The Zebra Spirit Animal

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The Zebra Spirit Animal

Are you interested in the Zebra Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the zebra spirit animal trots into your life, it’s telling you to unleash your uniqueness and individuality.

The truth is that you can lose your identity quite easily if you decide to follow the lead of others. The zebra totem wants you to be independent.

You have many traits that can make you stand out from any crowd. All you need is to lay emphasis on these traits to remain on top of your game.

Use them to make an indelible mark in the world.

The zebra spirit animal helps you appreciate both your strengths and challenges. As such, you are able to use them to overcome whatever challenges you face in life.

Don’t be afraid of challenges. What can’t kill you only makes you stronger. This is what the zebra totem wants you to know.

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What is the Meaning of the Zebra Spirit Animal?

The black and white stripes on the zebra animal create a perfect balance. They show harmony that opposites can create, just like the yin yang combination.

When the zebra totem comes into your life, you receive its ability to flourish and thrive in the toughest of conditions.

Also, your relationships receive a boost. You’ll get to appreciate your friends and family for who they truly are.

Making compromises in life can be quite challenging. The zebra presence in your life shows you that challenges are good opportunities for growth and expansion.

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This animal totem encourages you to use your mental abilities to circumvent hurdles. You don’t have to plow through obstacles – it is better when you find a way around them.

Ask the zebra totem for guidance on how to go about this.

The zebra belongs to the horse family. They live in small herds. It’s common to find antelopes grazing alongside zebras.

This set up helps the antelopes to remain safe because the zebras are very perceptive of their environments.

As such, they can sense danger long before it reaches the herd.

In the same manner people with the zebra animal totem are committed to protecting their loved ones. You are a kind-hearted listener who shows great compassion for others.

What is the Symbolism of the Zebra Spirit Animal?

The zebra spirit animal depicts a powerful symbolism in your life. They show you that you don’t have to choose between one and the other. This is more so when you have the power to embody both.

Since humans first learned to domesticate animals, there have been numerous attempts to domesticate the zebra.

None of these efforts has been successful. The Zebra totem teaches you not to compromise your principles.

Allow yourself to be expansive, free-spirited, and wild.

When the zebra is attacked by a lion, it fights back by hitting the lion on the jaw. This kick is so strong that the lion won’t be able to feed.

This tells you to be ready to defend your interests. Don’t allow anyone to trample over your rights. The zebra spirit wants you to know that you are not a victim.

Break the jaw of those who perpetrate hate. Let it be known that hate can never be allowed to thrive.

Also, break the jaw of your own doubts. You know you have what it takes to succeed. Your dreams are valid.

Just like the tiger, the zebra is proud of its unique stripes. As such, you need to be proud of your unique feelings, interests, and qualities.

At the same time, give room for others to express their stripes. All combinations of stripes can thrive in peaceful coexistence.

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Importance of the Zebra Spirit Totem

The zebra spirit animal comes into your life to tell you that there are many ways of looking at things in life.

It helps you to open you mind to the possibility of the multiple ideas that exist in your environment. You can resolve conflicts in a number of ways, so that you find a middle ground.

Resolutions require fairness and balance. The zebra spirit enables you to recognize and capitalize on the unique qualities of each team member.

As such, you are able to find the perfect balance to get everyone to give their best.

The zebra spirit animal comes into your life to encourage you to accept yourself and others unconditionally.

It’s possible to thrive by embracing you unique differences.

The zebra totem empowers you to use a productive format in your team. Such a format is balanced to the extent that every individual feels involved adequately.

Additionally, you have keen understanding of the world around you. You appreciate that not everything has to be seen as good or bad, right or wrong, and black or white.

There’s a fine, delicate balance in these matters.

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When to Call on the Zebra Spirit Animal

The zebra spirit animal comes in your life to add value. It enables you to provide your society with solutions and to your immediate and future challenges.

Of course, the answers don’t always come when you want them. There could be some delays, but you’ll eventually get the solution.

You can summon the power of the zebra spirit animal when you find yourself in these situations:

  • Your self-confidence is at rock bottom
  • You feel scarred by certain events in your life
  • You are about to start some tough projects
  • You need to thrive in difficult conditions
  • You need answers regarding the direction of your life

Does the Zebra Appear in Your Dreams?

If you are heavily involved in some ventures for your community, it is likely that the zebra spirit animal will come to you in a dream.

Such a dream brings out the right-wrong and good-evil polarities in your life.

If your dream involves a number of these striped animals, you are getting a warning. You need to find a balance between your personal and professional life.

If the zebra seems to be docile, some good opportunities are coming your way. Open your eyes. Know what’s going on in your environment. Your gain will appear from the sources you least expect.

The zebra dream reminds you to look for multiple ways of resolving a conflict that you are currently handling.

You are the central player in this conflict either as one of the protagonists or as the mediator.

The zebra spirit animal wants you to open your mind to new ideas. You can resolve the conflict by taking into account the unique individuality of each player.

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Final Thoughts…

The zebra gives you the power to see the balance between black and white. You see the two colors separately and clearly.

You can distinguish the power, uniqueness, and importance of each. Also, you can see the fine divide between them.

No two zebras have the same black and white pattern. So, although they can blend as a herd, they have a strong sense of individuality.

In the same way, you can play a very important role as an active member of your community. But, never sacrifice your values to follow the lead of others.

You are special and unique in your own way.

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