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What is the Meaning of the Temperance Tarot Card?

Traditionally depicted as a woman holding two cups with water flowing between them, Temperance is a beautiful card with very positive connotations.

This card represents balance, control over our lives, and absolute equilibrium.

Because Temperance is show holding two golden chalices, it ties into the Cups suit and hones in on personal relationships.

What this means is that she is a good sign that there is or will be harmony between you and those around you.

tenperance-tarotThe Upright Temperance Meaning

Just like the other cards that make up the Major Arcana, Temperance speaks to a specific life event. I

ts position within your spread will be important in determining what it’s trying to tell you.

If you should find Temperance in your past position, you have a solid foundation that helps to bring peace and calmness to your life.

If your current situation feels like it’s spiralling out of control, Temperance is reminding you that you have the capacity to keep a clear head and view the present objectively.

In a present position Temperance is a good sign that you can find balance and harmony.

If you are wrapped up in a disagreement of some sort know that Temperance is showing you that you can and will find common ground and come to a compromise that is satisfying for all the involved parties.

This is also a reminder that standing in the middle of the road is sometimes a better tactic in solving a problem than choosing a side.

Temperance in your future position is a great outcome. Regardless of what the cards in your past and present positions say, your situation will ultimately turn out with all involved people feeling like they’ve gotten what they wanted.

The compromise she is promising is one that everyone will find satisfactory and you will be able to move on from it with a positive attitude and peace in your life.

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Work and Temperance

When Temperance appears in a spread related to your career, it means that you are in a good place in your career.

Now is a good time to show what you’re capable of by taking the lead on a new project or offering to plan your next office party.

Your hard work will not go unnoticed and by keeping your attitude towards your job positive a promotion or pay raise is likely to come sooner rather than later.

Love and Temperance

Temperance in relation to your love life is a good indication that you and your partner aren’t quite seeing eye to eye.

In order to restore balance and continue to grow together you will both have to figure out where your relationship may be lacking and come to a conclusion together for how to best fix it.

If you are still looking for your special someone, Temperance is a sign that you haven’t been fair in judging potential suitors.

When your standards are either too high or too low you are setting yourself up for failure.

Be honest about the traits you can compromise on in a partner and keep yourself more emotionally available. Love will come soon, but you have to allow yourself to be open to it.

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Temperance and Finances

In a financial spread Temperance shows that you’re breaking even. It’s not a warning to spend more or save more, rather to do what makes you happy.

The other cards in the spread will be able to help you determine how you should spend your hard earned dollars, but Temperance is a sign that your financial situation will be just fine.

Meaning of Temperance in Health

Temperance in relation to your health is asking you to determine how balanced your routine is. If you are inactive, it’s a sign to be more active.

If you are prone to overindulgence, now is the right time to pull back and take things in moderation.

Temperance also is related to our mental health. If you’ve been experiencing any symptoms of depression or anxiety, know that you have the ability to find your center and get well.

Temperance in Reversed Position

In a reversed position Temperance tells us that we need to take a step back and see where we can make positive changes in order to live more harmoniously.

Instead of looking towards other people, look at yourself in the situation and figure out how you personally can make things better.

It’s wise to ask for advice from someone you trust, preferably those who are removed from the situation and can view things in an objective way.

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Temperance Combinations

When Temperance is paired with The Emperor it is a good sign that you can look forward to job advancement.

Since The Emperor is predominately about power and success, this means that all of your harmonious and creative energies from Temperance can be channeled directly into your work and will bring about very positive outcomes.

Temperance in combination with The Tower is telling you that you have all the tools you need to weather the chaos life is bringing.

Despite how out of control things may feel, Temperance is your reminder that you are capable of handling it.

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