Spirit Animals

Are you interested in Animal Spirit Totem Meanings? Then this guide is for you!

When the animal spirit animals come into our lives, they fill us with the vision we need to lead better quality lives.

Most animal totems help us to live with the purity of intentions and the strength of emotions. Of course, how you achieve your spiritual goals will vary depending on the animal spirit totem in your life.

It’s important that you incorporate your animal spirit in your daily activities. In this manner, you get all the guidance you need at every single moment.

When your spirit guide is constantly in your life, you are able to internalize the very traits represented by this spirit guide.

As such, you are able to move between the spiritual and physical planes with ease. You need to achieve this if you are to exude the peace and confidence you need to go further in life.

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How Do I know My Animal Spirit Totem?

Animal spirit totems belong to different classes, based on the kind of environment and personality that they rule over.

Usually, the animal spirit guide comes into your life when you need it most. It chooses you, and manifests itself into your life through vivid dreams when you are fast asleep.

Your animal spirit animal can also appear to you in a physical sighting as you take a stroll or move about in your environment.

Some spirit guides appear to their subjects through powerful visions.

It is noteworthy that you have the power to call on your spirit animal when you are in need.

Regardless of how the spirit animal makes its way into your life, it comes to help you in troubled times. It brings a powerful message of how you can extricate yourself out of your current predicament.

Alternatively, your spirit guide will come into your life early in your life, but will only manifest himself to your when you need him most.

We have compiled this article to guide you through the various animal totems.

We have provided a link for each animal spirit totem. You can click on the link to delve deeper into the meaning of your animal spirit guide.

We hope these articles will provide you with the enjoyment and enlightenment you need to make your life more interesting.

Read on, and enjoy!

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Land Animal Totems

In this section, we provide you with useful links to animals that you’ll find under the land animal totems.

If any of the animals we’ve listed below has made their presence known in your life, just click on the animal. This will give you more details regarding the visitation of that animal into your life.

As mentioned earlier, land spirit animals can use a variety of channels to visit your life. The most common ones are through physical sightings, in visions, and through dreams.

Some animals come in the form of an energetic presence. For example, you may feel your life dominated by the bravery and aggressiveness of the lion, especially when you are facing a threat.

Other animals may become over-friendly to you when you are in their presence. For example, imagine visiting an open park and this Columbus monkey keeps following you around.

Don’t ignore him. This animal is asking for an interaction with you. He has a message to bring into your life.

What we are saying is that you should keep your eyes open. You never know the hour or the day when your spirit animal will come calling.

The good news is that heeding the message that your spirit guide brings into your life has immense benefits.

Your animal totem could save you from a catastrophe. Alternatively, they could give you the guidance that would change your social status and prestige overnight.

Land animal totems are to be found on firm land. As such, most of their messages into our lives have to do with being well grounded.

They come to remind you to take care of the aspects of our lives that make you stable. It could be that there are certain changes you need to make to your relationships, job, family or interactions.

To get a better idea of the message your spirit guide intends for you, just click on the appropriate animal below.

Air Animal Totems

The air spirit totems are the masters of the sky. They include all the birds and mammals that spend most of their days gliding through the sky.

In this section, we provide you with the links to the symbolic meaning of feathery birds.

Birds are immensely powerful as spirit guides. When one comes calling into your life, you’d better sit up and pay attention.

The message she bears is phenomenal, and has the ability to take you through life-changing experiences.

The interesting bit is that every bird has a different symbolism as a spirit animal. As such, you need to be very keen regarding which bird actually flies into your life.

Your spirit animal will elevate your spiritual power to loftier heights, similar to the similar levels in which she flies.

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Also, your confidence and outlook towards life will soar higher than ever before.

Air animal totems bring different messages, depending on the type of bird that appears in your life.

However, they have one underlying factor in common…They all bring the hope of renewed freedom.

This is an important message, especially if you are stuck in a rut or at crossroads. The message encourages you to rise above your current predicament.

It urges you to spread your wings and soar high. Your bird spirit guide lets you know that the sky is the limit.

So, the next time you see a bird gliding not far from you, keenly observe her behavior. It could be that this spirit totem is inviting you to share in her ephemeral, dreamy realm.

It could be that this spirit animal wants to empower you with her superior skill of communication. Hey, come to think of it…Who can ever beat the birds in the art of communication?

Why are birds the emblems of so many flags? Why do superior military forces trust them as their iconic representation?

Well, you got it!

It’s because birds are superior have limitless potential. As they soar high up in the sky, they have the power to see – and conquer – everything below.

If you have had a visitation from a bird, it could be that she wants you to share in her infinite power.

Click on the specific spirit guide below and discover the symbolic meaning of that visitation.

Insect Animal Totems

Of all classes of animals, the insects are the most numerous. They occupy every part of our physical existence.

Some fly, while others crawl. Some hop, while others move through a combination of all these actions.

The most notable thing about insects is their powerful spiritual symbolism.

Some of these creatures are creepy and you wouldn’t want them anywhere near you. Others have powerful stings that will leave you nursing injuries.

All the same, these animals rank high up as spirit totems. You need to pay close attention when one of them makes its way into your life.

Don’t be tempted to disregard their presence because of their tiny size. This could be a disastrous mistake!

Each insect has a special message to deliver to its recipient. From the nagging mosquito to the scurrying cockroach, every one of these creatures is a spiritual massager.

As such, it would be worthwhile if you gave your spirit totem the opportunity to teach you how to deal with your situations.

Relax and let the insect spirit energy take charge of your life.

Believe you me; you’ll be amazed at what these animals can pass on into your life.

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In this section, we provide you with links to the more common insect spirit guide. If any of these tiny spirit guides has revealed their presence in your life, just click on the relevant animal.

This will guide you into the specific page that contains the spiritual meaning of that insect in your life.

The information you get provides you with everything you need to understand regarding the direction your life needs to take.

Also, each page you open has other animals that may have a message related to your spirit guide. Take time to go through these too.

Their combined energy will definitely make your revelation more phenomenal.

Reptile Animal Totems

Reptiles are some of the most powerful spirit messengers in the animal kingdom.

When a reptile makes its presence known to your conscious, sit up and take notice!

Most reptiles are symbols of adaptation, transformation, wisdom, and sensitivity.

Most of the reptiles live close to the earth. As such, they have developed powerful sensory capabilities that enable them to understand the changes in their environments.

Also, they are some of the most alert animals you can get out there. When a reptile comes crawling into your life, it bears a message that has an element of your need for alertness.

This spirit guide wants you to pay close attention to your environment. Make it your business to know what’s going on in your family and at the workplace.

Of course, each reptile has its unique spiritual symbolism. This means that you need to take note of the reptile that comes into your life.

Only then will you be able to follow up on the true symbolism of the reptile’s visitation.

Some people view reptiles as disgusting creatures. Others see the snake as a dangerous animal, the representation of evil.

What they fail to understand is that reptiles are powerful spirit totems. The snake, for example, is the keeper of wisdom. It has the power of all healing.

Why are reptiles special as spirit totems? This is a common question, and I guess it could be running through your mind right now.

The truth is that reptiles are masters of adaptation. You see; the temperature of their cold-blooded bodies’ changes according to the environment they find themselves in.

If you live in a dynamic, competitive world, I’m sure you understand the importance of adaptation in such an environment.

The reptile teaches you that you don’t have to be a slave of your body. And, you don’t have to be confined by your environment either.

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This spirit guide teaches you to use your sense of independence and intuition to set yourself free.

In this section of the article, we provide you with the unique spiritual meaning of various reptiles. As such, it will be easy for you to pick out the reptile that appeared to you.

You can then follow the lead we have provided for each reptile to understand the message this spirit guide brings into your life.

In most cases, the reptile message pertains to the hard situations you might be undergoing. The reptile appears in your life to convey hope.

It wants you to adapt, and to break free of the hindrances in your life.

Check on the reptile below and click on the one that has visited you recently. Doing so will guide you to the full meaning of the reptile spirit totem in your life.

Amphibian Animal Totems

The amphibians have a close association with water. However, some of them do very well on both land and water.

When you spot an amphibian somewhere in your life, just know that it has not come there to lounge.

This spirit guide comes into your life to pass on an important message from the spiritual realm. If you listen keenly, you’ll discover that this message is distinct, and tailored to your circumstances.

Fish and crustaceans do not just make their appearance known to just about anyone. These particular animals are very choosy.

As such, when one comes your way, know that you have a unique favor. Listen keenly to the vibrations and wisdom that the spirit guide brings into your life.

Most amphibians like hanging out in rivers, pond, lakes, marshes, seas, and even in the ocean. As such, they come into contact with almost everything that goes on around the earth.

If you understand the cycle of water, then you understand what this means.

You see; when water is heated, it rises from the water bodies. It rises up into the air where it comes into contact with all the aspects of the Air element.

It goes further up into the clouds, where it is in close proximity to the heavenly bodies.

Here, it coalesces and becomes heavy enough to fall back to the earth as rain.

Some of this water will often seep deep into the earth. Some of the water forms rivulets and embark on the long journey of travelling to the larger water bodies.

Eventually, each droplet of water will return home to the amphibian. Here, it relays all the knowledge it has gathered in its journey.

For this reason, amphibian spirit animals are very much in touch with the forces of the universe. They have a clue about what is happening in every part of the earth.

Now, imagine being equipped with this kind of power!

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This is what happens when an amphibian decides to interact with your life. He brings with him years of wisdom.

He comes into your life to share the immense knowledge that exists in the world around you, and beyond.

But, as with the other categories of animals, each amphibian is unique. Each bears a unique personality.

As such, the spiritual message borne by one amphibian spirit guide may differ from the message borne by the others.

We strongly advise that you pay close attention to the type of amphibian spirit animal in your life. Only then are you able to get the correct interpretation of his visitation in your life.

In this aspect, we have made things easier for you. Click on your spirit animal below to get the full meaning of his presence in your life.

It also helps to read the meaning of the other animals you find on the page after the link opens. You see; their combined energy will definitely make the message of your spirit animal clearer.

Miscellaneous Animal Totems Symbolism

There are various interpretations of animal signs and symbols. Most animal totem meanings are hinged on the prevailing culture, popular public opinion, personal perspective, and historical context.

But, the most important of these is your own personal perspective. The animal spirit totem does not appear to a great number of people at once.

And, even in cases where one spirit guide visits more than one person at a go, the message this animal bears may be very different for each person.

Thus, we advise that you apply the symbolism of an animal visitation to your unique circumstances.

In our articles, we strive to exhaustively cover what’s common when it comes to animal symbolism. In some cases, we point out what is likely to deviate from the rule.

But, the bottom line is that the effectiveness of any animal symbolism lies with the subject. So, don’t be afraid to explore the full extent of the meaning of the spirit guide in your life.

You may be surprised at how deep such a symbolism can go!

One animal can pass a myriad of spiritual messages to different hearts. So take the measures necessary to ensure that you are interpreting the message correctly.

How should you go about this? Well, to start with, don’t take the message at its face value. Try to dig deeper for its true meaning.

To get anything good you need to invest. As such, be prepared to invest your time. Investigate and seek the answers to the meaning of the animal presence in your life.

Seek to get the pure guidance and insight from the Natural World.

Allow the Power of the Cosmos to provide you with the direction you need.

Try to connect with the Animal Dream Meanings.

In short, allow yourself to be guided. This is the best path to opening up the mysterious of visitation from an animal spirit.

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Final Thoughts…

Animal spirit guides play a pivotal role regarding the direction our lives take. They open up your mind’s eyes to your own abilities.

They alert you about the goings-on in your environment. In this manner, you come to understand how best you can interact with the world around you.

A visit from an animal spirit animal is a great way to get in touch with your inner being. It empowers you to express yourself fully.

Moreover, you get to connect the two planes of your physical realm and spiritual realm more effectively. This is the path to peace, happiness, and complete self-awareness.

To understand how you can start on this path, just click on your animal spirit totem from the list we’ve provided for you in this article.

This will open for you exciting avenues on the meaning and symbolism of your spirit guide.

You will be able to understand your past, and to externalize the qualities that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Additionally, your animal spirit guide has the power to let your see through the windows to your future. This is important if you are to take certain lessons today.

Remember, what you do today determines your future. But, how do you know you are doing the right thing?

Consult your animal spirit totem above.

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