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Are you interested in Chinese Zodiac Horse Sign? Then this guide is for you!

The Horse is the 7th sign in the Chinese horoscope. It appears just after the Snake and before the Sheep/Goat.

Some of the most recent Horse Years are 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026.

People born under the Horse zodiac are active, lively, and determined.

Horses are crowd-pullers. They enjoy hogging the limelight at parties, race track, carnivals, and concerts.

Horse natives are humorous. They have a way of drawing people’s attention to what they are saying and doing.

They crave attention. They can never turn down an offer to showcase their talent. Some people perceive this native to be self-centered.

But, if you know a Horse person well, you’ll understand that these are some of the most considerate individuals you can find anywhere.

This means that although they may be self-centered, they are interested in helping people out.

Horses are not intelligent in the real sense of the word. Rather; they are cunning. This could be due to their lack of self-belief.

They need the approval of other people to know that they are doing alright.

However, what they lack in confidence they more than compensate in good communication. They know how to get their ideas across.

Also, they are adventurous. They are eager o join in any venture the holds the promise of excitement. They like playing the stock market.

People associate these natives with good cheer. They infuse fun and excitement into any gathering they find themselves in.

These individuals are born entertainers. The larger the crowd, the grander is their performance. This makes them popular in their community.

A Horse person can associate with certain things to attract more luck and energy into their life. If you are a Horse, pay close attention to the numbers 2, 3, 7, and their combinations.

These are your lucky numbers. The lucky days for this native are the 5th and 20th of Chinese lunar months.

Have a tinge of the colors green and yellow close to you. They will give you the energy you need to make special decisions.

Your wealth, health, and professional growth will take south, west, and east direction.

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What’s the Personality of the Chinese Zodiac Horse?

The Chinese Horse is always on the move in search of adventure. People under this sign are keen on new deals and opportunities.

They are happy about what they know. All the same, they have a desire to discover even more. Their eyes are forever scanning the horizon for new activities.

They are likely to lead a tumultuous life. This is mainly because they never want to be under the control of any person.

They want to be free, and this often causes conflict with their spouses, colleagues, or employers. These natives are thought of being too ambitious.

Additionally, the Chinese zodiac Horse people are friendly, cheerful, and full of energy. They are outgoing, cunning, and ambitious.

Most Horse zodiac people can carry out more than one task at a time. However, they often leave some work incomplete because of the allure of new opportunities.

These individuals are very good at making friends. People like them because of their infectious sense of humor.

Also, they are spontaneous. In everything they do, their own interests come first. This does not mean, however, that they neglect the needs of others.

The Horse zodiac is always running after their dreams. For this reason, these natives achieve their goals early on in life.

The only problem is that their goals keep shifting. Once they achieve a certain goal, they are back on their feet chasing a new one.

What are the Characteristics of Horse Men?

The zodiac Horse man is well motivated. He holds lofty ideals, and he is willing to work to achieve them.

He doesn’t expect anything to fall on his lap on a silver platter. He understands that anything good calls for hard work.

He is a charming individual. As such, he tends to have many friends of both genders.

The Horse man is a most welcome addition in any gathering. He infuses life and excitement into a party.

The Horse zodiac sign symbolizes success. This man lives to succeed. Everything he does is geared towards elevating his life to the next level.

He is focused and resolute in the pursuit of his dreams. This means that he can’t stand anyone that opposes his plans.

He partners with agreeable personal and professional partners. The Horse man craves admiration. He works hard to draw attention.

He is quite innovative. This native comes up with unique business concepts for others to adopt. In this aspect, he is visionary.

Men born under the Chinese zodiac Horse sign thrive in challenges. They are constantly looking for physical challenges to put their abilities to the test.

He pushes his body to the limit. He prefers a fast-paced life. This is the kind of man that sleeps late and wakes up early.

To him, life is one big adventure…and, he can’t seem to have enough of it!

He is curious about everything around him.

What are the Characteristics of Horse Women?

Women born under the Chinese zodiac Horse sign are true believers. Once they focus on certain beliefs, they close their mind to all other possibilities.

The Horse girl loves her freedom. She doesn’t want to be under anyone’s command. She has full confidence in her abilities.

She uses her wit to entertain her friends. People like being around her because of her charm and friendliness.

The Horse woman is willing to use her rich talents to make a life for herself and her loved ones better. This is why she is constantly working on something important.

To her, life is not meaningful if she can’t make a difference. She will use her skills, time, and effort for the common good.

Just like her male counterpart, the Horse girl likes being at the center of attention. She wants to be acknowledged for everything she does.

The more accolades she receives, the harder she tries to outdo herself.

This girl has unshakable faith in her beliefs. Indeed, she is not scared of being the odd one in the room. Once she holds on to a pattern of thinking, it’s hard to get her to shake it off.

All the same, she may eventually listen to a different opinion if there’s any sense to it. Her friends find her to be particularly approachable when it comes to the exchange of ideas.

The best way to get this girl to lower her defenses is to invite her to a party. This is the one place where she lets herself go.

She gets into the party mode without a care in the world. It’s at such a party that you can get her to talk without reservations.

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What’s the Destiny of Wood Horse?

Some of the more recent Wood Horses were born in 1894, 1954, and 2014. People born under this sign are wise and creative.

They can envision what most other people can’t. People enjoy their company because of the great insight they give.

They can almost effortlessly read other people’s minds. These natives have a unique way of analyzing situations and issues.

Wood Horses are sentimental. Once they have established a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex, they keep coming back to them.

From an early age, these natives take up leadership positions. They are good decision-makers. They have what it takes to guide their family and colleagues in times of crisis.

Many Wood Horses have risen to positions of fame and power. Here are some of them:

  • Jackie Chan – born 7th April 1954
  • Angel Merkel – born 17th July 1954
  • Rekha – born 10th October 1954
  • Ange Lee – born 23rd October 1954
  • Hassan Kamal – born 7th November 1954
  • Ray Liotta – born 18th December 1954

What’s the Destiny of Fire Horse?

The years 1906 and 1966 represent some of the most recent Fire Horse years. People born in these years are clever and obstinate.

Also, they are passionate, active, and charismatic.

Fire Horses have a keen sense of fashion. They are amongst the first people to take up the latest fashion trends.

These natives are firm in their beliefs. In this aspect, they are independent and won’t allow other people to control them. They don’t take advice from others.

They are considered capable leaders. People trust them because of their honesty and charismatic nature.

Fire Horses are quick to reach out to support their friends when they need help. Some of the more notable Fire Horses include:

  • Cindy Crawford – born 20th February 1966
  • Helena Bonham – born 26th May 1966
  • Enrique Pena
  • Nieto – born 20th July 1966
  • Halle Berry – born 14th August 1966
  • Adam Sandler – born 9th September 1966
  • David Cameron – born 9th October 1966

What’s the Destiny of Earth Horse?

The years 1918 and 1978 are good examples of Earth Horse years. In these years, the element Earth rules over the Horse zodiac sign.

Earth Horse people are caring and positive. They are righteous people and are often at the forefront fighting for justice.

They expect good results from their labors. Once they embark on a project, they put their entire efforts behind it.

They have absolute confidence in their abilities.

Earth Horses are destined to take care of other people. They have a great sense of responsibility. They take action fast, and this earns them much admiration from friends and colleagues.

These natives work hard to achieve financial security and success. Here is a look at notable Earth Horses:

  • James Franco – born 19th April 1978
  • Kenan Thompson – born 10th May 1978
  • Matthew Bellamy – born 9th June 1978
  • Kobe Bryant – born 23rd August 1978
  • Ian Somerhalder – born 8th December 1978
  • Josh Dallas – born 18th December 1978

What’s the Destiny of Metal Horse?

The most recent Gold Horse years are 1930 and 1990. People born in these years tend to be very popular in their communities.

Also, they are kind, generous, and caring. They can’t just stand by when a friend is in trouble. They are ready to give a helping hand to those who need it.

They are honest and straightforward. They may hurt others with their words without intending to.

People born under this sign know how to go about life’s challenges. They understand that hardships are best resolved by collaborating with like-minded people.

In this, they are willing to set aside their pride so that they can scale the ladder of success. Here are some hugely successful Gold Horses:

  • Clint Eastwood – born 31st May 1930
  • Neil Armstrong – born 5th August 1930
  • Warren Buffet – born 30th August 1930
  • Emma Watson – born 15th April 1990
  • Jennifer Lawrence – born 15th August 1990

What’s the Destiny of Water Horse?

The most recent Water Horse years are 1942 and 2002. People born in these years are charming and supportive.

They are always willing to help those who need their support. They make friends with ease. People are comfortable around them.

These natives are warm, easygoing, and affectionate. They attract a large following of friends.

Water Horses are destined to be fortunate. They have a positive aura about them, and this attracts all the positive energies they need to make a difference in life.

They are willing to sacrifice some of their comforts and privileges to help their family and friends to achieve their goals.

Waters Horses are patient individuals. They take time before they judge anyone. They are quick to give second chances to an apologetic friend.

These natives rise to great heights in the course of their lives. Here is a look at some famous Water Horses:

  • Scott Wilson – born 29th March 1942
  • Jacob Zuma – born 12th April 1942
  • Barbara Streisand – born 24th April 1942
  • Harrison Ford – born 13th July 1942
  • Bob Ross – born 29th October 1942
  • Calvin Klein – born 19th November 1942

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Horse in the Years Ahead

The years ahead indicate prosperity, happiness, health, and peace for people born under the Horse zodiac sign.

You have the power to take care of your welfare.

The Horse is the 7th sign of the zodiac. This position indicates that you should be ready for life-changing surprises.

Most Horse people dislike the unforeseen. All the same, you need to act fast. Do what you need to do now to avert any problems that can disrupt your life.

If you put the right effort, your career and family life will progress uninterrupted.

The astral configurations for the years ahead are favorable. You need to align your life with these configurations.

If there are some changes you need to make in your life, this is the right time to take action. Start creating the conditions you need to succeed.

As with all other signs, Horse natives encounter challenges as they grow. Bear in mind that challenges are meant to build you, and not to crush you.

Embrace changes as they come into your life. Use them to grow to the next level. Your success is largely pegged on how well you can move with the flow of life.


The Chinese zodiac Horse people are resilient. They don’t give up in the face of adversity.

If you were born under this sign, you have what it takes to achieve your goals. Once you have set your mind on a goal, you are simply unstoppable.

However, there are a few things you need to take care of first. For example, you should overcome the yoke of your past.

These natives tend to dwell on bygones. It’s high time you set yourself free.

These natives are trustworthy. They can be depended on regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Indeed, they are very loyal, honest, and forthright.

Generally, Horse people are healthy. This is further enhanced by their optimism. They carry their responsibilities faithfully in the hope that things will work out just fine.

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