Will a Taurus Man Come Back?

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Are you interested in whether a Taurus Man Comes Back After a Breakup? Then this guide is for you!

If you have been with a Taurus man for some time, it will definitely be a big blow should he leave you. You’ll miss his love and care.

You’ll long for the peace, stability, and security he provided for you when he was around. You’ll miss his lavish lifestyle, the comfort of his home, and a host of other things about him.

But, is it possible that he may come back? The good news is that Taurus men are fiercely loyal, and usually have second thoughts after leaving their partners for good.

The Taurus man is quite reflective. After some time, he will carefully go through the reasons for the break-up and ask himself what he could have done to avert it.

If you were particularly good with him, you stand a good chance of getting your man back. He remembers the good times you shared, the joys, and the tears.

He’ll remember your tender love and care, and the fact that you were there for him in his lowest moments.

He also needs logical reasons to come looking for you after a breakup.

In short, you stand good chances of reuniting with your Taurus man if he has not lost all trust in you.

Will My Taurus Man Come Back After Breakup?

Just because you haven’t spoken to your Taurus man after a breakup doesn’t mean that he won’t come back

However, if he’s been gone for years and you feel that your biological clock is ticking, you need to examine the reason for his fears.

To achieve this, you need to go back to the reasons for his disappearance. What was the cause of the breakup?

Did you have physical altercations? Of what nature were they? Or, did your man just decide to ghost? What prompted him to do so?

Having an honest evaluation of these areas will give you a good idea of what to expect from your Taurus man.

Generally speaking, a Taurus man will come back if the relationship you had meant something to him.

He may have gone through the process of self-appraisal and healing, and may show the desire to rekindle your relationship once more.

That alone period away from you will help him reconcile his anger, and he’ll be in a better position to face you and meaningfully resolve the cause of the breakup.

When Will a Taurus Man Not Come Back?

Taurus men are known for their analytical minds and sharp memories. Regardless of how long he has been gone, he knows exactly why you had to call it quits.

Don’t expect him back if the reasons for parting are unfixable by his standards. One thing you must have known about him is that he is both jealous and fiercely loyal.

If by any chance you breached betrayed him – especially repeatedly – he believes that you are incompatible, and no amount of intervention can salvage your relationship.

This means he believes all is lost, he has no iota of care or love left for you; it is a lost cause. This means that he believes that even if he came back, the same problems would recur.

However, if you broke up because of reasons out of your control, he will be more amenable and you may expect him to call you or come knocking on your door.

8 Reasons Your Taurus Man Will Come Back

#1 – You Initiated the Breakup

Your Taurus man is more likely to come back to you if he did not initiate the breakup. If you broke with him, and not the other way around, stop fretting so much.

He doesn’t have any solid reasons for keeping off, and all he needs is a sign from your to consider coming back.

However, the reason for breaking up must be one that he can live with. If it is not fixable, the chances of him agreeing to a truce and coming back are slim.

#2 – You Had Ingrained Yourself into His Life

People born under the Taurus zodiac hate having to make changes all the time. If he can go with what worked yesterday, he won’t go for any other option.

He is likely to come back if you had ingrained yourself into his routines and had become part of his life. In this case, he’d rather work things out with the devil he knows than the angel he doesn’t.

He won’t go for someone else unless it’s absolutely necessary. If there is any chance of resolving the conflict with you, he’d rather resolve the conflict and come for reconciliation.

#3 – You Are in Touch on Social Media

When the Taurus man decides to leave you for good, you’ll know it because he cuts off all links. He will block your calls and unfriend or unfollow you on all social medial platforms.

This is a sign that he never wants anything to do with you, ever again.

But, if you are still friends on social media, there’s hope that your man will come back. It could be that he just needs some time to process things over.

You can play your part by ensuring that all channels of communication are open to him. Also, don’t do anything stupid that may push him away even further.

For example, this is not the time to post compromising images of yourself on social media. Don’t give him any reasons to be jealous at this time.

#4 – You Are Astrologically Aligned

You have good chances of having your man back if your zodiac signs are compatible. This is because the stars will be in perfect alignment for your relationship most of the time.

Both of you will be having that constant pull towards each other, and you’ll start seeing more reasons for being together than apart.

To put this into perspective, you should understand that the Taurus zodiac is compatible with the following signs:

The Capricorn Woman

The Taurus man-Capricorn woman compatibility is one of the strongest relationships in the zodiac spectrum.

The two have known to love, trust, and support each other in ways that it would be difficult to pry them apart.

They are also more likely to forgive each other than hold grudges.

The Pisces Woman

The Taurus man and the Pisces woman attain an understanding that is rare for most couples. These two are not only likely to be lovers, but best friends, as well.

Likely, they’ll both yearn for the stability and security their relationship provides for them should they split.

The Cancer Woman

The stars smile down on the relationship between the Taurus man and the Cancer woman. As such, they achieve their goals and dreams with ease.

Should these two go their own ways for any reason, this favor will be withdrawn and they may have to come back together to restore it.

The Taurus Woman

There’s no denying that a Taurus man and a Taurus woman form a magical combination. Their love life is characterized by seamless communication and perfect understanding.

Few things would keep this couple apart should it split.

#5 – You Were Faithful to Him

Your Taurus man values loyalty and fidelity above anything else. If you were true to him all the time you were together, he will remember.

He’ll remember that you did not threaten his sense of stability by bringing a rival into his circle. He’ll remember that your intentions and conduct remained pure in good and bad times.

Indeed, your man may not need much else to convince him to resolve the matter that necessitated the breakup.

#6 – He’s Been Reaching Out to You

This is a sign that you’ve never really been out of his mind. Usually, a Taurus man that decides to leave does not look back.

He will do away with anything that reminds him of his previous relationship. This is not to say, however, that your man may never come back if he has not been contacting you.

It could be that he uses the no contact rule to remain mysterious, or to make you own up to your part of the conflict.

But, if he has been contacting you – even occasionally – know that your dude is definitely coming home one of these fine days.

Keep up the faith.

#7 – He Wants the Thrill of Chasing You Again

Taurus men are alpha males; they love chasing women. They want to fight for what they have in their lives, including their wives.

Anything given freely doesn’t sound as sweet as something that has taken their sweat to accomplish. If the reasons for breaking up are workable, your Taurus man will want to win you back.

He can’t see you go just like that without a fight from him. The temptation to chase you again will be too great.

But, there’s a catch. The reason for the breakup must be one he can forgive.

#8 – You Have Been Quiet Since the Breakup

The Taurus man is averse to clingy women. If you have been quiet since the breakup, you have the allure of an independent woman.

Your failure to contact him makes him curious, and it will motivate him to come chasing for him. If your breakup is fixable, the Taurus man will come back to you for the sake of love.

Final Thoughts…

If you did not break your Taurus man’s trust before the breakup, chances are he’ll find his way back to you.

It would be a good idea to indicate to him that you miss him, and that you are willing to have him back.

But, don’t be pushy with him; allow him time to think things over. You can rely on the fact that Taurus men go for lifelong commitments.

He is unlikely to dump you to start dating around – unless the differences between you are irreconcilable.

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