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So What is Numerology?

From a traditional point of view, Numerology can be defined as the belief in a mystical confluence between numbers and a set of coinciding events.

As an esoteric science, Numerology is the study of how such a confluence is possible and how it actually functions to produce outcomes in our experience.

The Vibrational Essence of Numbers

In Numerology it is said that numbers have a kind of ‘essence’ that is vibrational in nature.

Modern scientific researchers may scoff at such a notion, but if you closely examine this idea, and translate it into more modern language, you will see that it is pretty accurate description of the way that numbers function in our lives.

When it comes right down to it numbers are thought forms that work in the human mind. It is only in the human mind that the meaning of numbers becomes apparent.

You may be able to get a horse to count by clopping its hooves, but the horse does not have the hairs on the back of its neck rise when it sees that the date is Friday the 13th and they have an appointment at 1 PM (1300 in military time) to get a wisdom tooth extracted at 1313 West Ave Medical Building.

The difference is that while some animals can recognize quantities to a certain extent, only humans are tuned into the vibrational essence of numbers, which is why we have an emotional and sometimes even a compulsive response to certain numbers.

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What is Your Radio Tuned Into?

When a radio is tuned to the classical channel, say 88.5 FM, it is not going to start picking up the football game being broadcast on 850 AM.

Our natures are similarly tuned to the frequency of a specific set of numbers that are determined by our natal or Numerology birth chart.

For thousands of years, people have assigned specific meanings and traits to specific numbers. In this way, numbers have a kind of personality or character that is all their own.

In Numerology we study these characteristics or personality traits and extend them into the information we can use to understand the hidden meaning and purpose in our lives.

The numbers that carry these traits most powerfully and purely are known as the root numbers. These are the single-digit numbers from 0-9. Larger numbers receive their meanings from the unique combinations of root numbers that inform them.

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Numerology and Divination

In Numerology we use our understanding of the characteristics of numbers to illuminate the dark corners of both the past and the future.

In Numerology it is understood that the number that says the most about you is your birth date. Through your birth date and your birth name, a numerologist can create your Numerology chart, also known as your natal or birth chart.

There are five main numbers that will appear on your Numerology chart that can illuminate to a great extent where you have been and where your life is heading. These are:

  • The Life Path (or Destiny) Number: This is the sum of all of the numbers in your birth date reduced to a single root number. The Life Path Number is firmly established at your birth and can be read in a number ways to illuminate the life ahead, providing information about the opportunities that you can expect as well as the challenges that may appear in your life.
  • The Expression Number: This is calculated by adding up all of the letters in your birth name. This number provides you with information about your talents, strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • The Soul Urge Number: This is the sum of all of the vowels in your birth name. The soul urge number provides you with information about your hidden desires.
  • Your Personality Number: This number is calculated by adding up the sum total of the consonants in your birth name. This number provides you with a comprehensive snapshot or overview of your personality, both positive and negative.
  • The Birth Number: this is the number of the day you were born. It is the number that your soul chose for your birth. Think of it as a stamp of approval from the universe or an added dimension to your nature, a finger on the scales of destiny.

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Numerology and Synchronicity

We are all looking for ways to better understand the universe in which we live. However, the mechanistic or random models that have been posited by religion and science ring false to many people.

We have all been on the receiving end of uncanny coincidences involving numbers that simply could not have happened in a completely random Universe. Instead, we need a more heuristic model of the Universe, one that is responsive to every aspect of our lives. Numerology offers exactly this kind of model.

How does Numerology function, you may ask? How does the Universe produce the outcomes observed by Numerologists for centuries? Through a sublime and mysterious process known as synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a term developed by psychologist Carl Gustav Jung to explain the extremely meaningful coincidences that occurred in the lives of his patients.

Jung called synchronicity an ‘acausal ordering principle,’ and claimed that seemingly random systems of divination, like The Tarot and I Ching, were basically models of how synchronicity functioned in our lives. As you will see, Numerology informs systems of divination like the I Ching and Tarot.

Numerology and the Bigger Picture

If we are to believe in modern physics, we live in a universe that is made entirely of energy which comes from a Unified Field of energy to produce all of the forms we observe, including physical forms and thought-forms.

Whether you call it the Unified Field, soul, the Spirit, the Universe, source energy or the Unconscious, there is something at work in our experience that we can perceive but not necessarily understand.

Numerology can provide you with a key to unlock this hidden dimension of your experience.

Numerology is such a vast subject it could be studied for your entire life and you would barely scratch the surface.

Start simply by calculating your life path number and read on for more information about what it and other numbers on your Numerology chart reveal about you.

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