The Badger Spirit Animal

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Interested in the badger spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

Of all spirit animals, the badger is the most resilient. It is single-minded And resolute in the pursuit of its goals.

In fact, the badger never rests until it gets what it wants. So, in a nutshell, the badger spirit animal teaches us to be persistent in all our pursuits.

The badger totem enters your life especially when you experience difficulty completing what you’ve started.

The badger will play the important role in inspiring you to complete your projects. You’ll acquire the stubbornness and strong will of the badger as you pursue your endeavors.

This spirit animal is fiercely independent. It can hold its ground when it feels threatened. From this behavior, we learn that we need to hold our ground when challenges come our way.

What’s the History of the Badger?

According to Lakota tradition, the badger lives in dens. The badger is an earth animal that burrows into the earth to make a home.

The Irish see the badger as an unclean animal. They were particularly cautious of its bite. They viewed this animal as being hardy enough to survive the harsh mountainous condition.

Some Irish gamblers would carry a badger’s tooth to the gambling houses. They believed that the tooth would help them to remain unbeatable.

Many cultures have associated the badger with atrocious behavior. For example, the European custom of badger baiting gave rise to the verb ‘to badger’. This verb means to annoy or to persecute.

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In North American history, the badger was subjected to much persecution and extermination efforts. For example, farmers in the western United States destroy badger nests on a regular basis.

They do this to prevent the badger holes from tripping cattle. What they forget is that badger plays a critical role in rodent control.

Biological Characteristics of the Badger

The badger is the giant member of the weasel family. It weighs about 8 to 25 pounds.

The badger measures about 20 to 34 inches in length. All the Badgers have a white stripe that runs from the nose to the shoulder.

This stripe represents light and knowledge. As such, the badger is the keeper of the wisdom of the other animals and the earth.

This spirit animal has a short, bushy tail, which is yellowish in color.

Its feet are dark.

The badger feeds on reptiles, insects, rodents, and small mammals. It is fat, muscular, and very powerful.

Its outer skin is quite loose. As such, other animals get a tough time when they try to injure it.

This animal has a very powerful pair of jaws. This signifies the powerful expression that you should display in life.

Yes, the badger can be ferocious. However, it often chooses to hide when confronted by danger. It’s only when cornered that the badger fights. And, it does fight hard!

This means that you don’t need to be confrontational in life. Try to negotiate your way out of challenges. Negotiate for better opportunities.

But, do not allow anyone to treat you like a doormat. Stand up and fight when the situation requires you to do so.

The badger tends to be a loner. It only joins another badger for mating. This teaches you that you should rely on your innate abilities to make it in life.

What’s the Meaning of the Bear?


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The badger spirit animal stands for neatness, organization, and domestication. When this spirit animal gets into your life, you’ll be more orderly and neat with your life.

Create a balance in your personal and professional life. This will help you to remain more committed to your goals.

Additionally, the badger stands for independence. You have to learn to walk your own path. Move at a pace that suits your lifestyle. Do not pressurize yourself.

Depend on your inherent gifts and abilities. You have what it takes to overcome all the obstacles in your life.

The badger gives you the courage to face life head-on. You need to be a solution-maker. Your efforts influence many people in your society.

As such, you need to be well grounded. Be strong-willed and persistent in your pursuits.

When the badger spirit animal enters your life, you are assured of the protection of in times of crisis. It teaches you the importance of self-reliance, tenacity, perseverance, and assertiveness.

These will drive you towards your desired goals.

The Badger as a Symbol of Power

Every single characteristic of the badger has some power symbolism.

Its strong jaws bespeak of the magic of storytelling. The badger reminds you to have good control of the words you use. Words have the power to build, but they can destroy quite easily as well.

The white stripe is a symbol of enlightenment and knowledge. You are a custodian of knowledge. What you know can go a long way in saving those close to you.

As noted earlier, the badger is a loner. Its solitary life teaches you to be comfortable with your gifts and abilities. Embrace the power of self-reliance.

The ferociousness of the badger reminds you to be resilient. You shouldn’t give up or surrender in the face of adversity.

The badger is a good digger. It can burrow the earth to get food or create a home. Similarly, you have the ability to see through challenges. You can reach out to other people when you need to.

This spirit animal teaches us to be enduring, determined, and persistent. From this animal, you receive a fighting spirit and mental energy. You’d rather die than give up.

You must stick to your projects until you successfully complete them.

The badger spirit animal gives you healing qualities. Indeed, most Reiki healers imitate the motions seen in the badgers.

The badger healing energy includes prophecy. The badger medicine people can see both the past and future happenings.

At the same time, they have a keen understanding of the current happenings.

The badger will give you the ability to get the job done. This will make people recognize your competence and to respect you for it.

How Can You Access the Badger Power?

The badger spirit animal gives you the heart of a warrior. You can access this by:

  • Practice the art of storytelling
  • Be wise in your choice of words
  • Get to the core of every issue
  • Learn to communicate effectively with strangers
  • Be self-reliant
  • Do not be shaped by public opinion

Is the Badger a Symbol of Bad Luck?

Having the badger totem in your life means that you’ll chase after money, power, and titles. This may cause you to take a direction that is not the best for you.

In your quest for power, money, and fame, you may do something that is not good for your life.

However, you can allow the badger spirit to enable you to be more honest with yourself. This will enable you to attract positivity and good luck in your life.

This spirit animal can enable you to overcome intimidations in life. You won’t feel inferior or inadequate when others appear more powerful, bigger, and stronger.

You’ll no longer judge your success by how well others are doing. Rather, the badger spirit animal will allow you to be the best that you can.

You’ll be fearless, persistent, and determined to overcome any hurdles you encounter in life.

The badger totem will teach you how to discern the good from the bad.

When to Call on the Badger Spirit Animal

The badger spirit animal will help you sort out a number of situations in your life. Call on this totem when:

  • You need to find a truth that is hidden from you
  • You want to be self-reliant
  • Your fears are challenging you
  • You desire to live the life you were destined for
  • You are scared of trying out
  • You desire to display courage and fighting spirit
  • You are having challenges controlling your emotions
  • You need to keep a balanced attitude in life

Is the Badger Spirit Animal in Your Dreams?

Having badger dreams signifies good luck for you. This is more so if you are grappling with certain challenges in your life.

If the badger behaves aggressively in your dreams, be prepared for some personal attacks.

Someone close to you could be planning an attack. This could be financial, physical, or emotional.

If the badger appears dead in your dreams, you’ve not set the right boundaries in your life. People may take advantage of this to rob you of your opportunities.

Is the badger all white? You have a period of growth and purification coming your way. Ensure that you nurture yourself sufficiently so that you can transit effortlessly.

Final Thoughts…

The badger is a strong grounding totem for you. This is because it is strongly associated with the Earth.

When you feel out of touch or confused, the badger will help you to get your way. The badger enables you to pursue your projects to their logical conclusion.

The badger shows you that you need to come out of hiding. You need to let the world know that you are not a pushover.

Most importantly, the badger spirit animal allows you to define your individuality. You’ll be able to face all the challenges that life throws your way.

Trust in your own abilities, and don’t be afraid to define your own path.

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