How to Handle a Taurus Man

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It’s important that you understand a few things about someone before you start dating them. For example, who are they? Where do they work? Where are they from?

One of the most important things you need to find out about someone is when they were born. This is because their zodiac sign determines to a great extent how you interact with them.

Astrology tells us that our zodiac signs have a palpable influence on our likes, dislikes, moods, and behavior in general.

If you find yourself with a man born between April 20 and May 20, he is a Taurus. This sign will tell you a lot about your man’s dating patterns, personality traits, and compatibility potential.

So, how do you handle your Taurus man to ensure that everything goes well for both of you? Read on for the insights you need.

What Does a Taurus Man Want in a Relationship?

A Taurus man is conservative and traditional. He thrives in a relationship where he’s allowed to play the traditional role of a man.

This means he prefers to do all the chasing. This man is wired to believe that he was born to lead, and he behaves as such.

The Taurus man wants a partner that will allow him to take charge, to lead while she follows. However, this does not mean that his ideal partner should be a pushover.

He needs someone with a certain feminine allure, beautiful but tough in her own way.

At the same time, the Taurus man wants someone that understands his unique needs. This is because deep down, he craves love, care, and understanding.

This man wants someone who can be a good cook, lover, wife, and mother to his children. To win the heart of the Taurus, you should be ready to play the traditional role of a woman flawlessly.

Most women that do well with the Taurus man understand that he needs affection, support, and protection for overwork.

They are also loyal, hardworking, and honest. The good news is that this man is very generous if he believes you are the right person.

You can be sure of his loyalty, undying love, and life-long commitment.

How to Handle the Taurus Man

The Taurus man is one of the easiest people to handle if you understand him. In particular, you should understand that he is naturally loyal, jealous, and possessive.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your Taurus man happy.

#1 – Allow Him to Make Decisions

The Taurus man believes that he was born to lead and to make decisions for both of you. Allow him to make the key choices in the relationship.

This does not mean, however, that you should not support him in decision-making. What it means is that you should allow him to impress you.

Indulge him by letting him choose the favorite spot for your dinner outing.

When it comes to heavy matters, offer him suggestions and options and let him make the final decision based on your guidance.

#2 – Avoid Nagging on Clinging to Him

The Taurus man takes things at his pace. Allow him to move as slowly as he deems fit because he’s likely to eventually decide in your favor.

Regardless of how fast you want to move, do not push him. The worst mistake you can make is to nag him to take a certain action.

Also, allow him the room to be the man he wants to be. For example, if he disappears and buries himself in his work from time to time, let him be.

This man takes his responsibilities seriously, and he believes he has to work hard to build the stability and security you deserve.

#3 – Live Your Life

Dating a Taurus man does not mean that you should wrap your life around him. And neither should you force him to conform to your routines and schedules.

Try as much as possible to keep your lives separate. This will allow you to enjoy the time you spend together.

Remember, the Taurus man wants to miss you. This will not happen if you keep clinging to him. By keeping to your own schedule, you allow him to have something to work hard for.

This ensures that he does not take you for granted; you’ll be a treasure that he’ll always be chasing.

#4 – Understand His Possessiveness

To the Taurus man, being possessive is a sign of love. He wants to keep you for himself and he particularly gets jealous when he finds out that you have been out with guys.

Actually, this is not something you’d want to do to the Taurus man. Don’t allow guys to flirt with you for whatever reasons.

Whenever he acts jealous, don’t get angry with him. Rather, assure him by letting him know you have no eyes for any other man.

He will believe you if you are sincere and genuine enough.

#5 – Allow Him to Control His Life

The Taurus man values control very much. Any attempt to run his life for him will be met with a swift negative reaction.

He may even back off the relationship when he realizes you are trying to make all the important decisions for him.

Allowing him to run his life tells him that you are on the same wavelength, and you’re likely to see eye to eye on many issues.

The decisions he makes will eventually work in your favor if you don’t pressure him.

#6 – Be Consistent with Your Man

The Taurus man wants to run his life on an even keen. He dislikes anything that seems to threaten his safety, security, and stability.

Let your man see that you have not come to overhaul his life but to support his lifestyle. This entails that you be consistent in the way you do your things.

At the same time, don’t be in the habit of making spontaneous decisions and abrupt changes.

For example, while he may be comfortable following you on a spontaneous adventure once or twice, he feels insecure if you ask him to make spontaneous changes all the time.

In the same way, don’t ask him to shift his jobs abruptly – this will definitely not sit well with him.

#7 – Be Affectionate with Him

A Taurus man wants to be pampered every now and then. He’ll appreciate it if you give him some tender love and care.

The good news is that he will initiate this by pampering you every time he gets the opportunity. You can reciprocate by babying him, feeding him good food, and generally being good to him.

#8 – Respect His Privacy

Do not expect your Taurus man to talk about his feelings all the time. This is one of the most intensely private people in the zodiac spectrum.

He is more of a thinker and doer than a talker. When you see him quiet, do not become intrusive by nagging him to share his thoughts.

Allow him to work out what’s going on in his head; he will share it with you if he deems it sharable. If not, just be content that he has found a way around what was eating him.

But, make sure that he knows you are available to talk anytime he needs someone to talk to.

#9 – Set Your Boundaries

Taurus men are sharp fellows and they quickly get used to your way of life.

They will try to assert themselves to make you do things their way, and this is why you must equally be sharp to set your boundaries.

From the very beginning, you must decide what you are willing to tolerate from a man – whether it is a Taurus or not.

For example, if you give him everything easy and upfront, he may be unwilling to advance the relationship to the next level.

You may end up being entangled in a casual relationship with him as a ‘friend with benefits.’ Unless this is what you want, you must set the rules clear from early on in the game.

Make sure he doesn’t see you as a cheap girl who’s always available for late-night booty calls.

#10 – Avoid Arguing with Him

Never get involved in an emotional argument with a Taurus; you’ll never win it. The best way to handle a delicate situation with this man is to be rational with him.

Do not be tempted to tell him he is wrong even when you know he is. Otherwise, he may withdraw emotionally to a place you may not be able to get him out of.

To win an argument with a Taurus man, use rational statements to try and make him see things from a common sense perspective.

Use calm statements that will make him think deeper about what you are saying. Your strategy here is to keep the peace while making him see things from your viewpoint.

What Does a Taurus Need to Hear?

Men born under the Taurus zodiac sign are very keen when interacting with a potential mate. This man will listen carefully to what you say and pay attention to your non-verbal cues of communication.

He wants to be sure that he’s getting involved with the right person from the word go.

In your communication, let this man know that you are loyal, caring, and responsible. He particularly wants to know how you handle your money.

He also wants to know whether you are emotionally and mentally well-adjusted to understand him.

Let him see and hear that you are ready for a mature relationship with a man that treasures stability and security.

Once he is satisfied that he is with the right girl, you can be sure that you won’t look elsewhere. He is a reliable man and will not double-deal with anyone.

Final Thoughts…

If you are dating a Taurus man, you know how mysterious this man can get. You have to understand him quite well before you allow your relationship to grow deeper.

This will help you to avoid the pitfalls you’re likely to encounter being with this man in a relationship.

Allow your Taurus man to take the lead in making decisions. This is what he wants and will respect you for giving him that position.

However, this does not mean that you should give up your independence, individuality, and identity. Make sure that he knows your boundaries, and insist that he respects them.

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