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Are you interested in the Chinese Zodiac Monkey Sign? Then this guide is for you!

As with all other signs, the Chinese zodiac Monkey sign occurs every 12 years. The most recent Monkey years are 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2018.

The Monkey is the 9th sign in the Chinese horoscope. It’s immediately after Goat, and just before Rooster.

People born under this sign are cunning, witty, intelligent, and sometimes naughty. They are fond of making practical jokes on their family and friends.

Regardless of how their pranks turn out, the Monkey people are always motivated by good intentions. They have a sharp eye for opportunities.

These natives pursue multiple interests at the same time. Many see the Monkey people as opportunists.

However, the truth is that they are inspired to achieve the best that they possibly could in this lifetime.

These individuals are naturally eccentric. While this seems to hold some people’s interests, it makes these natives to be seen as being sly.

Monkeys are imaginative. They are clever, and they take every opportunity to showcase their diverse talents.

They prefer to live where the action is thickest. That’s why Monkey natives are mostly found in urban areas.

If you encounter a Money person in a rural area, know that there’s something very important keeping them there.

People born in the Year of the Monkey are versatile, sharp, flexible, and active. From just looking at the way they conduct their lives, you can easily deduce that these natives are geniuses.

Money people enjoy outdoor activities. They involve themselves in interesting sports, especially if such sports have some elements of competitiveness.

The Monkey uses such opportunities to showcase their practical ability.

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What’s the Personality of the Chinese Zodiac Monkey?

The Chinese zodiac people are powerfully driven by their emotions. They have a keen sense of observation. A Monkey rarely engages in an activity before he thinks it through.

These natives are humorous. People find them to be friendly and cheerful. They are good planners. Once they have set their mind on a goal, they proceed confidently, guided by sound strategy.

People like being around them because they are entertaining. Also, they are flexible and will fit in any kind of setting.

The Monkey people thrive on challenges. Once they solve a problem, they soon move on in search of new conquests.

Monkeys are popular. They have a natural charm. They go through life with an assured sense of self-confidence.

Their versatility enables these natives to achieve their goals without much effort.

All the same, Monkeys often come across as being arrogant. They are at times deluded that they are better than other people.

They don’t like being criticized, and will not appreciate it when their flaws are made known.

Monkeys tend to be playful. As such, they sometimes lose track of their goals. They are likely to leave some of their projects incomplete.

They are not very careful about the image they project. They behave and act as their moods drive them to.

Overall, these natives are good problem-solvers. They approach issues from a non-moralistic angle. They don’t allow their feeling to cloud their decisions.

What are the Characteristics of Monkey Men?

The Monkey man is one of the most active men you can find in the Chinese horoscope. He is always ready to face the challenges that life throws his way.

He is an interesting chap. In fact, people like being around him because of his sense of humor.

This man can achieve anything he sets his mind to. He has the resources to make things happen. He is innovative, intelligent, sharp, and communicative.

He can see beyond what lies on the horizon. He is a keen observer, and he seems to have a clear understanding of what motivates people.

The Monkey man has many resources at his disposal. Chief among these is his sharp mind. He gets fast solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Also, he keeps secrets. People approach him because they know that his secrets are safe with him. He provides such people with solutions they never thought possible.

Men born under the Monkey zodiac sign are generous. They are willing to share their time, resources, and efforts with those around him.

All the same, he doesn’t trust people that easily. He never allows most of the people around him to know him that well.

Only a few of his friends can confidently say that they know his plans and motivations.

A man born under the Monkey zodiac sign has a unique buildup. Not many people may fully understand what inspires him to do the thing he does.

The good thing is that he is always positively motivated. Regardless of how complex he seems, he wants the best for everyone.

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What are the Characteristics of Monkey Women?

The Monkey girl has a magnetic appeal. People find comfort and warmth in her presence.

Also, this woman is self-assured. She uses the experiences she goes through to add to her vast knowledge.

It’s no wonder that this girl comes across as a resourceful problem-solver.

Women born under the Monkey zodiac sign are flexible. She moves with the flow of life. She is quick to embrace change.

A Monkey girl learns fast. She thinks equally fast, especially when a quick answer is required. Indeed, by just looking at the way she does her things, you can notice her genius.

She is the go-to person when her community is looking for innovative solutions.

The Monkey girl loves making conversations with like-minded people. She is ready to spend long hours articulating her unique ideas and concepts.

People find this girl to be quite reliable. Her friends know that she can be depended on to keep their secrets.

As such, they feel free and comfortable around her.

Monkey women are charismatic. Her friends find it easy to help her out when she’s in need. In turn, she keeps them happy and entertained with her great sense of humor.

This girl is free-spirited. She doesn’t like being under the control of any other person. Oftentimes, she goes against societal expectations.

What’s the Destiny of Wood Monkey?

Some of the most recent Wood Money years are 1944 and 2004. During these years, the Wood element rules over the Monkey zodiac sign.

People born during this time are friendly, compassionate, and lively. They value their friends and are willing to go to great lengths to help them out.

These natives have a great sense of responsibility. They are keen not to overlook any aspect of their duties.

At times, Wood Monkeys suffer from a lack of confidence. It falls on their family and friends to encourage and support them.

People born under this sign are destined to be rich. They are hard workers, and they have the results to show for it.

It’s almost unheard of for this native to be caught slacking off at work. They clearly understand that rewards are the result of sacrifice.

Here are some famous Wood monkeys:

  • Gary Glitter – born 8th May 1944
  • George Lucas – born 14th May 1944
  • Patti La Belle – born 24th May 1944
  • Michael Douglas – born 25th September 1944
  • Danny De Vito – born 17th November 1944

What’s the Destiny of Fire Monkey?

The years 1956 and 2016 are examples of recent Fire Monkey years. People born under this sign are go-getters.

They never rest until they have achieved their goals. These natives are constantly looking for ways to create more excitement in their lives.

The Fire Monkey natives try their best to create solid relationships with their family and friends. They are ready to help their partners to withstand the ups and downs that come with change and growth.

Fire Monkeys are destined for success. They are focused when it comes to the pursuit of their professional goals.

They keep looking for a better lifestyle. They are willing to move out of their comfort zones to make their dreams happen.

Here is a list of some famous Fire monkeys:

  • Joe Montana – born 11th June 1956
  • Tom Hanks – born 9th July 1956
  • Theresa May – born 1st October 1956
  • Mae C Jemison – born 17th October 1956
  • Larry Bird – born 7th December 1956

What’s the Destiny of Earth Monkey?

The most recent Earth Monkeys were born in 1908 or 1968. These individuals are known for their courage, optimism, and enthusiasm.

They are willing to start from nothing. By sheer willpower and effort, these natives often end up building great enterprises.

They are kind-hearted, and will never sit back when their friends and family are suffering.

Earth Monkeys are destined to be lucky. Every venture they touch seems to turn to gold. They gain much favor in life.

Indeed, they often receive unexpected winds of fortune.

These natives need to be cautious with their spending. They need to master financial management. It’s important that they learn some financial management skills.

Many Earth Monkeys have used their skills and talents to rise to the pinnacle of success. Here are some of them:

  • Celine Dion – born 30th March 1968
  • Kylie Minogue – born 28th May 1968
  • Barry Sanders – born 16th July 1968
  • Naomi Watts – born 28th September 1968
  • Hugh Jackman – born 12th October 1968
  • Lucy Liu – born 2nd December 1968

What’s the Destiny of Metal Monkey?

The years 1920 and 1980 are some of the recent Metal/Gold Monkey years. In these years, the Metal element exerts much influence.

Gold Monkey people are confident and intelligent. They are problem-solvers.

At the same time, these individuals tend to be naughty. They enjoy playing practical tricks on their family and friends.

However, such pranks sometimes turn against them, and they find themselves cleaning their own mess.

Gold Monkeys are competent in their areas of expertise. As such, they are quite successful in most of their endeavors.

At times, Metal Monkeys retreat to enjoy time alone. They use such moments to get in touch with their inner being.

Here are some Gold Monkeys that have caught the attention of the world:

  • Ronaldinho – born 21st March 1980
  • Channing Tatum – born 26th April 1980
  • Steven Garrard – born 30th May 1980
  • Kim Kardashian – born 21st October 1980
  • Ryan Gosling – born 12th November 1980
  • Christina Aguilera – born 18th December 1980

What’s the Destiny of Water Monkey?

The years 1932 and 1992 are some recent Water Monkey years. Those born under this sign enjoy being in the limelight.

They will do anything to attract public attention.

These natives are intelligent, smart, and industrious. They use their vast resources to help their family and loved ones to progress.

It’s no wonder that these natives rise to the very pinnacle of their careers.

Water Monkeys are destined to be lucky. Their genuine efforts bear the kind of results these natives seek. Indeed, they often make unexpected gains in life.

If you are a Water Monkey, the best advice would be that you manage your finances prudently. Avoid getting entangled in get-rich-quick schemes.

These are bound to be scams. You may end up losing all your hard-earned money.

Many Water Monkeys have risen to global prominence. Here are some of them:

  • Ted Kennedy – born 22nd February 1932
  • Debbie Reynolds – born 1st April 1932
  • Anthony Perkins – born 4th April 1932
  • Patsy Cline – born 8th September 1932
  • Selena Gomez – born 22nd July 1992
  • Erika Costello – born 12th November 1992

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Monkey in the Years Ahead

The years ahead are blessed and peaceful for the Monkey zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are destined to encounter luck and good fortune.

Of course, by now you understand that nothing in life comes easy. These natives have to work hard to achieve their goals and dreams.

Some changes are coming your way. Depending on how you handle them, these changes could signal the start of your growth.

You need to be adequately prepared for the life ahead. This is the right time to start working on your self-confidence.

This is the time to let go of all the baggage from your past. You need to be free to take advantage of the opportunities in your path.

Avoid making hurried decisions. Be deliberate and rational as you deal with the challenges in your life. Remember; you have to constantly re-strategize to avoid the pitfalls that keep showing on your path.

Handle each on its merit. Some problems will require that you collaborate with other people.

If your zodiac sign is the Monkey, you can enhance your luck by associating with certain things. For example, the numbers 4 and 9 hold much meaning in your life.

The 14th and 28th days of the Chinese lunar months are lucky for you. Keep the colors gold, blue, and white close by. They add more meaning to your life.

Your life will progress in the west, north, and northwest direction.


The Chinese zodiac Monkey is keen to live freely. People under these signs love their freedom. They dislike criticism or judgment of any form.

These natives are perpetually looking for adventure. They have a strong curiosity to discover what lies beyond the horizon.

Monkey people are humble. They are keen to acquire more knowledge. As such, they look at every situation as a learning point.

Every negative experience in their lives provides them with some valuable lessons. They are determined to overcome whatever hurdles they encounter in life’s path.

Generally, Monkeys enjoy good health. They live an active outdoor lifestyle, which helps them to ward off most of the diseases associated with sedentary living.

Being lovers of outdoor activities, these natives must pay close attention to their health and safety. They should be careful not to overdo any activity.

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