Signs a Libra Man Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Libra man likes you? Then this article is for you:

It’s quite easy to tell when a Libra man has fallen for you. He is quite flirty. He will use his communication skills to convey his feelings for you.

The Libra man is the true epitome of a lady’s man. If he likes you, he’s charming, adorable, and he’s a great conversationalist.

In this article, we’ll take you through the telltale signs that the Libra man is into you.

Don’t make a mistake that will push him away. Once you see these indicators, ensure that you behave appropriately.

It is a good idea to make him think it’s his idea to chase you and commit to you. When this happens, you’ll enjoy a real connection with your Libra man.


Here’s what you need to look out for…

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He Exudes Much Confidence

When the Libra man knows you are the right one for him, he’s sure about it. But, it may take some time before he makes up his mind.

If you see him acting a bit indecisive at the beginning, do not panic. His brain is wired in such a way that he needs to be sure, before he commits to you.

You can help him along by letting him know how you feel about him. Once he knows this, he’ll make his mind much faster.

The Libra man requires much patience before he gets deeper into the relationship. The good thing is that he’ll love you 100% the moment he makes his mind.

Look out for signs of confidence, and you can be sure that you have a man.

He’s Very Romantic

The Libra man knows how to make a lady happy. After all, he’s a ladies’ man. If he likes you, he’ll be extra romantic with you.

He’ll do everything he can to give you a good time. He’ll take you out for candlelit dinners. He’ll want to cuddle with you on your couch as you catch up with your latest movie series.

You’ll feel extra special under his care. When you see your Lira man trying to demonstrate how special you are to him, know that he has deep feelings for you.


He Behaves Elegantly

The Libra man will show you the best side of himself when he’s interested in you. He will strive to dress elegantly so that he can make a lasting impression on you.

If he likes you, he’ll spend more time in front of the mirror. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything amiss with him.

As you step out with him, you’ll feel like you have a real movie star by your side. He’ll try to present to you the best version of himself.

This is your cue that he’s into you.

He Wears a Radiant Smile

The Libra man cannot hide his joy when he falls in love with you. He is simply overwhelmed by the feelings he has for you.

You cannot mistake this sign. Regardless of where he is or what he’s doing, his face will be lit with a dazzling smile as long as you are by his side.

Ok, we are not talking about a stupid grin splattered on his face. Rather, it’s more like a nice sweet smile that gets your heart beating a bit more rapidly.

He’s Generous with Compliments

The Libra man loves compliments. He wants people to tell him nice things about his dressing and his lifestyle.

On the other hand, he tends to be generous with compliments when he’s with somebody he considers special. He’ll comment positively about your traits.

At the same time, he’ll give you a good listening ear. He’ll show you that you are the perfect woman. He’ll make you feel as much.

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Goes the Extra Mile

When he likes you, the Libra man will do things that he normally doesn’t do. This is a good sign that you are special to him.

If you want him to fetch the grocery, he’ll gladly do it. He’ll pick your clothes from your local Laundromat if you request him to do so.

You’ll know that he likes you when he starts going out of his way to make you happy.

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Has Lots of Surprises

The Libra man is a kind of a showman when he falls in love. He’ll try to infuse fun into your life by regularly surprising you with gifts.

The good thing is that he doesn’t pick just any gifts. His gifts are thoughtful, and he’d like them to add value to your life.

And, it’s not all about gifts. The Libra man will show interest in you by taking you out for lunch when you least expect it.

He gets much pleasure when you are excited by his small surprises. He’ll plan wonderful giveaways that will astound you.

Don’t be surprised to see him appear on your doorstep with a last minute ticket to a concert you’ve been dying to attend.

It simply means that he likes you. A lot!

He’s Generous with Affection

When the Libra man falls in love with you, he’ll shower you with his affection on a daily basis. He’ll make it a habit to call or text you very often.

He wants you to know that he likes you. He’ll want you to know that you are on his mind at every single moment.

His words and actions tell you that you are his top priority. He won’t withhold his feelings from you.

Rather, he’ll want to share with you his deepest thoughts.

He’ll plan to take you on romantic trips and dinners. He’ll want to know your interests so that he can plan for a surprise.

In short, he’ll work hard to develop a solid relationship with you.

He Has Eyes Only for You

The eyes can tell you a lot about a person. You can tell what a man is thinking by just looking at his eyes.

Better still, you can tell where his interests are.

This is very true of the Libra man. When he falls in love with you, he won’t be able to peel his eyes off you.

You’ll be the apple of his eye, so to speak.

The Libra man is a visual being. This is more so when he likes you. He won’t stop staring. Of course, you won’t catch him at it. He’s too smart for that!

If you notice him behaving like this, start seducing him. He’s yours for keeps if you play the cards right.

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He Loves Romantic Vacations

Okay, it’s not that he loves romantic vacations as such. But, he loves taking YOU on romantic vacations.

He sees this as a relationship-building strategy.

He’ll want to see the world with you. His desire is to share with you all the romantic adventures that the world has to offer.

Being a man of details, the Libra man will have everything planned to the last detail. He’ll choose a suitable destination, book the rooms, and pay for everything, including the food and the drinks.

Taking such a trip with him will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Is your man talking about a vacation with you? Well, there’s your cue!

He’ll Want Commitment

When he’s into you, the Libra man will notice only you.

By nature, the Libra man is quite flirtatious. However, once he’s settled on you, he’ll want to commit himself to you fully.

He’ll flood you with attention. Be sure that you are well prepared for this.

His entire life will revolve around you. He’ll stop paying attention to others and concentrate more on you. This is your sign that he seriously likes you.


The Libra man will plan his weekends with you in mind when he falls in love with you. He’ll want to involve you in every aspect of his life.

Don’t take this for granted if he invites you for a Chinese bite at his place. If he asks you to accompany him for a mountain hike, know that your man has special feelings for you.

The good thing is that men born under the Libra sign seek nothing but stability. This is good if you are looking for permanency in the relationship.

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