Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

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Looking for telling signs a Scorpio man likes you? Then this article is for you!

So, you’ve fallen in love with a Scorpio man? Good for you!

You see, the Scorpio man is worth keeping. He’s unlikely to break your heart if you play your cards right. This starts by reading him right.

You need to understand when he has feelings for you. This will enable you to position yourself properly in his eyes and in his life.

The Scorpio man loves with a unique intensity. He knows what he wants, and will relentlessly pursue it until he conquers.

So, if this man is into you, be prepared for the intensity of his love. Don’t do anything that may make him think otherwise about you.

Here are the key signs to look out for…

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He Pursues You Relentlessly

Men born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are bold. They are not afraid to express their emotions.

He’ll look for every excuse to spend time with you. In case you are not available, the Scorpio man will call and text you as much as is reasonably possible.

All these point to one direction: the Scorpio man wants you in his life.

His main desire is to stay in touch with you. In this endeavor, he won’t spare any efforts.

The more reserved Scorpio may not be very keen about spending time with you. However, he will still call and text you with very high regularity.

This man will follow you on social media quite religiously. He’ll be able to predict your moves, and you’ll find him bumping into you in places you’d least expect.

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Looks at You Lovingly

Someone once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They can tell people what you are thinking. They expose your feelings and the emotions raging within you.

Do you have a feeling that your Scorpio man is observing you? Well, you are not wrong. He’s actually doing so, probably planning his next move on you.

Occasionally, you may catch him looking at you lovingly – a bit more like longingly. He’ll wear this harmless, sincere look on his face.

His eyes will convey an emotional intensity that you are unlikely to see with any other man. You’ll be able to see his raw emotions through those eyes.

Why can you not, when there are so intense that he can hardly breathe?

Just know one thing: his feelings are in tandem with his intense look. The guy has fallen head over heels for you.

Play the right cards, girl!

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Connects with You at a Deeper Level

The Scorpio man has a unique emotional depth. As such, they are highly capable of being intimate.

When your Scorpio man is into you, his greatest desire is to make a deep emotional connection with you.

Does he engage you in conversations about philosophical issues? Does he discuss matters of spirituality and self-improvement with you?

Well, look no further! This is a clear sign that this man has deep feelings for you.

He’ll want to understand your feelings on a deeper level. He’ll want to hear your opinions regarding important issues in life.

He’d like you to be a partner in his life. For this to happen, he’d like to know that you are emotionally compatible.

He won’t be quick to jump to be with you. First, he must establish a deep emotional connection with you.

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You are at the Center of His Universe

When the Scorpio man is into you, you become the beginning and the end for him. He’ll give you his full attention, and will be interested in everything that you do.

Once he is sure that you are the right one, he will immediately place you in a privileged position in his life. He’ll put you on a pedestal and make you feel special.

Does your Scorpio man treat you better than he does other women? This is not a mistake! Things are this way by design.

Enjoy every moment of his special treatment. And, banish any doubts about his feelings for you!

He’s There for You

If he likes you, the Scorpio man will treat you as no other man can. He looks at you through special eyes. He’ll let you know that you are important to him through his actions.

For example, he’ll be available whenever you need him. He won’t mind if you call him in the middle of the night to help you solve an issue.

He’ll pick you up in his car if you need him. He’ll go to the local grocery store for you. He’ll drop and pick your clothes at the local Laundromat if you need him to.

In short, he’ll be available whenever you need him. This is a sure sign that this man is very much into you.

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He’s Sexy Towards You

By nature, men born under the Scorpio sign are very sexy. In fact, we can say that they are sexier than men born under the other zodiac signs.

So, you can imagine how he’ll behave if he’s in love with you. He’ll ooze of pure sexiness!

It will be easy for this man to win your affection. He has an air around him that makes him seem unobtainable. As such, you may have pangs of jealousy when he’s in the company of other ladies.

The planet Mars rules over the Scorpio zodiac sign. According to ancient astrology, Mars is associated with sex and lust.

The Scorpio man knows how to use this to his advantage. He’ll turn on every tap of sexiness in his body when he wants your attention.

He’ll move quite fast when he chooses this path.

Does your dude flirt with you constantly? Is he brazen and bold in making romantic moves both in private and in public?

This shows that you have yourself a man. He wants you to know that you have a special place in his heart. He will get your attention, even if he has to be ultra-physical.

Welcomes You to His Inner World

The Scorpio man is quite sensitive. As such, he tends to protect himself instinctively. He is not quick to admit people into his inner world.

If he starts allowing you to have a peek at this world, you can be sure that he has a soft spot for you. He’ll let you know things about him that nobody else does.

He’ll admit you to his world of wonders. This man will open up to you about his past. He’ll share with you his pains, his accomplishments, his hopes, and his aspirations.

This is unique, for not many people rise to this position in his life.

Remember to handle this with care. If you were to hurt him or to betray his trust, he would most likely never forgive you.

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He’s Very Generous

People born under the Scorpio sign are not givers. Unless it’s under very compelling conditions, they do not extend alms.

Now, this changes dramatically when the Scorpio man is in love. If he wants to impress you, he’ll be generous to the point of extravagance.

Whatever he owns will be at your disposal. He’ll want to show you that you’re the lady of his life. He gives you extravagant treats. He’ll treat you to fancy dinners.

Now, his actions are not about showing off his money. Rather, it’s a way of showing you that he wants the two of you to be one, that there are no boundaries between the two of you.

So, if your Scorpio man is bringing you expensive gifts, the sign is there for you to read. He is madly in love with you.

Don’t let that chance go to waste!


The more active Scorpio has a very easy way with words. He’ll use words as his primary medium to convey his feelings for you.

Your man is not afraid of being explicit with you. He’ll use texts to tell just what he feels about you. He’ll convey his passion and deep feelings without batting an eyelid.

Where words don’t suffice, the Scorpio man will use any other means at his disposal. He’ll flood you with thoughtful presents if you like gifts (we all do!).

You’ll love his approaches. He has an ingenious mind that he uses to make every meeting vivacious and refreshing.

And, be prepared to encounter his flirtatious nature.

Be quick to act on the signs you see. Remember, time waits for no woman!

Do you now see? The Scorpio man is not so mysterious, after all!

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