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Are you interested in the Chinese Zodiac Tiger Sign? Then this guide is for you!

The Tiger zodiac is the 3rd sign of the Chinese horoscope that occurs in the 12-year cycle. The most recent Tiger years include 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022.

For ages, the Tiger has been associated with power, luck, and prosperity. People born under this zodiac sign attract positive results in their endeavors.

Tigers are strong and confident. They go through life guided by a positive attitude. These are the people who believe that if you keep pushing hard enough, you will eventually get your way.

For this reason, most of these natives are non-conformists. They have a unique view of life, and they are ready to defend it.

Among the Chinese zodiac animals, Tiger is the most ambitious. They are brave, unpredictable, and highly competitive.

Tigers gain a lot of respect amongst their peers. They are greatly admired for their independent minds.

They are bold enough to express their desires and intentions. They fearlessly express their feelings and opinions.

These natives can also be authoritative. Once they embark on a project, they want everyone else to follow suit.

Their resilience and confidence are unwavering, even in the face of adversity. Tiger zodiac people have natural leadership qualities.

They don’t have to prepare for long to handle the challenges on their path. Indeed, they thrive on challenges.

They often accept a challenge before they have a clear understanding of what it entails. They need to take care, all the same, that they don’t bite more than they can chew.

If you were born under the Tiger zodiac sign, there’s much you can do to enhance the streak of good luck in your life.

For example, you can associate yourself with things that bring good fortune into your life. The numbers 1, 3, and 4 are your lucky numbers.

All combinations of these numbers have a special meaning in your life.

The 16th and 27th days of the Chinese lunar month are equally meaningful. Your lucky colors are orange, grey, and blue.

Your wealth, health, and career are likely to flow in the south, north, and east directions.

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What’s the Personality of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger?

People born under the Chinese zodiac Tiger sign are courageous, strong, and tolerant. They thrive on challenges.

They are happy to take on any tasks that have a certain level of complexity.

They win other people’s trust with ease. This is more so because they are honest and open in their dealings.

These natives start off very well in life. They enjoy life a lot in their early years. In their middle age, however, they may experience some unevenness.

This is not something they can’t get out of if they are properly motivated. With the right effort, the Tiger people will enjoy a wonderful future.

Tiger natives attract many friends because of their virtuous natures. They are admired for their faithfulness and intelligence.

Tiger represents ambition, authority, and bravery in the Chinese horoscope. People under this sign are naturally proud.

They make capable leaders. Indeed, the world has seen the rise of man revolutionary leaders born under this zodiac sign.

A Tiger person doesn’t allow anything to stand between them and their dreams. They set high targets for themselves.

They then use all the resources at their disposal to achieve their goals.

Tiger people like it when all attention is on them. They are greatly motivated by approval from family, friends, and colleagues.

Although they have a rebellious streak, they collaborate with others in humanitarian activities. They are ready to use their resources to advance noble ideals.

What are the Characteristics of Tiger Men?

A man born under the Tiger zodiac sign is a quick thinker. He thrives in challenging environments. The harder the tasks become, the more enthusiastic he gets.

This man has a special appeal. He effortlessly pulls other people towards him. All the same, he likes being in charge.

He wants to do things his way. If it were up to him, he would set the rules for everyone else.

His family and friends admire him for his kindness and loyalty. He will go to great lengths to create a good environment for his loved ones.

He is easily touched by the plight of others. He is among the very first people to offer assistance to needy causes.

This man is willing to spend his time and effort in mitigating humanitarian crises.

This is the most masculine man in the Chinese horoscope. He takes pride in running his life on his own terms.

The Tiger man sets high goals. He works hard to create a good life for himself and his loved ones. Challenges and hardships are not likely to derail him.

Rather, they give him the reason to keep pushing even harder. He is eager to achieve new milestones daily.

This is largely why he is so impulsive. He is quick to think, quick to judge, and quick to take action. There’s no one more determined to create positive change than this man.

We can’t say that he’s the most dependable man in the Chinese horoscope. He may not hold up to his end of the bargain, especially when things are not working according to his plan.

He will abandon a task that he considers beneath him to take on one that he considers more challenging.

But, one finds it hard to judge this man harshly. He is so attractive that it’s hard to pin anything against him.

No matter how bad one may feel about him, one will always find reasons to make peace with him.

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What are the Characteristics of Tiger Women?

Girls born under the Tiger zodiac sign are brave. They are not scared of the challenges that life presents.

She works hard, and she’s true to her principles and values. For this reason, Tiger women are always ahead of their peers.

These natives have a powerful magnetism. They are admired by friends and foes alike. They carry themselves with a certain prestigious presence that can’t go unnoticed.

Women born under the Chinese zodiac Tiger sign motivate others to be courageous. They are seen as authority figures in their fields of expertise.

This native is a contradiction of sorts. For example, she can be calm and understanding one moment. She’ll be turbulent and intimidating the next.

Whatever the case, she can be relied upon to show the way in life-threatening scenarios. She doesn’t back off in the face of adversity.

Tiger women spend the larger part of their lives in pursuit of peace and excitement. She’ll deal with change if this is what it takes to achieve her goals.

They travel a lot in the course of life. This girl enthusiastically interacts with people of diverse cultures.

Without a doubt, Tiger woman has a strong character. They draw everyone’s attention the moment they get into a room.

Also, she’s honest about her thoughts and feelings. She sees no reason to keep them bottled up. From the moment you encounter her, you’ll notice her sincerity and confidence.

The more you spend time with her, the more she gets interesting. It’s no wonder that these women tend to have life-long friends.

That the Tiger girl desires to express her independence is plain enough for all to see. She knows the path she needs to take to achieve success.

She rarely relies on anyone in making her decisions. She knows the way. She considers it an affront to her intelligence for anyone to try to impose themselves on her.

In many ways, this girl is the epitome of the modern woman. She has what it takes to pursue her goals and dreams – with or without the support of a man.

She is energetic, courageous, and passionate. This means that she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to achieve.

What’s the Destiny of Wood Tiger?

Some of the most recent Wood Tiger years include 1914 and 1974. Tigers born in these years enjoy the influence of the Wood element in their lives.

These natives are great achievers. They take any work given to them with the seriousness it deserves. They collaborate with their workmates to achieve their common goals.

Also, Wood Tigers are good communicators. These are some of the best workers any employer could wish for.

People under this sign are highly ambitious. They often attempt enormous tasks. This can be counter-productive, especially if such attempts end in failure and frustration.

Wood Tiger are best advised to seek the help of others when they encounter daunting assignments. This is better said than done, considering that these natives consider themselves to be self-sufficient.

Wood Tigers are destined for success. If they can use all the resources at their disposal, nothing can stop them from living their lives to the fullest.

Many Wood Tigers have done well in life. Some have risen to positions of global prominence. Here some of them:

  • Mary Carlisle – born 3rd February 1914
  • Maria Felix – born 8th April 1914
  • Hedy Lamar – born 9th November 1914
  • Victoria Beckham – born 17th April 1974
  • Leonardo Di Caprio – born 11th November 1974

What’s the Destiny of Fire Tiger?

The years 1926 and 1986 are some of the most recent Fire-Tiger years. People born under this sign are positive thinkers.

Also, they are free thinkers. No one gets to know exactly what they want in life because they rarely reveal their cards.

Fire Tigers are good negotiators. They are determined to achieve a win-win outcome in every contentious situation.

They are enthusiastic about carrying out their responsibilities. The natives work hard. They think hard and act equally fast.

Although this seems to give them the results they desire, they must pause before making crucial decisions.

This will help them to avoid making regrettable mistakes.

Many Fire Tigers have grown in fame and riches. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Queen Elizabeth II – born 21st April 1926
  • Marilyn Monroe – born 1st June 1926
  • Robert Pattinson – born 13th May 1986
  • Megan Fox – born 16th May 1986
  • Holland Roden – born 7th October 1986

What’s the Destiny of Earth Tiger?

Some of the most recent Earth Tiger years are 1938 and 1998. Those born on these years are under the influence of the Tiger zodiac sign, and the Earth element.

These natives are sensible and considerate. They are focused and rarely lose track of their goals. People born under this sign have a keen understanding of their motivations.

They are in touch with their strengths and shortcomings. This is one reason they are not scared of challenges.

Earth Tigers are destined for success. They have the resources necessary to pursue their dreams and plans to their logical conclusion.

The Earth Tiger natives work hard. They never give half-baked results. Their colleagues would like to emulate them for their good work ethics.

They are driven by the need to unearth the truth. This is more so because they never take anything seriously until they have proved it for themselves.

Many Earth Tigers have achieved awesome reputations in life. They have attracted world attention due to their achievements. They include:

  • Hayden Thomson – born 5th March 1938
  • Natalie Wood – born 20th July 1938
  • Maggie Lindeman – born 21st July 1998
  • Shawn Mendes – born 8th August 1998

What’s the Destiny of Metal Tiger?

Metal or Gold Tigers are understanding and kind. Examples of Gold Tiger years are 1950 and 2010. People under this sign lay much emphasis on peace, happiness, and harmony.

They desire to lead a quiet home life. This is not to mean, however, that they will abandon their professional pursuits just to be with family.

Rather, they see the two – family life and professional growth – as complementary aspects of their life.

They work hard to provide their family with some level of security and stability. They are enthusiastic as they go about their money-making ventures.

But, these natives make a clear distinction between work and play. As such, they leave all work at the office.

They give their family quality time.

The biggest weakness of Gold Tigers is that they tend to be stubborn. They rarely reach out for help even when they need it.

Overall, they are destined for a fruitful life. Gold Tigers have a great affinity for power. They do well in their chosen fields.

Also, they easily create bonds with family, friends, and colleagues. This further enhances their chances of success at work and in their personal life.

Gold Tigers believe in working hard to attract good luck. Here are some who seem to have lived by the principle of hard work pays.

  • Kenny Ortega – born 18th April 1950
  • Arianna Huffington – 15th July 1950
  • Royal Princess Anne – born 15th August 1950
  • Bill Murray – born 21st September 1950
  • Laura Esquivel – born 30th September 1950

What’s the Destiny of Water Tiger?

Examples of Water Tiger years are 1902, 1962, and 2022. If you are a Water Tiger, you must have discovered that you are sympathetic and reflective.

These natives have high aptitude. They learn something new in every situation. They don’t miss a chance to satiate their inquisitive natures.

They are very observant and have a keen understanding of what goes on around them. They are good in their chosen fields.

Most of these natives gravitate towards the arts and culture.

They are keenly self-aware. They know their strengths and weaknesses. As such, they know what they need to do to achieve their dreams and goals.

Water Tigers can achieve a lot by working closely with like-minded individuals. They should be careful as they go about consulting others.

If you are a Water Tiger, you should understand that not everyone close to you wishes you well. Use your power of discernment to determine who you should keep close, and who you shouldn’t.

Water Tigers are high achievers. Many of them are well known for their exploits. Here are some of them:

  • Langston Hughes – born 1st February 1902
  • Charles Lindbergh – born 14th February 1902
  • John Steinbeck – born 7th February 1902
  • Paula Abdul – born 19th June 1962
  • Tom Cruise – born 3rd July 1962
  • Kate Spade – born 24th December 1962

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Tiger in the Years Ahead

The Tiger horoscope indicates that the years ahead are particularly promising. If you are a Tiger, you are likely to succeed in all your pursuits.

This means that you need to move forward fueled by positivity. Be confident about your abilities. Don’t ask yourself too many questions.

Judge the situations in your life before you act. At times, you’ll need to be aggressive. Oftentimes, the aggressor wins if the circumstances are right.

At other times, be diplomatic. Use your charm and optimism to achieve the results you desire. You have the resources to achieve the results you desire.

The future indicates that people born under the Tiger zodiac sign will attract rewarding outcomes. They will also gain respect in their spheres of engagement.

Tigers use their energies to overcome whatever challenges they encounter in life. They like exploring and are constantly looking to conquer new horizons.

As with everyone else, these natives have their shortcomings. For example, they are impulsive. They don’t take time before making important decisions.

Also, they tend to be egocentric. They want all advantages for themselves. The saving grace here is that they are humanitarian.

They are willing to use their resources in works of charity.


People born under the Chinese zodiac Tiger sign make great leaders. They are friendly, understanding, and outspoken.

They have a magnetic quality that attracts all those they come into contact with. Other people tend to listen to them.

They have what it takes to craft a direction for their community.

These natives enjoy being in control. This is well and good, considering that they infuse the energies of hard work and determination into their teams.

Tiger people enjoy good health. This is more so when they are involved in a variety of physical activities. Care must be taken, however, that they don’t get involved in strenuous activities.

Moderation is the way to go here.

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, Tiger people will ward off the kinds of illnesses that can derail them from their goals.

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