure that you constantly satisfy her if you desire to retain this girl.

She is attracted to witty men. Use your intelligence to your advantage. This is the time to use your humor to appeal to her. Also, compliment her as often as you can.

Prove to this girl that you enjoy her company. This is one of the ways to capture and retain her attention.

She is a good conversationalist, and she is attracted to a man that has an easy way with words. Be ready to engage in a stimulating conversation with this girl.

She will like you more if you prove to be a good conversationalist. She is easily turned on by engaging discussions.

She is deliberately mysterious for a good reason. She wants to pique your attention so that you can get to know her more.

You can entice her to reveal more of herself by surprising her with new and unexpected moves.

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Secrets of Gemini Woman in Bed

Gemini women can be kinky. You may not see this immediately as it is part of her hidden personality.

However, the more you get to know her, the more she reveals her mysteries to you. You will discover that she has wild sexual fantasies.

She may not be scared by a threesome or even an orgy.

She’s willing to go to any length with her man in pursuit of sexual satisfaction. But, this girl is less of a giver and more of a receiver.

This means that her man should be willing to play a more active role in this relationship. She’s quite demanding in bed.

Don’t be surprised if you have to go down on her almost every time you have sex.

All the same, she will chase her man if she’s adequately stimulated. You see; this girl considers sex as she would any other mental activity.

She has to be mentally and physically motivated to play a more active role.

Girls born under the Gemini sign enjoy sex more when it is unplanned, spontaneous, and unpredictable.

She will bond faster and more strongly with an exciting guy. A man that loves routine may see this girl as being too demanding or intimidating.

You have to be knowledgeable, outgoing, and smart to sustain this girl’s interest.

Reality is often lost on her as she tends to live in a world of fantasies. It may be necessary that you open her eyes to the realities of her life and that of your relationship.

Do this subtly so that you don’t rock the boat that is your budding love affair.

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The Gemini girl is passionate in the bed. However, you should never be in a hurry to get her to bed. Be careful how you treat her during the first date.

First impressions count a lot with this girl.

She can separate her emotions from lovemaking. She considers sex as a means of expressing carnal pleasure.

Sex is a physical need that can only be satiated in lovemaking. As such, if she can get the right man to be by her side whenever the craving strikes, she will definitely be happier.

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