Why Does Taurus Man Keep Coming Back?

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A Taurus man keeps coming back because of two things: his personality makeup and how you treat him when you are together.

By nature, Taurus men don’t let go easily. Remember this man took his time before he committed his heart to you.

In his mind, he knew you’d be together for life. He still has this notion that things can work out between the two of you, and that’s why he keeps coming back.

He’s also powerfully linked to you because you treated him right. He won’t forget you if you were kind, caring, and considerate.

Will a Taurus Man Come Back After a Breakup?

A Taurus man will keep coming back if you don’t break his hurt to the extent that he can’t forgive you. Being born of the stubborn Bull sign, there are a few things this man can never forgive.

Take, for instance, that you broke up with him because of unfaithfulness. Loyalty counts high in his list of considerations in a relationship.

He is unlikely to forgive you if you have been disloyal to him – especially if you were a serial cheat.

Otherwise, a breakup and a no-contact period are no reasons to keep away your man forever.

He won’t forget you if the reasons for the breakups are reconcilable. After a period of time away from you, he gets time to reflect and realize there’s something he could have done to avert a breakup.

He’s also likely to keep coming back if you are the girl of his dreams. Are you kind, intelligent, independent, low-pressure, drama-free, and faithful?

He will keep coming back to you because he knows these qualities are hard to find in either men or women.

He keeps coming back because you have the potential to form a life-long relationship with him.

His desire to create a stable, peaceful, and secure life with you will override any misgivings he holds against you.

However, he must be assured that you will work on your end of the faults that drove you apart.

Although he may not admit his guilt, he has decided to work on his failings by the time he’s coming back.

So, don’t back him into a corner. The fact that he’s coming back tells you that he’s already taken responsibility for his part of the problem.

Why Does a Taurus Man Keep Coming Back?

#1 – You Are Trustworthy

The Taurus man will do anything for a woman he has proved he can trust. He will even forgive her or take up responsibility for the breakup.

A Taurus man does not come back when his trust is broken. Take, for example, that his girl cheats on him.

He will shut down his feelings and move out and never look back. So, by his coming back, it means you have been faithful.

Likely, the breakups were caused by something else but not unfaithfulness on your part.

#2 – You Have a Lot in Common

You are highly compatible with this man and he can’t forget the good times you’ve shared together. All the emotional investment you made in him keeps him coming back.

He remembers the times you spent snuggling on the couch or cuddling while watching your favorite TV show.

This man understands your love language and he feels he connects to you fully. No matter how long he stays with no contact, he cannot simply get you out of his mind.

#3 – You Are Stable and Well-Grounded

If there’s one thing that Taurus man hates above everything else, it is having to make constant, unscheduled changes.

He keeps coming back to you because he has proved you are stable and well-grounded. You understand why he operates on a routine and you are not likely to ruin his lifestyle.

He sees his reflection in your way of life. He loves the fact that you are realistic, optimistic, and drama-free.

#4 – Your History Goes Way Back

You have been together with this man for a considerable time, and he has come to respect your way of life.

He holds you in high esteem for the choices and options you make. Even if you have been together for just a few years or months, you have created a powerful impact on his life.

Your Taurus man cannot just throw away this rich history. Being the loyal man he is, he will recall all the times you’ve been there for him when he needed comfort.

You helped him believe in himself and his abilities when things were not going very well for him. Your man keeps coming back because he can’t throw all this away.

#5 – You Serve Him from the Heart

The little things you do for your Taurus man do not go to waste. He remembers that you used to cook sumptuous meals for him, iron his clothes, and find his socks.

He even remembers that time you bought him thoughtful gifts.

The Taurus man keeps coming back because he knows you care. He has seen your self-sacrificing, patient, and nurturing personality in action.

Taurus men do not take these things for granted. Although he may not speak much about them when he’s with you, your kindness and compassion are stored in his memory.

#6 – You are a Low-Pressure Woman

The Taurus man does not like being pushed around. He likes to do things at his own pace, when he’s most comfortable and knows he has high chances of success.

After a breakup, the Taurus man remembers how you welcomed him into your life and handled him with dignity.

He remembers that you never used to nag him but gave him the space he needed to deliver on his duties and responsibilities as the man of the house.

All these memories keep pushing him right back into your arms.

#7 – You’re His Twin Flame

This man keeps coming back because he can’t find any other better than you. You are the only one who seems to share his thoughts and feelings.

You like what he likes and you have a way of looking at the world from the same angle. He feels safe and comfortable in your company.

Being away from you is torture because you are his soul mate. Your Taurus man finds it easy to look for amicable resolutions to your conflicts because you want the same things as he.

You are the two halves of each other; neither feels complete without the other.

#8 – You Have Proved Your Independence

The Taurus man keeps coming back to you because you have proved you can stand on your own. This is something the Taurus zodiac holds in high regard.

He wants a woman that is confident and financially responsible. His time with you has shown that you are all these – and more.

He’d rather come back to you because you bring the stability he needs in his life.

#9 – You Are Witty, Sharp, and Intelligent

A Taurus man will have a lot of respect for a woman that can engage him in intelligent conversations. He believes that a woman’s beauty is not only on the outside, she should also have a sharp brain.

The fact that he was with you in the first place shows that you passed this test. You are as beautiful as you are sharp and intelligent.

He misses the times you used to have intelligent and humorous banter around the house. Your complex thinking pattern and humorous personality keep pulling him back to you.

#10 – You Protect Him from Himself

Sometimes, Taurus men get married to their jobs, so to speak. In his desire to achieve his goals, he works long hours with little rest.

He may sacrifice his family time to achieve some monetary goals. His work culture may eat into his social life, and his relationships suffer as a result.

If you had learned how to help him balance his life, he will never forget your effort. He appreciates all the times you reminded him to rest, sleep, drink, or eat.

#11 – You Are Emotionally Connected

You have introduced an element of emotional stability in his life. He knows that he can trust you because you have passed all his tests.

He feels uniquely connected to you because you say the right things at the right time.

Also, you seem to share a good number of personality traits and attributes, which make the two of you feel safe together.

#12 – He Has a Difficulty Letting Go

Taurus men believe that love relationships should last for a lifetime. As such, they get into a relationship with all their hearts.

Your man keeps coming back because he cannot let go of you. He has emotionally invested what he believes is too much to throw away.

He is also resilient and strong enough to know that no challenge is too big to be resolved. His coming back shows his determination to deal with the issues between you.

In his mind, he is determined that nothing should stand between him and you. His loyalty and love keep bringing him back to your arms.

Final Thoughts…

There are good reasons why your Taurus man keeps coming back. You see, Taurus men don’t get into relationships for the joy of the ride.

They are in it as a lifelong commitment. Your Taurus man keeps coming back because he believes you have the potential to walk this journey with him.

He can see something in you that he can’t find in other women. He strongly believes he has a bright future with you.

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