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Are you interested in the Chinese Zodiac Dog Sign? Then this guide is for you!

The Dog is the 11th sign in the Chinese horoscope. It appears just after the Rooster, and before the Boar/Pig.

The most recent Years of the Dog are 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018.

People born in this sign are interested in the success of others. They are ready to spend their time and money in the service of fellow humans.

Also, they have a great sense of justice. They will do anything within their power to deal with injustice.

They are active freedom crusaders. They use all the channels at their disposal to ensure that justice is served.

They like standing up for the weak, the downtrodden, and the underdog. A good number of Dog zodiac people are to be found in law enforcement agencies.

Others work in the rehabilitation field.

They do all this without asking for much in return. They are generous, friendly, and charming. They are willing to sacrifice their comforts so that others can know true happiness.

Just like the dog animal, these natives are faithful. They are arguably the most loyal individuals in the entire zodiac spectrum.

They are realistic, righteous, trustworthy, and dependable. Also, they are humble and kind-hearted. These individuals have a strong sense of commitment and devotion.

Dog zodiac natives are charitable. They can never have it easy if their neighbor is suffering from a lack of basic necessities.

Their selflessness drives them into the fields of humanitarian work.

However, they don’t trust blindly. They need a good reason to give their trust to anyone. In this aspect, they are very choosy.

If you were born under the Chinese zodiac Dog sign, you have a great future. Ensure that you keep close to the things that add value to your existence.

For these people, the numbers 3, 4, 9, and their combinations are associated with good fortune. This also applies to the colors purple, green, and red.

Your lucky months are the 7th and 28th days of the Chinese lunar months. Indicators are that your life will flow in the south, east, and northeast directions.

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What’s the Personality of the Chinese Zodiac Dog?

People born under the Chinese zodiac Dog sign are patient. They take their time before they point fingers or condemn.

At the same time, these natives hold high ideals. For example, they believe that all humans are born equal.

They are at the forefront of crusading for justice and equal rights. They move through life devoid of selfishness and ill motive.

They are ready to fight for the weak, downtrodden, and the wronged.

In relationships, these natives are prudent, kind, amicable, and sincere. They have a strong sense of faithfulness.

As such, they are willing to go to great lengths to help those they consider important in their lives.

These fellows often struggle with communication. This means that not everyone can understand what is on their minds.

They may be perceived to be stubborn when in the actual sense they are not.

Dogs are honest. They don’t have the tendency to make money using unscrupulous means. Rather; they are determined to leave a quiet, peaceful life.

They wouldn’t want to do anything that can destabilize their family and loved ones.

They are quick to jump in when a friend or an acquaintance needs help. They expect these people to reciprocate when circumstances call for it.

This means that they are utterly shocked when they are betrayed.

What are the Characteristics of Dog Men?

Men born under the Dog zodiac sign are attractive. They have a powerful magnetism that draws many people to them.

For this reason, most Dog men have many followers, both in their private and business life.

Also, they are very trustworthy. If this man says he will do something for you, don’t entertain any doubts.

If he says that he will deliver, count that as good as done.

These natives are loyal to their friends. You can expect him to be there for his friend when times are tough.

He doesn’t leave his loved ones, even when the situation seems beyond salvage. He is that one person that feels your pain because he is right there with you.

Of course, he enjoys being appreciated for this uniqueness. The more other people show how much they need him, the more he gets motivated.

Chinese zodiac dog men are some of the most principled individuals you can find anywhere. He remains true to his high ideals.

In some way, this endears him to his personal and business partners. They know that he will play his part regardless of the circumstances.

Most importantly, they are assured that he won’t turn the tables on them. He is one of the best people to do business with.

Even those who don’t like him can’t help but respect him for the way he carries himself. You don’t have to keep watching your back around this man.

Additionally, the Dog zodiac man is humble and kind. He doesn’t brag about his exploits. Rather, he reaches out to help others to achieve some level of success.

Men born under this sign are not scared of their problems. They handle their challenges head-on, and this is largely responsible for their huge success.

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What are the Characteristics of Dog Women?

A girl born under the Dog zodiac sign is enticing because she is full of mysteries. The people in her life like her a lot.

Just like the dog animal, this girl is faithful. She reaches out to give help when it’s needed. She creates time to be with her loved ones.

She doesn’t allow anything to interfere with the quality of the relationships she has created.

Also, she is highly empathetic. When someone is wronged, she can feel their pain and anguish. She is moved by this to throw her weight behind such people.

The Chinese zodiac Dog woman is intelligent. She knows how to overcome the impediments that stand in her path to success.

She may not be clearly understood by everyone. Actually, her way of communicating does upset a few people.

All the same, she has many friends amongst the other zodiacs. She gains much respect from those she comes into contact with.

This woman upholds moral values. She is not shy about letting other people know where she stands. If something reeks of moral decadence, she’ll have nothing to do with it.

She fights for justice wherever she goes. She has a clear understanding of the differences between men and women.

All the same, she fights for equality between the genders.

The Dog woman uses her resources in the service of others. She’d rather deny herself some privileges so that others can achieve their goals and dreams.

She is a feminist. But, she is the type of feminist who’s glad fighting for both women and men.

This native has a dark sense of humor. This means that her jokes are not always well received by everyone.

She is destined for success, more so if she puts her many talents to good use.

What’s the Destiny of Wood Dog?

The years 1934 and 1994 are some of the most recent Wood Dog years. In these years, the Wood element corresponds to the Dog zodiac sign.

Those born under this sign are caring and dependable. They understand what motivates the people in their lives.

Also, Wood Dogs are some of the most courteous people. They communicate their thoughts and feelings politely.

Wood Dogs are destined to enjoy peace and happiness. These natives are dedicated to their pursuits. With time, they achieve their goals.

They are devoted to their families and careers. As such, they attract the positive energies of plenty and abundance.

Here are some famous Wood Dogs:

  • Florence Henderson – born 14th February 1934
  • Giorgio Armani – born 11th July 1934
  • Maggie Smith – born 28th December 1934
  • Justin Bieber – born 1st March 1994
  • Ansell Elgort – born 14th March 1994
  • Halsey – born 29th September 1994

What’s the Destiny of Fire Dog?

The years 1946 and 2006 are some of the most recent Fire Dog years. Those born under this sign are industrious and smart.

They are known for accomplishing their goals in a good time. They don’t leave any tasks undone. However, they often struggle to remain relevant, especially when they are pursuing multiple goals.

These natives can do better if they learn to focus on one task at a time.

Fire Dogs are go-getters. Once they set their mind on a goal, they never let go. They are relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

These natives are destined for success. If they remain true to their values, there’s nothing that can come in between them and the lives of their dreams.

Fire Dogs are bound to scale the pinnacle of success because of their efforts. Here are examples of famous Fire Dogs:

  • Cher – born 20th May 1946
  • Donald Trump – born 14th June 1946
  • George W Bush – born 6th July 1946
  • Bill Clinton – born 19th August 1946
  • Gianni Versace – born 2nd December 1946
  • Steven Spielberg – born 18th December 1946

What’s the Destiny of Earth Dog?

The years 1958 and 2018 are some of the most recent Earth Dog years. This means that these people are born when the zodiac Dog sign coincides with the Earth element.

People born under this sign are communicative and sensible. They can distinguish good from bad easily.

Earth Dogs use their communication skills to establish solid relationships with those they encounter in life’s journey.

Earth Dogs are destined to lead a good life. They have the determination to create an interesting, fun-filled life.

They are dedicated to their family and their careers. These natives have a great sense of responsibility. For this reason, they tend to rise to the pinnacle of success.

Here are some world-famous Earth Dogs:

  • Sharon Stone – born 10th March 1958
  • Gary Oldman – born 21st March 1958
  • Alec Baldwin – born 3rd April 1958
  • Madonna – born 16th August 1958
  • Michael Jackson – born 29th August 1958

What’s the Destiny of Metal Dog?

The most recent Gold Dog years are 1910 and 1970. People born under this sign are caring and traditional.

Although they are not trendy or fashionable in real sense, they tend to attract a lot of attention. Their male partners find them to be very attractive.

Gold Dog natives are kind-hearted and generous. They are willing to move out of their way to help others achieve their goals.

Gold Dogs are destined to lead an independent, stress-free life. This does not mean, however, that they won’t encounter any challenges along the way.

It means that they have a chance to learn. They make their future better by taking action early. Nothing is impossible with a willing heart.

Some of the famous Gold Dogs include:

  • Lee Byung-Chul – born 12th February 1910
  • Gloria Stuart – born 4th July 1910
  • Mother Teresa – born 26th August 1910
  • Melanie Trump – born 26th April 1970
  • Mariah Carey – born 27th March 1970
  • Matt Damon – born 8th October 1970

What’s the Destiny of Water Dog?

The most recent Water Dogs years are 1922 and 1982. Those born in these years are known for their courage and thoughtful nature.

Water Dogs are good planners. They set aside some savings for the days ahead. They leave nothing to chance.

These natives are not afraid of the difficulties in their lives. Rather, they look at such challenges as opportunities for growth.

Even as they work hard to achieve their goals, they take life easy. They are willing to work slowly but steadily to achieve their goals.

People under this sign have very good chances of making wealth. They are good at making money. As such, their families don’t have to worry about financial security.

Here are some examples of famous Gold Dogs:

  • Judy Garland – born 10th June 1922
  • San Lee – born 28th December 1922
  • Kelly Clarkson – born 24th April 1982
  • Anne Hathaway – born 12th November 1982
  • Nicki Minaj – born 8th December 1982
  • Billy Wingrove – born 17th December 1982

Dog in the Years Ahead

The Stars indicate that those born in the Year of the Dog are destined to be lucky. They will achieve their goals in most aspects of their lives.

They have to be ready to take possession of the blessings coming into their lives. This is not always easy, and they should leave nothing to chance.

Problems will occur on the way. These natives have to rely on their patience and flexibility to overcome whatever hardships they encounter.

They should take adversity as an opportunity to develop their character.

People born under the Dog zodiac sign are ambitious. They want to achieve grand goals, and they want to do this their way.

These natives need to appreciate the importance of teamwork. At times, they have to collaborate with like-minded individuals to achieve their dreams.

The future belongs to the diligent. Those under this sign must conduct themselves with all due diligence.

They must be careful not to misuse their resources. Also, they shouldn’t misappropriate the power in their hands.


People born under the Dog zodiac are determined to make a change in the lives of those who look up to them.

A good portion of their resources is spent on making the lives of their fellow humans more comfortable.

It is their desire to see a better world. Of particular concern to these natives is the state of justice. They desire that everybody should be treated equally.`

A better world is possible by adopting fair practices in all our activities. Dog people hold the inalienable belief that by coming together, people can make the world a safe, better place.

Generally speaking, Dogs enjoy good health. They are mostly engaged in the kind of pursuits that make them happy.

They are strong against common illnesses. This can further be enhanced through proper exercise, adequate rest, and eating right.

Also, Dogs should look for spiritual enlightenment. This enables them to ward off stress and the fatigue that comes with spiritual malnourishment.

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