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Interested in the bear spirit animal meanings? Then this guide is for you!

In the world of spirit animals, the bear is an emblem of strength and perseverance. Through the ages, man has worshipped the bear as a powerful totem.

If you need courage and inspiration, the bear will help you overcome all sorts of adversity.

This spirit animal is in close touch with the earth. It is in harmony with the cycles of nature. As such, you can rely on it to give you both physical and emotional support.

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What’s the Meaning of the Bear?

This animal has a good number of meanings. If you have this animal as your totem, you’ll get inspiration on several levels.

The basic bear symbolism is confidence and strength. It drives you to stand against adversity, take up positions of leadership, and take action when you need to.

The bear indicates that you can use its healing abilities to help yourself or to aid those of your friends who need it.

The spirit of the bear has medicinal value. It shows that it is time for rest, quietude, and solitude.

When you have the bear as your spirit animal, you enjoy strong grounding forces.

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What is the Symbolism of the Bear?

The bear symbolizes courage and strength as a spirit animal. This spirit provides you with support when you face challenges in life.

When you embrace the bear spirit in your life, you have a stable foundation, and your life is more orderly.

This animal allows you to stand for your truth and your beliefs. Also, people will respect you more, for the spirit of the bear inspires reverence.

This means that you can take up leadership roles without fear. The bear totem allows you to act fearlessly, confidently, and with much inner strength.

Men and women over the ages have treated the bear power animal with awe and respect. It’s been treated as such because of its strength and raw power.

Those under the influence of this animal act with bravery, and they are able to overcome their adversities with ease.

The spirit of the bear enables you to be in touch with the earth. You are able to understand the cycles of nature. Your body, spirit, and mind will experience phenomenal healing.

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The Bear as a Symbol of Fortitude

The bear spirit stands for fortitude. It is the symbol of brawn, good size, and physical strength.

This animal enables you to exude much self-confidence and self-assurance. The bear totem stands for the depth of inner power that you have.

It represents the strong pillars of support that you experience when times are hard.

This spirit symbolizes the inner courage that you possess. When you have personal challenges, this spirit animal gives you the courage to overcome them. You become confident to the extent that you are able to present yourself to the world in good light.

The bear omen gives you the fortitude you need to make a decisive move in life. It gives you a sense of direction in life.

Apart from fortitude, the bear animal amplifies your aptitude. You need this to provide leadership for those who need your support.

The bear totem gives you a fierceness that is characteristic of a true protector. You are able to act without fear in the defense of those you treasure.

Think of the mother bear. Think of how she fiercely protects her young. You possess the same qualities when under the influence of the bear omen.

Just like the crow, the bear is a symbol of patience. You know how to make the perfect time in order to bring your ideas to fruition.

The bear is known to sleep for long. It takes a deep sleep before bouncing back to life with renewed energy.

Similarly, you need to hibernate occasionally to recharge your life batteries. It’s important that you take time to meditate and consolidate your thoughts.

This gives you the opportunity to bounce back exuding authority and dominion. You are able to stand tall against adversaries.

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The Bear Symbolism and Love

If you appreciate the sweetness of life, the brown bear spirit animal will reveal itself to you. It’s common for those in love to exhibit the qualities of the bear totem.

You are able to approach the object of your love with confidence and fearlessness.

At the same time, you can stand with them in their periods of adversity. You are able to protect them and to offer them guidance when they need it.

To make the best of your love life, ensure that you go through periods of self-examination. Get to know what you truly want.

Take time to hibernate for some time in order to replenish your inner strengths. Practice the art of self-care so that you can heal and refocus your energies on the right people.

The bear totem will help to direct you in matters of the heart. Trust this spirit animal to give you the right focus in a relationship.

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The Bear Power Animal as a Teacher and Healer

For many cultures around the world, the bear is closely connected with the shamanic tradition. For example, among the Inuit of Northern America, this animal is associated with the Shamanic tradition and women.

Also, in Siberia, the word ‘bear’ signifies a woman shaman.

In some communities, hunters welcomed being eaten by bears. Tradition has it that such hunters would reincarnate as shamans.

Communities living around the polar region consider the polar bear a wise teacher. They associate its ability to survive under harsh conditions with wisdom.

The association of the bear with shamans points to the healing properties of this spirit animal. It means that you are able to heal yourself and to extend this healing to those around you.

When this spirit animal comes into your life, you’ll experience a unique youthful rejuvenation. You’ll be uplifted spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

It’s important that you identify correctly the areas of your life that need healing. Of course, you can summon the bear spirit animal to provide you with the right energy to deal with your healing needs more decisively.

Of all the totems, the bear spirit is the most worshipped in the ancient world. Archeological evidence in Europe, South America, and Northern America show that the bear was held in high regard.

The remains of bear skulls and bones have been found alongside human remains in these areas.

History has it that Vikings used to wear bear skins in the battlefront. This would provide them with the courage they need to face their enemies.

Also, their enemies would be scared by the ferocious look of the Vikings in bearskin clothes.

The ancient Greeks and Romans associated this animal with the Goddess Artemis and Diana. These two deities are associated with fertility.

On the other hand, the Celts used the bear symbol to represent the sun.

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Bear Dream Meaning

The bear symbols may appear in your dreams. It could be a brown bear, a polar bear, a panda bear, a cub bear, a teddy bear, a mama bear, or maybe a grizzly bear.

This has a special significance.

You see, the bear totem spends most of its time in solitude. It walks and hunts in the forest all alone.

When this totem appears in your dreams, it means that you need to take your life less seriously. You are being encouraged to partake of the sweetness that life offers you.

Do not limit yourself of the limits that nature bequeaths you.

The bear knows its territory quite well. He knows which areas he needs to visit when he wants a certain thing. As such, the bear never runs short of food and water.

When the bear omen enters your life, you’ll know when to back down or to rest. You’ll know when you need to be fierce, and when you need to be gentle.

The solitude of the bear means that you have the ability to find comfort and balance in solitude.

When you see this animal in your dreams, it shows that the tie tine to regroup is right. You need to set boundaries in life so that you can create the comfort you need.

If you need to pull from your usual crowd, do so. Slow down on your busy schedule. Find peace and quiet in your own space.

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When Do You Need the Bear Spirit Animal?

You need to call on the bear spirit animal when you need urgent protection. The bear spirit animal offers the best kind of protection.

This totem has just the right mix of gentleness and fierceness.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation that instills fear summon your inner bear. Do not be afraid to stand tall. Do not allow anything to rob you of life’s sweetness.

The bear spirit animal will allow you to face your fears. You’ll have the courage of a bear. The world will respect your courage.

For this reason, you are likely to rise fast in leadership positions.

Bear Positive Traits

The bear totem gives you much power. You have the strength to sustain your daily activities.

You exude much power, even during those moments when you feel uncertain and directionless.

People admire your authoritative nature. As such, they are willing to take guidance and direction from you.

Your confidence and strength are a big inspiration to those around you. What’s more, your humility, gifts, and talents draw reverence and love in equal measure.


Negative Bear Influence

Those under the influence of the bear spirit animal are hot-tempered. You are likely to be made angry quite easily.

You need to be very careful that you don’t create a scene without good cause.

You are prone to being overconfident, almost to the point of arrogance. Of course, this may rub people the wrong way.

If you don’t put it in check, you may lose a good number of opportunities in your life.

Take your time to act when you feel emotional. Delay taking action until such a time that you feel adequately well adjusted.

Take deliberate steps to treat other people with kindness and gentleness.

Bear Power Animal Symbolism Final Thoughts…

You can summon the bear spirit animal to guide you when you feel scared and emotionally naked. This totem will help you rediscover your inner strength.

As such, you’ll be able to provide complete healing for yourself and others.

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