The Armadillo Spirit Animal

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Interested in the armadillo spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

Nature has many odd-looking and curious creatures. Armadillo is one such animal.

The armadillo may look strange in its appearance. However, it has many special features. The most prominent of these features is its well-armored shell.

This shell gives the armadillo animal totem its impenetrable defense.

The armadillo spirit animal signifies the guarded and protection of your life as a human. Many circumstances in your life require a defensive approach.

You need to prioritize the defense of your inner being and your body above everything else. It is important that you look into ways of safeguarding your emotions and feelings.

The Armadillo gives a perfect example of how you are supposed to go about this. This animal wears strong armor on its back, effectively protecting itself against external aggression.

The armadillo exudes much energy as it tries to protect itself. In the same manner, you are reminded to protect yourself. Be inspired by the armadillo in doing so.

Create an energy shield for your body and heart. Ensure that you do everything in moderation. Exercise good judgment. Do not let your guard down unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Aspire to get in touch with your inner rhythm. Use your senses to enhance your safety and security.

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What’s the Meaning of the Armadillo?

Armadillo is to be found in the Americas. There are 20 species of these animals.

The only species of this animal in the US is the 9-Branded Armadillo.

If the armadillo comes into your life, it’s important you understand the species. Each species has some unique traits and characteristics.

The armadillos are named based on the number of armored bands on their waist. So, apart from understanding the species you are dealing with, you may want to dig into the numerology as well as angel numbers.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the 9-branded Armadillo species.

How Grounded is the Armadillo?

Of all spirit animals, the armadillo resonates very well with the Root chakra. The root chakra is all about security, safety, as well as proper grounding.

This animal uses its portable armor to protect itself in its ground-dwelling habit. As such, it counts as one of the most security-oriented animals.

The armadillo protects its soft underbelly by curling up into a ball. The species that can’t curl press themselves flat on the ground.

At the same time, they move very fast. The armadillo can run as fast as 30 miles per hour. This is relatively high speed in the animal kingdom.

Also, they can jump several feet in the air if they need to.

This works very well when an adversary faces them.

The armadillo feeds on soil-dwelling insects, termites and grubs. They have sticky tongues that they use to collect their food.

Due to their thick armor, they can comfortably eat fire ant. Very few animals can manage this feat.


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Armadillo Symbol of Boundaries Safety

The armadillo inspires you to understand your own personal boundaries. At the same time, you are able to understand the boundaries of those you meet.

Also, you learn to prioritize your protection. You understand your vulnerabilities, discrimination, and empathy.

It enables you to be well grounded.

Just as the armadillo rolls itself into a ball for protection, you must understand the measures you need to take to remain safe.

You must learn to define your physical and emotional boundaries. This does not come naturally. As such, you must take the deliberate effort to achieve it.

The safety boundaries of the armadillo are part of its whole being. It is the armor on its back.

In the same manner, you need to use your whole being to keep safe. For example, use your senses to learn what is safe and what is unsafe.

Adjust the rhythm of your life to suit your circumstances. Do not allow hard times and adversity to take the better of you.

When the armadillo spirit animal pays you a visit, you become a winner. You are not one to give up easily, especially when your safety and security is at stake.

The armadillo spirit guides you on when to defend yourself, and when you need to let your guard down.

To get the true meaning of the armadillo spirit animal, try to apply its principles in your life.

Draw a circle on a piece of paper. In this circle, put down all the things you’d like to have in life. Include the things you’d like to achieve.

Put down those things that bring you positive experiences in life.

This circle is your shield. It reflects who you truly are. When the armadillo spirit animal comes into your life, you’ll unconsciously move to achieve the things that bring true meaning into your life.

You’ll be able to say ‘no’ when you need to. You won’t allow others to take you for granted.

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The Armadillo Spirit Animal

When the armadillo enters your life, you need you to stop and look deep within yourself. The armadillo has two things going for it.

The first is its protective shell. The second is its uncanny ability to know where to find food. In addition, it knows where to hide its food underground.

Thus, the Armadillo can detect things it can’t see.

This teaches you to face your inner being. You need to discover who you truly are. If there’s anything about yourself that you’ve never come to terms with, this is the time to deal with it.

The armadillo animal spirit enriches your life with insights. You can use such insights to enhance your daily life.

The Armadillo Power Animal

The armadillo helps you to create space within yourself. It allows you to take time out. You get to relax and to rest from all the hustles of your life.

This spirit animal has the power to enable you to find a secure place that is best suited for soul-searching. Trust the armadillo to take you to a private location where you can find a peaceful space.

Also, the armadillo power animal will help you identify safe and unsafe opportunities. You’ll be able to smell a scam long before it affects you.

Just as the armadillo, you’ll be able to react appropriately when danger approaches.

Armadillo Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans consider the Armadillo as the guardian of boundaries. They see its armor as a symbol of protection.

Whenever there was a border dispute amongst the Native Americans, they called on the armadillo spirit animal to guide them.

This spirit animal would help members of the Red Indian tribes to separate themselves from the other aspects of humanity. The armadillo spirit was needed when one wanted peace and solitude.


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Armadillo Totem Animal

If you have the armadillo as your totem animal, you have a natural defensive ability. You have an inner knowledge that serves you well whenever you encounter challenges in life.

You may not be as physically defensive as the armadillo, but your knowledge, skills, talents, emotions, and instincts are able to get you out of any rough patches.

Just as the armadillo, you are quite smart. You have a natural curiosity that allows you to learn a lot about your environment.

You’ll proceed through life steadily. You’ll be very aware of things that other people take for granted. As such, you have very high levels of confidence.

Be careful, though, not to be shortsighted. Your blessings might as well be your curse if you are not keen on the decisions you make.

Does the Armadillo Appear in Your Dreams?

When the armadillo appears in your dreams, it is urging you to follow your instincts. You need to dig deeper into what could be missing in your life.

Although the armadillo has poor eyesight, they have a very strong sense of smell. This allows them to trace food to wherever it is to be found.

So, when this spirit animal shows up in your dreams, you could be searching for something in your life.

Maybe it’s a physical object or a solution to a challenge or even an answer to a problem.

Your conscious sense and use of logic could be blocking you from accessing what you need.

You need to trust your instincts. Oftentimes, you’ll find that the answer to your problem has been right there, all along!

When you see the armadillo in your dreams, check to see whether your surrounding is safe (after waking up, of course!).

Don’t confine yourself to physical safety only. Look into the other aspects of your life. How’s your psychological wellbeing? Are you emotionally well balanced?

What about your financial situation?

The armadillo in your dreams could be warning you of danger that lurks not far from you!


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Final Thoughts…

The armadillo spirit animal is the symbol of shields. When he enters your life, you’ll be in charge of your experiences.

If you encounter unpleasant situations, you’ll be able to protect yourself against their adverse effects.

Do you need to define your personal boundaries? Call on this spirit animal to help you out.

Are people disrespecting your personal space? The armadillo will help you to raise your shield. Take a break from other people to define your personal space.

Guard yourself against people, things, and situations you don’t need in your life. Don’t allow anyone to treat you like a doormat.

Take charge of your life!

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