How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

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Are you interested in How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You? Then this guide is for you!

Are you stressed that your Taurus man has left you? And maybe you want him to feel sorry and come back to your arms?

Ordinarily, that Taurus man leaves when he’s very sure that that’s the best option for him. This man does not just wake up and leave – he takes time to arrive at this decision.

This means that it requires a high level of ingenuity to make him regret and feel sorry for leaving. But, it is doable if you use the right approach.

Will a Taurus Man Regret Breaking Up with You?

It’s possible for the Taurus man to feel sorry for leaving you. But, considering how decisive these natives are, it requires effort on your part to make him realize his mistake.

You see, men born under this zodiac are never in a hurry to commit themselves to a relationship. And once they do, they are not in a hurry to leave.

The Taurus man is the breed that considers all options before calling it quits. He will look for alternative ways to resolve your conflict before ending the relationship.

He gathers all the evidence he needs before deciding that you are not the right partner for him.

He considers how loyal you are, the source of your conflict, and what you are doing to make things better.

He also considers what the future indicates for both of you before making a decision. By the time he leaves, you can be sure he has built a rock-solid case against you in his head.

But, there’s a saving grace for you. Taurus men are known for their affinity to home comfort and routine.

If there’s anything good he can remember about you and your interaction with him, he’s likely to give you another chance.

You can rely on this to make this man regret losing you and consider coming back into your waiting arms.

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

#1 – Don’t Look Desperate

The first thing you need to do after the breakup is to take a step back. Do not try to attract your man’s attention by calling and texting incessantly.

People born of the Taurus zodiac sign do not appreciate this show of desperation.

If he is to consider coming back to you, he needs to see you as a strong woman that can display her independence fearlessly.

You need to cool off for about three weeks to indicate that you are not afraid of being alone. However, if he reaches out during this time, be kind enough to listen to what he has to say.

At the same time, both you and the Taurus man need some space and time off to process what has just happened.

#2 – Don’t Jump into Another Relationship

Getting into another relationship immediately after the break-up is a big no-no. You may think that you’ll make him come running back to you when you get another man.

But the truth is that you’ll just be confirming that he was right by breaking up with you. Whatever you do, don’t start dating other men.

You can’t win at this by making your man jealous after a breakup.

#3 – Be Patient with Yourself

Don’t be in a rush to get your man back. Unless he initiates the process himself, let him take his time.

This means you’ll have to be very patient with yourself knowing that he may take time to come around.

By not rushing or pestering him, you give him the space he needs to decide when and how he should come back.

#4 – Don’t Betray Him in Any Way

Don’t rush into talking about your break-up with all and sundry. Remember, your Taurus man is a very private guy.

As such, he won’t appreciate it to hear that you are gossiping about him or bad-mouthing him to your friends and relatives.

Just remain calm and collected; break-ups do happen even to the best of us.

#5 – Say Good Things About Him

Whenever you are called upon to talk about your man, say nothing but good things about him. You can be sure that word of this will eventually get back to him.

In case you get a chance to talk to him, let him know you appreciate him despite what happened.

A Taurus man’s ego is fragile and he can’t resist the charm of flattery and praises, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Praising him occasionally makes him feel needed, and it makes it easier for him to come back to you.

#6 – Post Your Achievements on Social Media

Are there any accomplishments you have made since your man left you? Make social media your friend and post them there.

Let him know wherever he is that you are in full control of your life. Also, you can use word of mouth to communicate to him how well you are doing.

Tactfully use people that are known to both of you to spread stuff about your recent achievements.

#7 – Put Yourself on Full Display in Social Media

What is it that your man loved and admired about you? Let him encounter it on social media every time he visits.

Because of his possessive nature, you can be sure that your man will follow up on you on social media.

He’ll keep tabs on where you go, whom you meet, and what you do with your free time. Just make sure that you don’t do anything that makes him jealous as this could be counterproductive.

Instead, do things that would make him wish he were with you – being involved in charitable work, for instance.

#8 – Be the Eye Candy He Knows

Your Taurus man appreciates physical beauty, and that’s why he was with you in the first place. Play up what he has been missing by choosing to be away from you.

Work on yourself and let him see the results whenever you meet or on social media. This is the time to hit the gym, get toned, and let him see the results.

This tells him you are looking to the future with hope and expectation – something that truly appeals to Taurus men.

#9 – Be Friendly with Him and His Relatives

The fact that you have parted ways does not mean you should create enemies. Be there for your Taurus man and his relatives as you’ve always been.

Let him see you are handling the breakup maturely and responsibly. You may even decide to do some things together as good friends.

Also, treat his friends and acquaintances politely whenever you meet them.

Gradually, your man will want to rediscover the new you from the memories you help him recreate. Being friends with him will be more beneficial than fighting him at every turn.

However, just be sure not to cross back into intimacy too fast before you both know the direction you want to take.

#10 – Remind Him of the Good Old Times

Remind your Taurus ex-lover of the good times you enjoyed as a couple. Likely, your man does not remember the good memories; he focused too much on what was wrong in the relationship.

By reminding him of the beauty and joy that was in the relationship, you help him focus on the positive instead of the negative.

#11 – Let Him Know Your Future Plans

The Taurus man is attracted to girls that focus on the future and not the past. In case he has forgotten, remind him of the great plans you have for your future.

Let him see the potential he is losing by abandoning you. This man will respect that your plans are still intact even without him.

This man believes that if you can forge forward so confidently, then you are probably the right fit for him.

He may go back to the decision he made concerning your relationship and reconsider.

#12 – Be at Your Best When You Meet Him

In case you happen to meet again, either on purpose or ‘accidentally’ ensure that you are at your best. This is the time to wear your signature perfume and flaunt it to remind him of what he’s missing.

Being at your best also proves to the Taurus man that you are confident and in full control of your life. Also, he’s likely to associate your look at perfume with the positive memories you shared as a couple.

The Taurus man is likely to regret losing you if you can trigger memories of the intimate moments you shared before the split,

Final Thoughts…

You need to be gentle, soft, sincere, and genuine to win back a Taurus man that has left you. This man may not look back if you try to be rough or insincere in your approach.

He may also not give you a second chance if you try to jump into another relationship in a bid to make him come running back to you.

He can be won over with a sober approach. Choose an approach free of drama and other trickery that may scare him off.

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