What is Numerology

So What is Numerology? From a traditional point of view, Numerology can be defined as the belief in a mystical confluence between numbers and a set of coinciding events. As an esoteric science, Numerology is the study of how such a confluence is possible and how it actually functions to produce outcomes in our experience. … Read more

Personal Year 9

Personal Year 9 in Numerology The personal year cycle is a nine year cycle which follows the course of the root numbers which are the single digit numbers from 1 through 9. Each personal year number gets its specific individual qualities from the vibrational essence of the root number that informs it. The personal year … Read more

Personal Year 8

Personal Year 8 Numerology Meaning Your personal year number is a reconciliation of your life path number, which is derived from your birth date, and the personal year number for any given year. In this way, your personal year number shows how the universal or cosmic energies of creation, embodied in the Universal Year Number, … Read more

Personal Year 7

Personal Year 7 in Numerology In Numerology it is understood that the numbers that appear in our experience carry messages for us from the universal spiritual source. These messages can be decoded by understanding the vibrational essence associated with each root number. The root numbers each have their own energetic essence that can be experienced … Read more

Personal Year 6

Personal Year 6 in Numerology In Numerology, personal year readings are like maps that can help you anticipate what will soon arise in your life experience. Numbers are the secret key to understanding the forces that shape our reality. Everything that we experience has both personal and universal components. Your personal year number takes both … Read more

Personal Year 2

Personal Year 2 Numerology Meaning By calculating your personal year number you are evaluating the personal and universal energies that combine to shape your life. The numbers that we find in our Numerology chart are accurate insofar as they help us understand our own personalities and inner characteristics. But if we want to get an … Read more

Personal Year 5

Personal Number 5 The student of Numerology knows that the root numbers are symbolic of an energy or influence that appear anew in each person’s birth chart. These energies come from the presence of numbers as they appear in our personal and universal experience. The personal year number is based on a confluence of both … Read more

Personal Year 3

Personal Year 3 Numerology Meaning In Numerology the personal year number is like a map or a GPS that can provide with directions and guidance on how to use the coming year to your best advantage. Unlike an actual path, which may lead you through a park or a dark wood, your life path leads … Read more

Personal Year 4

Personal Year 4 Numerology Meaning The personal year number in Numerology is a brief synopsis or picture of the year ahead. Like a horoscope, it can show you what is on the horizon in your life, and it can also teach you a great deal about yourself and your ultimate life purpose. Like all numerological … Read more

Personal Year 1

Personal Year 1 In Numerology, the personal year number is used to give you a brief synopsis of what you can expect in the upcoming year. According to Numerology, everything in the Universe is made up of vibrational energy. The vibrational essence of everything in the Universe can be associated with the energetic essence of … Read more