Moon Tarot Card


What is the Meaning of The Moon Tarot Card? Shining high above the clouds, breaking through the night sky is The Moon. It’s an image we all recognize and associate with the unknown darkness of our world. In traditional tarot the moon is shown with half a face on its surface, the other half concealed … Read more

Tower Tarot Card


What is the Meaning of The Tower Tarot Card? A pillar of brick and stone rising high into the clouds struck down by lightning and set ablaze by the sheer power of nature makes up the startling image that is The Tower. When this card appears to you in a reading it can be quite … Read more

Devil Tarot Card Meanings


What is the Meaning of The Devil Tarot Card? The eighteenth card of the Major Arcana, The Devil, is one that many people tend to fear. This card features the biblical interpretation of the beast himself, sitting upon a stone pillar and keeping a man and a woman chained as prisoners. While this card’s image … Read more

Temperance Tarot Card


What is the Meaning of the Temperance Tarot Card? Traditionally depicted as a woman holding two cups with water flowing between them, Temperance is a beautiful card with very positive connotations. This card represents balance, control over our lives, and absolute equilibrium. Because Temperance is show holding two golden chalices, it ties into the Cups … Read more

Death Tarot Card


What is the Meaning of Death Tarot Card? Generally depicted as a traditional grim reaper, Death can seem scary to those who are unfamiliar with his sunken face, but don’t panic. While Death absolutely signifies the end, he also is symbolic of rebirth. The current chapter of your life is coming to a close, and … Read more

Hanged Man Tarot Card


Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings At first glance The Hanged Man may seem like a bad sign, but what’s interesting about him is his comfort with the situation he’s in. In traditional tarot, The Hanged Man is seen hanging upside down with his hands behind his back and a halo around his head, much like … Read more

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card


What is the Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card? The tenth card of the Major Arcana is The Wheel of Fortune. This golden wheel floats through the sky surrounded by symbolism from Greek, Egyptian, and Hebrew beliefs that all point to the same meaning: the karmic experience. While The Wheel of Fortune can … Read more

Strength Tarot Card


What is the Meaning of the Strength Tarot Card? The eight card of the Major Arcana, Strength, represents order, discipline, and confidence. In traditional tarot Strength is depicted as a woman and a golden lion that she has subdued. This portrayal quite literally shows that she is soothing the beast. Strength is not aggressive, but … Read more

Chariot Tarot Card


Chariot Tarot Card Meanings The seventh card of the Major Arcana, The Chariot, is related to being goal oriented, having confidence, and overcoming obstacles in your life. Traditionally this card depicts a man riding a chariot that’s pulled by two animals of opposite colors without reins to guide them. This image is symbolic of the … Read more

Lovers Tarot Card Meanings


What is the Meaning of The Lovers Tarot Card? The 6th card of the Major Arcana, The Lovers, is a very positive card tied to one of the most desired human experiences: love. In traditional tarot The Lovers is depicted as a man and a woman standing nude on the earth beneath an angel. It … Read more