The Owl Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Owl Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The owl has the uncanny ability to see in the dark. When this spirit animal comes into your life, you get the power to see the unseen.

You acquire the ability to see through people. You can see a fraudster way before it affects your life.

Also, you clearly understand someone’s state of mind and actions.

This spirit animal is a strong, powerful animal. When it perches in your life, it reminds you to see beyond the surface. You can understand what motivates people.

You can study situations rather fast and draw the right deductions.

The owl is closely associated with wisdom. Ever heard of the old adage, ‘As wise as the owl’? Well, we associate this spirit animal with this quality for good reasons.

For starters, the owl spirit animal gives you the power of discernment. As such, you can make decisions based on solid foundations.

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What is the Meaning of the Spirit Animal Owl?

The owl spirit guide in your life stands for knowledge, good judgment, and wisdom. You enjoy a strong connection with these qualities.

At the same time, this spirit animal comes into your life, bringing intuition and insight.

This spirit animal enters your life when you are approaching a period of transition and uncertainty. It comes to shield you from the negative impact of such a period in your life.

Are you facing a huge change in your life? Are there reshuffles and reassignments in your workplace? Do you feel threatened by an impending event in your personal life?

The owl spirit guide will help you to identify opportunities in all this turn of events. You’ll benefit from the chaos and uncertainties.

When the owl comes into your life, you get a new direction. You see possibilities in places you have never thought to look for them.

The owl spirit guide enables us to see beyond the obvious. You can crack through people’s façade. You can identify who your true friends are.

You’ll come to like working with the mystery of life. The owl helps you see the possibilities in exploration and touring the world.

With time, you’ll be able to make sense of things that seem disorderly at face value. When faced with a challenge, you are able to come up with a good solution quite fast.

People will come to respect you for being stronger and wiser beyond your years.

Like this mysterious spirit animal, you have very advanced observation skills. You know exactly what’s going on in your environment.

This is a good thing, for it helps you to be proactive.

Owl Spirit Animal and Symbolism

Symbol of Wisdom

In many cultures, owl symbolism points to a great source of wisdom and knowledge. Many look to this spirit animal or owl animal totem for inspiration to make the right life decisions.

In particular, the barn owl and the screech owl or believed to represent the owl power guide for mental understanding and wisdom.

Symbol of Intuition

The snowy owl, the screech owl and the burrowing owl, and the barn owl are closely linked to the power of insight.

This owl symbolism points to the ability to possess the power of the unseen.

Symbol of Transition

A common owl symbolism is about growth from one stage of life to another. Were you born under the owl animal totem guide? You’ll have little trouble making a mind shift to prioritize the core issues in your life. 

Symbol of Transformation

The owl power animal is known as a powerful symbol of transformation.

Having the barn owl, great horned owl, screech owl, or northern hawk owl as your owl animal totem indicates your readiness to overcome challenges and occupy your rightful position in the community.


How Can You Tell the Owl Is Your Spirit Animal?

There are many ways the owl spirit guide can contact you. Ordinarily, spirit animals choose us – it is rarely the other way around.

If an owl power animal wants to get in touch with you, it may appear in person as a night owl. However, not every night owl makes contact in this way.

You may find yourself getting increasingly interested in these spirit animals and trying to read more about them.

You may encounter these spirit animals in films, documentaries, and paintings – such as the great horned owl, northern hawk owl, and screech owl.

According to Native American culture, you’ll know when these spirit animals choose you because you’ll perceive a profound kinship with them.

The owl animal spirit reminds you of the important things in your life. With the owl animal totem in your life, your focus, resilience, and determination will be top-notch.

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Cultural Symbolism of the Spirit Animal Owl

Owl Symbolism in Christian Culture

Owl spirit animals are not mentioned in favorable terms in the Bible and Christian culture. For example, in the Old Testament, owls represent pain, suffering, ruin, death, and isolation.

After the annihilation of Babylon, it was believed that owls would be the only creatures left to roam the land.

Today’s most frightening topics on the owl spirit animals in Christendom come from the Bible.

For example, in Western culture, the owl is included in Halloween festivities as one of the scary creatures symbolizing death.

The Bible depicts the owl as an unclean creature unsuitable for human consumption. In this respect, owl spirit animals are put on the same scale as the bat, raven, and dragon. The Bible depicts these as creatures of pain, suffering, and death.

The Book of Isaiah 34: 13 brings this out clearly. It indicates that under the headship of King Nebuchadnezzar, the kingdom of Edom would be desolate, isolated, and abandoned. Instead of being occupied by God-fearing people, this land would be home to owls, vultures, dragons, cormorants, and unicorns.

The Owl Symbolism in African Culture

Owl spirit animals were a common feature of African culture. Unfortunately, the owl animal spirit represents suffering, loss, pain, and death in this community.

In ancient Egypt, the burrowing owl and the screech owl were associated with death and the afterlife. This community believed one had to start preparing for the afterlife whenever an owl appeared.

Even seeing the owl image was considered an ill omen in many African communities. For example, among the Bantu communities of East Africa, the hooting of an owl represented serious illness or death of children and the aged.

Many African communities associated different types of owls – the burrowing owl, the horned owl, and the great horned owl – with sorcery and witchcraft.

Owl spirit animals were considered evil as they brought loss to the community. As with Roman, Greek, and North American cultures, hooting an owl had negative connotations in Africa.

Many believed someone important would die if an owl hooted or was spotted near a human settlement.

The Owl Symbolism in Native American Culture

In many Native American clans, owl spirit animals are taken positively. Many Native American communities have owl clans.

They regard owl spirit animals as their power animals or totem animal. The owl meaning in these communities indicates an animal with superior spiritual powers.

The owl totem animal was considered a messenger of the spirit realm. In some clans, owl spirit animals were said to be mediators between the living and the dead.

While some Native American tribes considered the owl power animals to possess evil powers, others regarded them as benevolent spirits.

For example, the Apache tribe took the owl meaning to indicate illness and death. On the other hand, the Hopi took the owl meaning to signify benevolence from the spirit world.

The Hopi regarded owl powers animals in the same category as the night eagle. Because of its keen vision and eyesight, the night owl was considered to bring insight and illumination.

Some tribes believed the night owl possessed the power of astral travel and clairvoyance. For example, among the Cherokee, the owl was thought to bring the power of healing, insight, and recovery from the spirit world.

As such, the screech owl, snowy old, and great horned owls were widely consulted by shamans.

Among the Lakota, Cherokee, Caddo, and Blackfoot tribes, the screech owl and the horned owl were believed to watch over forests, mountains, and valleys in which they lived.

These communities believed medicine men and shamans could shape-shift into these powers animals to gain further knowledge about owl medicine.

Owl feathers were a common feature of a medicine man’s regalia. An owl feather was believed to provide enlightenment and insight into the future.

A good number of Canadian and American native tribes believed in the supernatural powers of a Great Horned Owl, who some called Mongwu. It was thought this deity enforced divine laws and brought abundance and prosperity.

It was common for the American northwestern coastal tribes to carve their own totem poles and perform special dances around it on special occasions.

The Owl Symbolism in Celtic Culture

As with the Native American owl symbolism, the Celts looked at the owl totem animal in a favorable light.

The Celtic owl meaning indicates this bird had a direct passage to the Underworld. The owl meaning also shows this animal fights for truth, honor, and justice.

In Celtic mythology, the owl meaning is closely linked to the goddess of abundance, fertility, and prosperity.

This spirit animal brings good luck and fortune to those who welcome it.

At the same time, the owl was seen as the revealer of the deepest, darkest truths. People with this spirit nimal had a unique insight into their lives.

According to the Celts, the owl enabled them to see the errors of their ways and make the appropriate changes.

To see an owl flying meant that one was getting an invitation to evaluate their spirituality. In this regard, the owl’s meaning indicates a spiritual connection to the spirit world.

Like with the Native American owl symbolism, the owl’s meaning created a special connection between humans and the divine realm.

The Celtic owl brings a special connection between the fertility goddess and her crone form. The barn owl was considered the white woman of the night (Cauilleah-oidhche gheal).   

As with many cultures, the Celts regarded the screen or hoot of the owl as a harbinger of death or illness.

The Owl Meaning in Greek Mythology

The ancient Greeks held the owl animal spirit guide in high regard.

The female owl was particularly revered because it was believed to be the spirit companion of Athena. Athena ((or Minerva) was the virgin goddess of wisdom and ancient Greek mythology.

The ancient Greeks donned an owl tattoo in honor of the goddess Athena. Keeping an owl feather at your home or business premises was also considered a blessing.

Having an owl feather gave the owner the power to perceive danger before it happened. It was also considered a sign of wisdom and ancient knowledge.

The ancient Greeks considered it an ill omen to encounter a dead owl. Seeing a dead owl indicated that one would lose favor with the gods and goddesses.

As such, it was considered imperative to make an appropriate to appease the spirit of the dead owl and invite back favor from the Universe.

The Owl Meaning in Ancient Roman Culture    

Unlike their Greek counterparts, the Romans viewed the owl animal spirit guide negatively. To the Romans, the hooting of an owl brought pain, suffering, and death.

The Romans wanted nothing to do with the owl animal spirit guide. Actually, they tried to avoid it as much as they could.

Indeed, legend has it that the screech of owls predicted the death of prominent figures. Key among these is Emperor Commodus Aurelius, Emperor Augustus, and Julius Caesar.

Interestingly, the sighting of a snowy owl signified good luck and fortune.

The Owl Symbolism in Eastern Culture

The Japanese regard the owl as a lucky bird. Indeed, the Japanese word for the snowy owl is fukuro, which loosely translates to no troubles.

A good number of the Japanese keep the snowy owl or its images at home and in their business premises to invite positive energies.

Among the Ainu, the owl is a spiritual messenger from the deities to the humans. The Ainu often worshipped the Owl Deity, Kamui, who was thought to bless good human behavior.

Kamui could also admonish or punish those who went against the rules of harmonious and peaceful co-existence.

Most spiritual leaders and shamans in the Eastern culture paid homage to owls. These birds were believed to possess spiritual powers to bring one closer to one’s dead loved ones.

The Owl Spirit Animal: Appreciate Your Potential

When the owl comes into your life, you can appreciate the finer details of your existence. You see everything that goes on in your life with more clarity.

Gradually, you see the reason to be thankful for every single day. No matter how tough things turn out, you get a reason to smile.

This is because the presence of the owl’s spirit guide in your life is symbolic. It enables you to see everything in a different light.

You see an opportunity Where you ordinarily see bad fortune and disaster. You see the reason to start all over again.

In fact, you are convinced that you’ll excel this time around. With this kind of confidence, there’s no way you can fail.

And, after all, the owl spirit animal is there to show you the way.

People with the owl totem know that it symbolizes good luck in their lives. When you encounter this spirit totem, realize it’s time to be more attentive.

There are many things in your life that you’ve been taking for granted. Think of all those things and people that have been breezing through your life unnoticed.

These things and people are in your life for a reason. Ignoring them simply means that you’ve been shutting lady luck out of your life.

Fortunately, the owl spirit animal opens your mind to the presence of such opportunities.

Regarding matters of the heart, the owl delivers two messages into your life.

The first message is a warning. The owl spirit wants you to scrutinize your relationships thoroughly before you commit yourself.

Not everyone who comes into your life has noble intentions. Watch that you don’t get entangled in a loveless affair.

The second message is encouragement. The owl wants you to appreciate your limitless potential. Use it to win the hearts of the most ideal partner.

When you rely on your intuition and inner energy reserves, you’ll always be a step ahead of the pack.

Of course, you need to understand that some things in this world are out of your control. Appreciate your potential, but also understand your limitations.

The owl gives you the power to observe the world around you. You know how the situations are likely to unfold. As such, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from potential harm.

People with the owl spirit totem know when to speak up and when to withhold their counsel.

The owl symbolism appears to those who want to eliminate some unwanted parts of their past. The owl urges you to listen keenly to your inner being. Therein you’ll get all the guidance you need.

This spirit guide has very powerful senses. This symbolizes your ability to pierce through darkness, fears, and shadows.

When this animal perches into your life, you gain knowledge, happiness, and light.

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The Own Symbolism in Feng Shui

Many use owl images and figurines in the Art of Arrangement (Feng Shui) to invite positive energies into their homes and business premises.

The owl meaning in Feng Shui, stands for prosperity, good luck, wisdom, and divine protection. People place the owl figurines in the direction they believe negative energies are coming from.

Owl figurines can be placed facing either outwards or inwards. When placed facing outwards, this animal spirit guides keep unwanted spiritual energies away from your home or office.

If placed facing inwards, the owl figurine protects your home or office from losing the positive energies it already has.

Importance of the Owl Spirit Totem

When the owl spirit guide enters your life, you become thirsty for knowledge. You’ll want to explore the possibilities that you’ve never considered before.

As the owl spirit animal accompanies you on your life journey, you become more fascinated with what surrounds you.

Things that seemed mundane and unimportant take on new meaning. You start to see the magic of life through the owl’s eyes.

The owl wants you to look around you and appreciate the offerings of Mother Nature. You see things that you previously didn’t know existed.

The smaller details of life will take on new meaning for you. The owl comes into your life to help you to discover your abilities and latent potential.

Your intuition is sharpened, and your creativity levels dramatically go up.

The owl spirit totem encourages you to focus your energies on your creative streak.

Also, you may want to remove yourself from the bustle of life. You see, the owl likes to sit quietly and meditate on the world.

You must create time for self-reflection. Be perfectly still, and observe what’s going on around you.

This helps you to appreciate the importance of slowing down. It enables you to be stable. As such, you can access hidden treasures of information and understanding.

You’ll see what others can’t when this spirit animal comes into your life. You not only open your eyes but your mind and heart as well.

The Owl: Symbol of Witchcraft and Sorcery

For centuries, the owl was associated with witchcraft and sorcery in many traditional communities worldwide.

For example, it was believed witches could shape-shift into owls in medieval Europe. Having this transformed, the witches would fly through the night sky to hold meetings in their covens.

The hooting of owls was believed to be a clarion call for the witches to gather for their night meetings and rituals.

In African culture, the owl was associated with sorcerers who brought darkness and evil to the community.

The hoot of an owl was believed to announce the looming death of a chief or some other dignitary in the community.

The owl is used by modern witches (Wiccan and neo-pagan religions) to stand for insight, intuition, wisdom, and knowledge.

Wiccans believe that owls symbolize light in a world filled with death and evil.

The Owl: Symbol of Divine Protection

Because of its ability to see in the dark, many believe the owl spirit animal guide possesses special divine skills.

For some, the owl symbolizes protection from the evil lurking in dark areas of our lives. This spirit guide is a special messenger from the divine realm for others.

This animal’s keen insight and sharp hearing tell you that divine power is watching over you. It’s an assurance that you won’t fall into danger as you go about your daily undertakings.

In ancient Greece, the owl was seen as a bearer of courage, wisdom, and sober thinking. This is because this spirit guide was closely associated with the goddess Athena.

Some communities believe you can tap into the owl’s power to heighten your intuition and inner wisdom.

Connecting to this animal’s energy gives you clarity of mind and a deeper understanding of your life and the issues around you.

As a spirit guide, the owl is a powerful protector that offers support, guidance, warning, and comfort in difficult times.

When the Owl is Your Spirit Animal

Over the ages, the owl has been revered for its ability to see hidden truths. It’s sharp eyesight and hearing paint a picture of a spirit animal you can work with to cut through the veil of illusion and deception.

With this spirit guide in your life, you have a keen understanding of the mysteries of life. This totem animal helps you overcome life’s shadows and clearly see your goals and dreams.

In many communities worldwide, the owl spirit animal is regarded as the divine messenger of the unseen. It brings spiritual messages from the spirit world to the physical one.

People with the owl spirit animal have little trouble connecting the past to the present and the future. They know precisely when they need to leave old habits and start a new phase of their lives.

When the owl flies into your life, you get a keen understanding of the challenges you’re facing and how to circumvent them.

You see the need to apply your intuition and inner wisdom to handle difficulties and embrace opportunities.

Are you drawn to the owl for its beauty and grace? Or do you feel drawn to this spirit animal for its symbolism? You can’t run short of ways to make a solid connection with this spirit guide.

When to Call on the Owl Spirit Animal

Life is never straight. It has twists and turns that can leave you going around in circles. You often need guidance to make sense of everything in your life.

The owl spirit animal provides you with such a refuge.

Call on this spirit guide when you find yourself in these circumstances:

  • You have pent-up, negative feelings
  • You need to stamp your authority
  • You are surrounded by much negativity
  • You need to see the unseen
  • Your environment is too noisy (you want to enjoy some quiet, personal time)
  • You need to create harmony in your existence

The Owl Power Guide

You should unleash your inner owl power guide when you desire to learn important truths about your life.

Your own spirit guide will help you access hidden doors leading to a better understanding of your personal and professional life.

The owl power animal holds the power to the hidden realms. When this animal becomes your power guide, you’ll have clarity of who you are and what you stand for.

Meditate on the owl spirit guide to gain insight into your place and position in the Universe. Being a child of the Universe, you have a special mission to carry out in the physical and spiritual realms.

Your owl power guide will reveal this mission and guide you on how best to carry it out.

Is your life stuck, and you’re worried about what tomorrow brings? Invoke the owl power animal in the silence of the night to gain more clarity regarding your future.

The hoot of the owl will comfort you and open your mind’s eye to fresh insights. You’ll discover you have many opportunities you can take advantage of to usher your life to the next level of growth.

The owl animal guide gives you access to owl medicine you can use to improve your life. Ask this power animal to help you frame your goals and dreams to provide you with the best advantage in life. 

The Owl Totem Animal

Were you born with your own as your totem animal? You stand a good chance of living your dream life. The owl animal totem connects you to the Yin of the Universe, making you more aware of your lunar cycles.

People born with totem owl are keen to embrace their inner goddesses and tend to make great strides in life during the full moon.

The owl totem guide empowers you to create a solid connection with your feminine energies. This is essential as it enhances your sense of peace regardless of your life situation.

According to Native American mythologies, people with totem owl guide gain favor with the women in their lives.

The female members of your family, healers, teachers, and mentors will play a central role in your overall moral and personal growth.

Don’t brush off the gut feelings of being with the totem owl guide. This spirit guide offers you a unique gift to discover your powers of clairvoyance.

As such, you can discern situations quickly and accurately, thus clearing any confusing situations in your life.

Owl Mythology and Folklore

With over 240 species of owls, these animals can be found worldwide – except for Antarctica.

As such, you’ll find myths and folklore about the owl spirit animal in almost every part of the world. These mythologies carry different meanings that reflect how this bird is perceived by various cultures.

Sometimes, the owl is cast as a wise being who brings wisdom and divine intervention to the spirit world.

In others, the owl is cast as a malevolent creature that heralds pain, suffering, and death wherever it goes.

The truth is that owls have deep spiritual meanings that reflect our connection with the spiritual realm.

While these animals exist largely for themselves, they have symbolic meanings for humans worldwide.

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Are you considering having an owl inked on your skin? Well, you should understand the meaning of owl tattoos before paying your tattooist a visit.

For most people, a tattoo of an owl is a symbol of freethinking. It shows that although you work with others, you listen to your gut feelings well.

An owl tattoo could also be a sign you believe in the power of magic. This stems from the Wicca and neo-pagan faiths, who look at the owl as a symbol of magical powers.

A tattoo of an owl tells the world you’re keen to understand its mysteries. You don’t take anything at its face value.

Instead, you are keen to dig deeper to understand the spiritual world’s teachings and lessons for you.

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Does the Owl Appear in Your Dreams?

If you are in the throes of major life changes, the owl will make its presence in your life known.

This spirit guide may choose to appear to you in a dream. This has a major significance, and we can interpret it in a number of ways.

For example, it could be warning you about a possible infraction in your personal life. Is there a threat in your immediate surroundings?

The owl spirit animal wants you to open your eyes. Be more alert as to what’s going on in your world.

Dreaming of an owl means that you need to get in touch with your intuition. Listen to the subtle signs of life, and see what the world has in store for you.

The owl in your dream brings a special message from the spiritual world. It gives you insight into how you are supposed to handle the changes in your life.

The owl provides you with the guidance you need to make a positive transformation.

Owl in Astrology and Zodiac Signs

The owl is the 9th animal in the Native American calendar.

It belongs to those born between November 22 and December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere, corresponding to the Sagittarius star sign.

The sign of the owl corresponds to those born between May 21 and June 21 in the Southern Hemisphere.

People born under the owl spirit animal are gifted in communication skills. They are also very curious, as they leave no stone unturned in understanding the mysteries of the Universe.

Those born under this sign have sharp instincts. They can perceive important changes long before anyone else.

As such, this makes them valuable in a wide range of fields. With the uncanny ability to navigate through real and figurative darkness, the owl person is a valued asset in any field.

People born under the owl spirit guide thrive through attention to detail, watchfulness, discretion, and strategic thinking.

As such, they can spot frauds and two-faced friends before they cause any real harm.

Final Thoughts…

The owl is an emblem of wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. When it comes it your life, you automatically have a deep connection with these gifts.

People with the owl spirit totem can see what most others can’t. You can effortlessly distinguish between deceit and truth when this animal guides your life.

The owl spirit offers you the guidance and inspiration you need to fully appreciate life’s magic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the owl symbolism in spirituality?

In many cultures, the owl is seen as a spiritual symbol of intuition, wisdom, and knowledge.

This spirit animal is also taken to see beyond the ordinary. It empowers you to see the hidden truths about your situation.

Is seeing an owl a good omen?

In many cultures, seeing an owl is considered a good omen. They are often regarded as bearers of blessings from the spiritual realm.

However, seeing an owl is not such a welcome idea in some cultures. They are regarded as creatures of evil and darkness.

What does it mean when an owl hoots?

An owl hooting indicates a special spiritual message or guidance. However, this interpretation should be guided based on the context of the owl hooting and the circumstances around it.

What does it mean to see an owl near your home?  

This tells you to look deeper into your spiritual leanings and trust your intuition.

What’s the meaning of seeing an owl at night?

This tells you to critically look at your connection with lunar energies. It’s an invitation to acknowledge and appreciate the feminine energies in your life.

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