Angel Number 3

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What Does Angel Number 3 Mean?

Seeing angel number 3 is a sign that the Ascended Masters, like Christ and the Archangels, are working on your behalf. The number 3 is the number of the Trinity and an auspicious sign for anyone, especially for light workers and those who are involved with spiritual development.

Angels numbers are communications from our guardian angels intended to provide us with the guidance and encouragement needed to achieve our aims.

When we notice angel numbers occurring in our experience, it is a sign that we are connected with Source Energy and have the power to manifest our desires.

Receiving Direct Guidance From Angel Numbers

When we begin to notice angel numbers we are likely to discount them as merely coincidental. However, soon we are likely to see them as too uncanny to be accidental.

This is when we begin to realize that divine forces are working in our lives.

Out of love and compassion, your guardian angels will send you messages in a variety of forms. But they can only intervene in our lives if we ask them for help.

So your guardian angels use angel numbers to send important information whether you have asked or not.

Numbers carry information in the form of a unique vibrational frequency with meanings that are specific to each number. Through these vibrational energies, angels can use angel numbers to communicate with us.

The Meaning of Number 3

The number 3 carries a vibrational frequency that is associated with self expression and creativity. It is the number of creation and completion, associated with divinity in many of the world’s religions, particularly Christianity.

When we see the number 3 it is a reminder from the universe of our creative potential and our innately divine nature.

The vibrational frequency of the number 3 is a sign of our alignment with powerful spiritual forces that can help us achieve our aims.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 3

Seeing angel number 3 is extremely common, especially among those of us who are involved with spirituality and the esoteric sciences.

The number 3 commonly appears in our experience as times of day or night, in addresses and phone numbers, and on work related documents.

Sometimes things that occur in the world and at work are repeated three times. We may notice that we are picking 3 items on our third trip to the pharmacy that day.

Or you may find yourself carrying 3 folders as you realize that you have visited a work associate’s desk 3 times that day. When you notice numbers repeating in this way, it is the expression of spiritual alignment.

Your guardian angels and the Ascended Masters are trying to tell you something.

When angel number 3 appears in your experience, it means that you are in spiritual alignment with your guardian angels and the Ascended Masters and that they are intervening on your behalf.

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