The Raven Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Raven Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the raven spirit animal comes into your life, it arrives to prepare you for the impending change. The raven has the power to alter time and space.

This helps you to time the perfect moment to execute your plans.

Many cultures associate the raven with healing, reflection, renewal, and rebirth. It casts light into darkness, making transformations and transitions move along just fine.

Many cultures indicate that those with raven totem can quickly move out of the darkness into light. This is why they never carry emotional burdens for long.

You have a way of resolving emotional conflict quite fast.

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What is the Meaning of the Raven Spirit Animal?

Those who study mysticism in detail say that the raven is closely associated with the underworld and death. However, their studies show you don’t have to take this on its surface value.

The raven’s presence in your life means a significant change will occur soon. This change can have a positive bearing or a negative one.

When the raven perches in your life, it comes to guide you through this transformation.

If the change is negative and causes much pain, you can rest easy because the raven symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation.

Positive changes, too, can be pretty intense. They may push you to the darkness of self-doubt.

Are you able to handle the new promotion? Now that your lover has said ‘Yes,’ will you be able to live up to their expectations of you?

Do you deserve that prize you just won? Are you the best, as they claim?

The raven comes into your life to help you cope with the anxiety that often accompanies positive transformations.

The raven spirit animal in your life wants you to learn the value of being at the right place at the right time. It equips you with the right attitude.

This, in turn, prepares you to reap the windfall of opportunities soon to come your way.

People with this spirit totem are quick thinkers. Also, they take action very fast. You have mastered time management from the raven.

The raven creates a delicate balance between work and play. However, when you observe it closely, you notice that it likes to play.

However, it also spends considerable time doing creative activities. This is what you need to grasp in your life.

In the same way, master the delicate balance between good and evil and light and dark.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of Seeing Two Ravens?

Do you wonder about the raven symbolism of seeing a pair of these spirit animals?

Having a raven dream is a special message from the divine realms that your relationships in the spiritual and physical realms will improve.

In this case, the raven symbolism asks you to take charge of your own life even as you interact with others.

Having a raven dream of two of these spirit animals is a good omen for your love life. The spiritual realms hold the promise of a long-term relationship with your partner.

A pair of raven flying across your path represents you and someone close to you, such as your spouse or lover.

The raven symbol here is success in the physical and spiritual realms. Your spirit guides urge you to reach out to them for a more fulfilling partnership.

Seeing two ravens also stands for transformation and opportunity. A raven dream that features two ravens tells you things around you will change rapidly.

You should be prepared to handle the opportunities that come with change.

Seeing a pair of ravens feeding on carrion indicates death and spiritual rebirth. The raven symbol here shows the interconnectedness between the physical and spiritual realms.

These spirit animals want you to appreciate that death is not the end of life. Instead, death is a stage your soul goes through as it migrates to another state of consciousness and existence.

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Third Eye Raven vs. Three-Eyed Raven Meaning

The concepts of the Third Eye and the Three Eyed Raven are intricately intertwined in different cultures.

These concepts point to spiritual rebirth that empowers individuals to gain the insight to succeed in their spiritual journey.

What’s the Third Eye Raven Symbol?

This raven symbolism is often associated with the sixth chakra. Different cultures across the globe believe in the concept of energy points located in several spots on the body.

These energy points are known as chakras.

The sixth chakra is located at the center of the forehead. The Third Eye raven symbolism indicates the sixth chakra is open, giving you access to the happenings in the spiritual realm.

In this case, the raven represents change, inner wisdom, and insight into your spiritual journey.

Different cultures believe the Third Eye gives people a deep sense of spiritual understanding and consciousness.

What’s the Three-Eyed Raven Symbol?

The Three-Eyed Raven’s symbol rose to popularity following prominent works of literature. The book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin gave rise to the popular TV series Game of Thrones.

In these stories, the Three-Eyed Raven is a mystical bird with a deep sense of the happenings in the spiritual realm.

This mythical being has heightened awareness, enabling it to communicate with cosmic forces.

This raven flew beyond the confines of the physical world to gather information about what the cosmic forces were up to.

The narratives indicate that Bran Stark, one of the main characters in the literary series, could tap into the vast knowledge and wisdom held by this mystical being.

Through the Third Eyed Raven, Bran Stark discovers his personal beliefs and unique powers as a seer and warg. 

What Does It Mean When a Raven Appears to You?

The Raven is a symbol of insight, intelligence, and faithfulness. Those with the raven spirit guide are known for being enduring.

They have an uncanny sense of making the right choices even in the most challenging circumstances. This is because they are driven by one thing: the desire to achieve the highest levels of success.

The raven spirit guide teaches you the importance of devotion and faithfulness. Raven symbolism is about commitment and staying true to your family and friends.

Ravens are happy in quiet environments. People with the raven spirit animal abhor chaos and disorder.

You do well in environments that allow you to put your mind to good use. As such, your number one priority is to establish some kind of order in your world.

You aim to stop all the constant movement and keep everything still. Under such circumstances, you can put your sharp mind into solving societal problems.

If you have a raven animal totem, you were born wise. It would be unfortunate if you did not discover this by now because you don’t know what you’re missing.

The raven symbolizes your inquisitiveness. Being the master of time, this spirit guide inspires you to find out everything there is to know about your world.

This way, you are better equipped to act based on your knowledge. The rave spirit animal brings supernatural forces closer to you.

It puts you near the spirit of your departed loved ones and your spirit masters. As such, this spirit guide symbolizes spiritual faith.

If a raven flies into your life, it asks you to quiet your life. Likely, you have been too busy running up and down and not listening to your soul’s needs.

This spirit animal wants you to change this state of affairs. It’s time you prioritized your soul’s needs and paid less focus on mundane, worldly pursuits.

What is the Symbolism of the Raven Animal Spirit?

The raven is a brilliant animal. This represents your ability to learn fast. People with raven totem are good solution providers because of this.

The raven spirit animal comes into your life to enhance your resourcefulness and creativity. These are essential tools in problem-solving.

By nature, resources are scarce. All the same, this does not prevent you from getting the materials you need to create a way out of a problem.

For this reason, people with the raven spirit tend to be valued assets in their communities.

Like the raven, you don’t turn your tail when seeing an adversary. Instead, you put your every effort into the fight.

For this show of courage, you often emerge victorious. But, you are gracious enough to accept defeat when you actually lose.

What makes these people unique is that they don’t easily get tired. Of course, challenges will mount, but you’ll still fight on.

The raven spirit has been associated with divination and mystery for centuries. It is seen to possess mystical knowledge and wisdom.

When this spirit comes into your life, your popularity will rise quickly. You see, people will sense your magical powers. They’ll consult you to find out what the future holds for them.

The raven spirit animal is a powerful spiritual being. It creates the conditions necessary for cosmic forces to work in your life.

As such, you quickly achieve rebirth. This is more so if you’ve been undergoing a period of darkness.

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Native American Raven Symbol

In Native American cultures, different tribes promoted different cultural, social, and personal beliefs. However, all people in the Native American cultures had great reverence for animals and plants.

A close connection with nature enables people of Native American extraction to express a heightened awareness of their connection with the spirit world.

Raven spirit animals were highly regarded in Native American traditions. They were seen as powerful spiritual beings casting light on the world of humans.

Encounters with the raven were seen as symbols of good luck. When a raven landed near you, it was considered that cosmic forces were trying to contact you.

Raven spirit animals provided valuable lessons on spiritual life in the Native American cultures.

 Among the Native American tribes of Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo, the raven signifies community protection from cosmic forces.

To the Native American, the raven represents a casting light that brings people closer to their divine guides.

This reverence was captured in the Ghost Dance, a ceremony in which the raven’s black feathers featured prominently.

In some Navajo tales, to see a raven flying is equated to a trickster figure that casts bad luck and misfortune.

When a raven flew over one’s house, it was considered that bad luck and ill fortune would befall the occupants.

A cleansing ceremony has to be conducted to cast out the image of the trickster figure and invite the positive energies that the raven represents.

The Native American tribes of the Haida and the Tlingit regarded raven encounters as blessings, especially during troubled times.

They upheld most of the Raven beliefs respected by most Native American cultures. To the Haida Native American, the raven represents the spiritual rebirth of their dead loved ones.

The modern Native American still holds the raven in high regard – as learned from the Native American traditions of their forefathers.

The Bible and Christianity Raven Symbol

The raven symbol is mixed in the bible depending on the context. In some instances, raven encounters are good omen, while others regard them badly.       

In the story of the Great Flood (Genesis 8:6-7), the raven was released from Noah’s Ark to determine if the flood waters had receded.

Here, the raven symbolizes positive change and divine intervention. Raven encounters are regarded as a good omen.

These spirit animals guide individuals to make positive change to rise to their next growth phase.

In the Book of 1 Kings 17:2-6, Elijah is forced to hide from King Ahab at the Brook of Cherith. Because of the severe famine that has ravaged the land, God sends a raven to give Prophet Elijah food.

In this context, the raven enters Elijah’s life to indicate divine intervention. This spirit guide enables Elijah to make positive change to achieve his spiritual mission.

The raven symbol is sometimes seen in a negative light in Christianity. For example, in Proverbs 30:17, a disobedient child is said to mock its father.

The word mock in Hebrew is qa’arah, similar to the name used for raven. In this case, the raven represents rebellion and disobedience.

Raven Symbol in Hinduism

Hindu myths and legends regard ravens and crows as one and the same regarding their symbolic significance.

Hinduism holds that ravens are spirit guides with hidden knowledge about the spiritual and natural world.

Ravens tend to feature prominently in Hindu religious and cultural practices because they are believed to arouse psychic abilities.

Hindus believe that raves are spiritually connected to the deities. From the god Shani (Saturn), ravens get their hidden knowledge and deep understanding of the spiritual and natural world.

When the raven enters the life of a believer, it can ward off the negative effect of Saturn.

Additionally, the three legged raven features prominently in Hindu folklore as a messenger of the spirit world.

The three legged ravens communicate news of impending death or positive news, such as the arrival of a new member in the household.

This spirit guide is also believed to ignite psychic abilities in the faithful.

Raven Symbol in Buddhism

Although ravens are not intensively covered in Buddhism, they are regarded in the same category as crows.

The hidden meaning of ravens indicates an acute awareness of your psychic abilities. Ravens tend to draw attention to your ability as a healer or teacher when they enter your life.

The hidden meaning of the two ravens is mindfulness and spiritual awareness. A raven flying into your life is a sign to use your inner wisdom to tap into the positive energies in your environment.

This spirit guide encourages you to be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings.

Additionally, the raven symbolism indicates impermanence (Anicca). These spirit animals point to impending death.

The impending death could be literal or figurative. For example, it may point to the end of a relationship.

In this context, the raven teaches Buddhists to use their inner wisdom to understand and appreciate the impermanence of life.

In so doing, they realize that death is not the end of life. Life follows the unending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Raven Symbol in the African Culture

In African cultures, crows, ravens, and other similar birds are believed to have the same spiritual significance.

Unlike the owls, considered unclean animals, the raven is not associated with ill omen in most African communities.

Every animal in Africa – including the unclean animals – has a spiritual bearing.

In the African context, the raven spirit animal is believed to create a solid connection to the world of the ancestors.

This animal spirit usually appears as a long-departed ancestor of the tribe, issuing guidance and instructions on the direction the living should take.

Additionally, Africans regarded this spirit animal as a messenger from the spirit world. The raven spirit animal brought messages of hope during calamities.

This spirit guide encouraged the Africans to look into their inner selves for the energy to ward off ill omen.

The raven was a spirit being used for divination and omens. Together with crows, the raven could interpret omens and foretell the future.

Traditional Africans study the flight of these birds to determine the divine message the raven was trying to pass on to the people.

The raven also has strong funerary symbolism in African culture. Seeing a raven during mourning indicates the ink between the living and the dead.

In this case, the raven symbol indicates that life does not end at death.

Raven Symbolism in the Celtic Culture

Celtic traditions had a special place for animal symbolism. Birds were regarded as special messengers from the divine realm.

Celtic mythology associates the raven with wisdom, knowledge, magic, and divine mystery.   

The Celtic tales of Bran the Blessed put the raven at the very center of Celtic mythology. Bran the Blessed was a Welsh king with a magical cauldron with mysterious power.

It was believed that by using this cauldron, Bran the Blessed could cast out bad omens, bring the dead back to life, and summon wisdom and knowledge from the spiritual realm.

According to Celtic mythology, this king fell in battle, and his head was chopped off. Celtic traditions indicate Bran the Blessed’s head continued to talk even after the beheading.

Additionally, Celtic mythology has it that ravens bring good luck and fortune in difficult times. The symbolic meaning of the raven spirit animal was particularly useful to Celtic soldiers on the battlefront.

Many had the raven symbol engraved on their clothing, shield, and battle banners. Celtic mythology has it that ravens bring victory in such situations.

Ravens are also closely linked to the Celtic goddesses. For example, it was believed that the goddess of battle (Morrigan) moved around with a pair of ravens to give her advice concerning battle strategy.

This deity could shapeshift into a raven at will, especially when she wanted to spy on the enemy camp incognito. 

Celtic mythology further indicates humans could access the Otherworld through animals, such as the raven.

The raven spirit animal was a link between the living and the spirit world.

Raven Symbolism in Norse Culture

The Norsemen were a people from the north who occupied the modern-day countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They came from what is famously known as the land of the Vikings.

According to Norse mythology, the ravens were a constant companion of Odin, the All-Father god and ruler of all the other deities.

Odin kept ravens called Huginn and Muninn as his constant companions. Norse mythology has it that these birds would roam the Earth gathering information, knowledge, and wisdom, which they would bring to Odin’s ears.

For this reason, Odin, the All-Father god, was all-knowing.

The raven Huginn represents Thought, while Muninn stands for Memory. According to Norse mythology, these two ravens signify intelligence, wisdom, memory, and thoughtfulness.  

Norse traditional teachings indicate that ravens were birds of battle. It was believed that the raven brings good luck on the battlefield.

As such, spotting the raven spirit animal during battle was a precursor to victory.

Additionally, Norse mythology indicates that Odin would send his two ravens (Huginn and Muninn) to show the Valkyries the soldiers to take home to Valhalla (the hall of the gods).

The Valkyries’ duty was to choose the soldiers who should fall in battle for the onward journey to Valhalla.

The raven spirit animal features prominently during Ragnarok, the final battle that would shatter the nine would and end the Universe as we know it.

During this apocalyptic event, the ravens Huginn and Muninn would be sent to the battlefield to support the gods and mortals in the war.

Their duty would be to pick up the fallen soldiers and return them to life. These soldiers would be sent back to the battlefield to continue fighting until good overcame evil.

In this context, mythology brings to the fore the close link between the gods and mortals. It’s also evident that ravens are vital to the Norse pantheon.

Raven Symbolic Meaning in Eastern Cultures

Ravens and other close bird species are given similar attributes in Eastern mythologies and folklore. They are a powerful link between the living and the spirit world.

 Raven Meaning in Japanese Mythology

  In Japanese mythology, the three legged raven is called Yatagarasu. This mythical bird served as a connection between the spirit world and the living.

Japanese mythology indicates the Yatagarasu acted as a divine messenger of Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess.

Japanese mythology further indicates that Emperor Jimmu would often see the three legged raven in his dreams and waking life.

Whenever he saw the raven spirit animal in his waking life, Emperor Jimmu got revelation on the journey to establish a well-grounded kingdom.

In his raven dreams, this spirit guide appeared to the Emperor to reveal what his enemies were plotting against him.

Raven Meaning in Chinese Mythology

In Chinese mythology, the raven spirit meaning has different symbolisms depending on the context. For example, this spirit guide is closely linked to some myths.

It is believed that this bird appears to fill you with life-giving warmth. Additionally, the raven was seen as a carrier of divine messages from the spiritual realm.

However, this bad was portrayed in a negative light in some fables. For example, some myths indicate that seeing this bird in your waking life would attract ill fortune, diseases, and hardships.   

Raven Meaning in Korean Mythology

Like the Japanese, Korean mythology has its version of the three-legged raven, the Samjokgo. This creature is closely linked to the sum.

The Samjokgo is said to be a faithful messenger of the sun deities. Seeing this bird in your dreams or waking life attracts great fortune, abundance, and prosperity.

Lessons from the Raven Animal Spirit

Seeing a raven flying into your life has deep, hidden secrets about your life. The Universe sends this spirit animal to communicate important messages concerning your life’s journey.

The raven spirit guide chooses you because you need particular advice. So here are a few things you should consider when the raven god appears.

You Are Intelligent

The raven represents transformation. This is one of the most intelligent bird species in the animal kingdom. Ravens are symbols of cleverness, brilliance, and sharpness.

As such, seeing the raven spirit animal tells you to put your intelligence to good use. Use your wit to resolve the contentious situations in your life.

The raven spirit guide reminds you of your unlimited potential. You should not allow anything to stand between you and your dreams.

You have what it takes to resolve any challenges in life’s journey. The raven power animal flies into your life to urge you to take charge.

Sometimes, you may be tempted to allow things to remain as unpleasant as they are. But, when this spirit guide comes your way, it tells you this is unacceptable.

Never allow your life to go on autopilot, enduring everything thrown your way. Instead, the raven spirit animal calls on you to be innovative.

Use your creative faculties to change the story of your life. With the right mindset, you can influence results and outcomes in your favor.

By closely following the guidance of this spirit animal, you soon realize you’re brilliant.

Be Wary of Fraudsters

Ravens are known for their trickery and scheming ways. For example, an individual raven buries the food they don’t need to consume immediately to hide it from other ravens.

This demonstrates that this animal is sharp as well as scheming. Also, a hungry raven will actively look for the buried food of his peers.

However, some ravens are so good at hiding their treasures that it is rarely discovered. These ravens pretend to bury their food in one spot, only to retrieve it later and bury it elsewhere.

Your raven spirit guide wants you to be wary of fraudsters. Unfortunately, not everyone that smiles at you wishes you well.

Some just show you their teeth to disarm and discourage you from lowering your guard. Instead, this spirit guide wants you to surround yourself with trustworthy people.

Even then, don’t freely dish out your trust. Instead, give the new people you meet time to see whether they can be trusted.

Be Confident

The raven’s confidence level is so high that animals consider this animal intimidating. This bird is pushy; it always gets its way regardless of what it is dealing with.

The raven power animal reminds you of your power over others. In addition, your confidence and apparent ability give you an added advantage in your social and professional circles.

Don’t worry if some people perceive you as intimidating. As long as this is in a good way, your attitude will bring the desired results to your family and friends.

However, this does not give you carte blanche to act rudely or rashly. Instead, treat everyone you encounter in life’s journey as you’d like to be treated.

The raven spirit animal encourages you to assert your authority using intellect and wisdom. This should not be hard for you if you listen attentively to this spirit guide.

The raven power animal reminds you of the power vested in you. With the right attitude, you can make the world a better place for all.

It’s Time for Change

Throughout the world, myths show the raven as a symbol of change, growth, and transformation. So prepare for new things when the raven spirit animal flies into your life.

This spirit guide urges you to open your eyes to the many opportunities. The raven acts as an intermediary between you and your departed loved ones.

The spirit of your ancestors wants you to rise above the ashes of failure and stand again. In ancient times, the raven was seen as a symbol of death.

This is more so because this bird eats carrion. Spiritually, however, death indicates the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

As such, the raven’s presence in your life should not scare you. Instead, it should fill you with the hope that you’ll overcome the challenges and setbacks in your life.

You just need to make a few changes to your life or routine to unleash your full potential.

Take Charge of Your Life

The raven meaning reminds you to take charge of your life. The decisions you make today have a significant impact on what tomorrow brings.

This spirit guide encourages you to play the game of life effectively. So keep moving on with success on your mind.

Although you’ll encounter many impediments on the way, never give up on your goals. Though you may occasionally pause to get your bearings, never lose focus on your purpose in this world.

The raven spirit animal is a potent reminder that you have what it takes to make it. With the right attitude and effort, you can transform your life from the brink of failure to success.

Creativity and Inventiveness

People born with the raven totem animal are as creative as they are innovative. Ravens are known to use specific tools to achieve their goals.

Ravens are particularly attracted to shiny objects. However, these birds display great ingenuity in accessing these objects and often compete on who gets the object first.

This spirit guide calls on you to use your creativity to achieve your goals. You have the intellect and the wherewithal to create the ideal life for yourself and your loved ones.

Importance of the Raven Spirit Totem

When the raven totem flies into your life, it communicates important messages regarding your present and future.

For example, it may tell you to be more expressive and speak up and say this as you perceive them. This empowers you to speak your mind. It gives you the power to communicate before your peers.

The raven has mastered the art of synchronicity. It can bend time and space to create the right conditions for you to operate.

It lets you know the right time to put your play in motion.

So, the next time you see a raven looking down on you from a building or lamp post, know that all the conditions are being made right for you to act.

From that moment on, be very attentive to everything and everyone that comes your way. t

Meaning of Raven Animal Totem

Open Your Mind to New Experiences

Has the raven spirit animal landed in your life recently? This tells you to open your mind and heart to new experiences.

Ravens are known for being enduring, mainly because they are omnivores. These birds survive on anything – human garbage, carrion, and plants.

Seeing the raven is your cue to open your mind to new ways of doing things. Every experience you go through adds some value to your life.

As such, don’t regret why some things happened to you. Instead, be glad you’ve had great opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge base.

The raven spirit guide urges you to open your eyes to what’s happening around you. You’ll discover that, whether good or bad, everything in your life happens to make you better and more effective.

Partnership and Guidance

Ravens are monogamous. They spend most of their life with their mate, looking for food, building nests, and caring for the young.

Adult ravens come together to mate and care for their offspring until the young ones are strong enough to survive independently.

Their interaction with other species is more symbiotic than parasitic. For example, a raven alerts other scavengers, such as coyotes or wolves, of the existence of a carcass.

It makes it easier for ravens to access the meat of the carcass once these scavengers tear open the dead animal.

The raven spirit animal comes into your life to teach you the importance of partnership and collaboration.

When to Call on the Raven Animal Spirit

Most people fail to live their dreams because of fear. This fear holds them back. As such, they can never reach their destiny.

We all get scared at some point in our lives. But it’s a grave mistake to let fear dominate your life. The raven power animal is a sign from the Universe showing that you must move on.

This totem animal comes into your life to help you appreciate your abilities. This is more so if you are at a crossroads and need to make a life-changing decision.

Call on this magical being when you are undergoing any of these situations:

  • You feel that you are too restricted in choices
  • You want to unleash your full potential
  • You are facing a trying time
  • When unexpected changes occur in your life
  • You are scared and uncertain about the future

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What Does It Mean to Have a Raven Tattoo?

The raven tattoo meaning tells you to think outside the box. You may have this animal inked on your skin to signify your willingness to look for new ways to resolve societal problems.

The raven is the symbol of the Japanese soccer team. This team believes in the versatility and ingenuity represented by this bird.

Similarly, you can have a raven tattoo to signify your determination to achieve your goals despite impediments.

At times, you’ll come up against what seems like insurmountable odds. But the raven spirit fills you with courage.

A raven tattoo reminds you that you should never give up. You have what it takes to handle the challenges in your life.

The raven spirit animal urges you to use your intelligence to develop workaround solutions. People with the raven tattoo boldly proclaim they will not let anything hold them back.

A tattoo of raven feathers shows determination amid hardship. According to raven mythology, seeing a raven feather in real life indicates good luck and success.

Seeing raven feathers in a dream indicates a change of fortunes for the better. As a result, some people wear raven feather tattoos to attract good luck and fortune.

Does the Raven Animal Spirit Symbolize Death?

In many cultures worldwide, the raven was taken to symbolize death. This is because of this bird’s affinity for dead animals.

From a spiritual perspective, however, death is essential in life. Death shows the ultimate transformation as our soul journeys toward enlightenment.

Many changes and transformations occur in our lifetime. The most powerful of these is death. So you need to creatively think of ways to transform and improve your life when this bird comes your way.

The raven spirit animal appears to convince you to change your ways. This is an excellent time to eliminate anything hindering your growth and progress.

It’s time to let go of old habits and retrogressive thinking patterns. Also, you need to think about letting go of unhealthy partnerships.

The raven spirit guide appears to give you the courage to move on. So if you need to move homes or change your career to improve your life, don’t hesitate.

Seeing a huge raven indicates the change you have to make is a significant one. It may involve overcoming an addiction, changing your lifestyle, and turning your life around.

Take the raven spirit animal as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Does the Raven Appear in Your Dreams?

The raven may make an appearance in your life in the form of a dream. When this happens, be prepared for a change.

A dream involving a raven can signal that particular harm is being lifted from your life. But unfortunately, this harm can be in the form of addiction.

Take such a change positively. Then, prepare to detox and undergo the necessary programs.

If the raven in your dream is eating a kill, take this as a warning. Someone close to you may take advantage of your situation.

Take all the measures necessary to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

If the raven preens its feathers in the dream, it signifies rebirth. You are in for a new beginning.

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The Raven Spirit Animal and My Current Life

A spirit animal chooses you at birth and stays with you to the end. So if the raven comes into your life as your spirit animal, your life is set for new beginnings.

This spirit guide wants you to address specific issues concerning your life to make your future brighter and better.

This impact is more palpable if this animal appears in your dreams. There are lessons to be learned from what’s going on around you.

The raven spirit animal wants you to open your ears and eyes to these lessons. This is the only way you’ll overcome the problems straddling your life.

The next phase of your life is essential. However, you may not reap the full benefits of this phase unless you clear your mind and heart of negative energies.

The raven is here to help you with this. For starters, this spirit guide wants you to de-clutter emotionally and physically.

You have carried too much baggage from your past into your present life. It’s time to let go of anything that doesn’t serve your purpose.

With the support of the raven spirit animal, you’ll put your life into perspective. This entails making a paradigm shift in your mind to embrace positivity, hope, and optimism.

You must take decisive action concerning your life to invite peace, love, and divine light.

The Raven Animal Totem and My Personality

You have the power of light and darkness at your command. People born with the raven animal totem quickly interpret other people’s intentions.

You can correctly predict what a person will do or say before they do it. This puts you in a unique position to share your light or dark with someone before they make errors and mess things up.

People with the raven animal totem are well-suited for spiritual work. You are gifted with the power of divination and prophecy.

The raven totem guides you to manifest your thoughts responsibly. Everything you do and say creates a domino effect on your environment.

You must never forget that your gifts are from the Divine. Left to your own devices, you cannot commune with spirits, heal, or interpret the lives of others.

Stay humble as you put these gifts to use, bearing in mind that they were given to you for a reason. However, having these gifts does not mean you have to be a spiritualist.

The raven animal totem will constantly remind you of your freedom of choice. Yet, you can still do much good with these gifts even as you pursue mainstream careers.

The Raven Animal Spirit: Handling Your Life

Handling Your Relationships

The raven spirit animal encourages you to be kind and compassionate to your partner. Treat them with the same consideration you’d like extended to you.

Under the raven’s guidance, people have no trouble wholly giving themselves to a romantic relationship. You are good to go as long as you’re sure about your partner.

These natives step into a relationship with both feet. They have no reservations about failure, or their heart being broken.

However, it would be a serious mistake to disrespect a raven person. They become enraged when betrayed or dishonored in any way.

Regardless, a raven person soon recovers and re-establishes their faith in love. You are a believer; you believe that love makes the world go round.

People born under the raven animal totem thrive if partnered with caring and romantic lovers.

If you get someone who loves you for who you are, nothing in the Universe can stop your relationship from thriving.

Handling Your Career

The rave people are highly ambitious. They are willing to go to great lengths to scale the heights of success.

A raven person will do just about anything to achieve their goals and dreams. You must be careful not to step on others’ toes while pursuing your goals.

Although success is important, be gentle with those you encounter in life’s journey. If you believe someone is blocking your path, look for the most ingenious way to circumvent them.

With your intelligence and wisdom, you can get around any impediment without hurting others.

People born under the raven animal totem can thrive in any career. Many choose to start their own business, which they run guided by solid work ethics and moral considerations.

Others use their skills and deep insights to serve in companies and corporations. However, they do best if paired with intelligent and progressive colleagues.

To get the best out of a raven person, put them in a competitive environment. Ravens like pushing themselves to the limit and not resting until they bag their prize.

People guided by the raven have excellent financial sense. But first, you understand that money is not an end but a means to an end.

As such, you have a keen eye for making the right investments. Moreover, you know the importance of saving money for the rainy days ahead.

Because of their wit and intelligence, these natives can try their hand at different jobs. As a result, you are likely to be involved in different pursuits as a youth.

It’s no wonder that most ravens come across as knowledgeable and experienced at the workplace.

Handling a Relationship with Yourself

People with the raven spirit animal have a light and dark side. They are constantly assailed by an inner struggle that threatens to destabilize their peace and security.

The good news is that not everyone can tell what you’re going through. This makes it easier for you to resolve your inner conflict without attracting too much attention.

The raven animal totem teaches you to harness the energies of your light and dark sides. If you learn to control your faculties, these opposing forces in you will be a huge blessing.

As such, your priority is to understand who you are and what you stand for. Are you in touch with your soul mission and divine life purpose?

The raven spirit animal wants you to open your mind to the idea that your life is not an accident. You were brought into this world for a reason and purpose.

Understanding this lets you correctly decide on the energies you want to exude, depending on the circumstances.

Using your light energies brings out your personality’s wisdom, understanding, and empathy.

Your dark energies indicate you can be playful and angry. It communicates that although you can be gentle, you’re not someone to be messed around with.

The raven animal totem enables you to understand and appreciate your karma. As a result, you learn to accept and embrace your life path and not to beat yourself too hard when you make mistakes.

Why the Raven Totem Bad Is Luck for Some

The raven symbol is equated to the underworld and death in many mythologies worldwide. Therefore, many believe that seeing a raven is a terrible omen.

However, looking spiritually at the raven’s meaning and symbolism tells a different story. This spirit guides flies into your life with a message of hope and growth.

The raven totem animal indicates you should be receptive to changes in your life.

When you think critically about it, you’ll realize that change is the only constant thing in life. All changes, good and bad, are for your benefit.

So, instead of lamenting over your situation, embrace a positive mindset. Look at your situation optimistically, as this is the easiest way to get a solution to your predicament.

The raven totem is bad luck for some because of their unwillingness to rise above the mistakes and failures of the past.

This spirit guide accompanies you on life’s journey to encourage you on the journey to recovery and healing.

Final Thoughts…

The raven ignites the magic of nature in you. It helps unleash the energies and resources you need to deal with changes in your life.

You can achieve outstanding achievements when the raven spirit flies into your life. You see, when significant changes come along, they come with great opportunities.

You need the right tools to deal with this kind of situation.

The raven spirit provides you with these tools. It shows you how to navigate the dark shadows of the change and emerge into the light.

Raven dreams teach you to resolve the dark conflicts buried within you.

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