What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Kisses You?

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When the Taurus man falls in love, he can be a hopeless romantic. That’s why he is very keen to think through his actions before implementing them.

Take kissing a girl, for example. The Taurus man cannot make this move unless he intends to. He knows what he is doing and he is in control of the level he should go to.

Do not interpret this sign without making reference to this man. Many a time, the Taurus man thinks differently from most other signs.

While one would think that kissing is a sign that the kisser wants to go to bed with you, the Taurus man looks at it differently.

To him, kissing is a sign that he is interested in you. It indicates that he has come to like you the far he has known you.

This is a positive sign if you have been hoping to make some progress with this man. It shows that he is beginning to gain confidence in you to the extent of kissing you.

However, don’t read too much in the kiss; it’s only a sign of interest and deep friendship.

Does a Kiss from a Taurus Man Show He Wants to Go to Bed with Me?

A Taurus man can be quite mysterious because he does not put all his cards on the table. Most of the time, you’ll learn about his plans and motivations through his actions.

He doesn’t speak much; he prefers to remain quiet and calm.

So, does it mean he wants to go to be with you when he kisses you? If you have not studied this man well, this will be your obvious conclusion.

But you’ll be wrong. A kiss from a Taurus man does not indicate he wants to hop into bed with you. This man is not in a hurry to commit himself to that extent before he knows you well.

He prefers to use the traditional method of taking things slowly, probing, and making sure he knows what he’s getting himself into.

A kiss from this man could be a sign that he is attracted to you and he’d like to know you better. It’s more like a declaration of interest than anything else.

As such, don’t get too excited and move too fast. Study him closely, read his body language, and allow yourself to move with the flow.

Or, you could simply ask him. The good thing about the Taurus man is that he is very honest; he says things as they are.

When you ask about the kiss, he’ll give it to your straight: he is interested in you but needs time to think about the future.

Let things rest here because pushing him to get more answers will be counterproductive.

All the same, there’s one thing you can learn from this kiss: your man is an emotional human being like the rest of us.

This means that if you play your cards right, you can connect with him emotionally.

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What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Kisses You on the Forehead?

This is the same as the Taurus man kissing you on the cheek. It shows that he has great affection for you. More than that, it tells you that he looks at himself as your protector.

This is the clearest indication that he’s very interested in you.

Congratulations, your man has just announced that he is confident in you, and that he is considering taking your relationship to the next level.

Even as you celebrate this milestone, don’t relent in your pursuit. You are not out of the woods yet; this kiss is not a declaration that he will marry you or even take you to bed.

It just shows that he’s very much interested in you, and that he’s taking your relationships more seriously.

It is akin to asking you whether you can go out more often or if he can see you more frequently. His association with you is no longer a fleeting attraction, it is something bigger, better, and deeper.

The Taurus man kissing you on the lips signals that you need to let him see your vulnerability. Allow him to get to know you better, you don’t have to wear a façade when he is around.

Let him see you for who you are, with all your strengths and flaws. At this point, don’t make the mistake of hiding some aspect of your life for fear of pushing him away.

Be natural and true to yourself, and let him deal with it.

What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Kisses You on the Lips?

This means he’s beginning to feel more and more responsible for you. Going forward, he’ll inquire more about your safety and security.

He’s beginning to feel that you are part of him, and that it is his responsibility to keep you away from danger.

This is a good point to unleash your feminine appeal. Let him see your full beauty and vulnerability. Be the true lady you were meant to be – this will further provoke his masculinity.

A kiss on the forehead is a telling one. It shows that although this man is into you, he doesn’t want to take advantage of you.

So, he may not ask to go to bed with you at this point. He is more concerned with your well-being as he makes up his mind on where this relationship should be heading.

It is also a sign that he’s beginning to emotionally bond with you.

You’ll be surprised to see a remarkable increase in his interest in you – Taurus men reward honesty and sincerity more than they would be scared of your flaws.

When he kisses you on the lips, be more confident that he is around. He can’t do that and then disappear on you.

Moving forward, your Taurus man will start investing more heavily in the relationship.

What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Kisses You Intensely?

This is a sign that your Taurus man is madly in love with you. When he goes on a kissing spree, kissing your lips, neck, and almost every part of your body intensely, know that this man is fully in your camp.

There’s no question about it; a Taurus man will do this only when he has fully made up his mind.

He will kiss your lips intensely either with his eyes closed or locked with yours as a sign that he’s not looking back.

If you’ve been having dreams about your man taking you to bed this could be it. But don’t make that decision for him just yet, let him take the lead.

As the make-out session increases in intensity, he will guide you towards the bedroom or wherever else he fancies.

An intense kiss from your Taurus man reveals his true feelings for you. He wants you to know that his body and entire self belong to you, and he considers you wholly his.

This is your cue to give him the signals that it’s okay for him to proceed.

Even at this point, your man still fears being rejected, and you need to come out strongly to assure him that it is okay to move on to the next level.

Feed hum signals indicating your desire. Demonstrate to him – through action – that you need him as much as he needs you.

Communicate to him sensually. The Taurus man responds best to incentives that stimulate his sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch.

How Does a Taurus Man Like to be Kissed?

A Taurus man is never in a hurry to kiss or make other such commitments. When he is sure that your relationship should move on to the next phase, he will kiss you lightly and gently.

This will keep growing in intensity as his feelings for you grow.

He’ll want you to respond to indicate that it’s okay for him to go on. Being the gentleman that he is, your Taurus man would not like to impose himself on you.

You can kiss him back to signal you enjoy and approve the path he has taken. Kiss him passionately and lovingly.

If possible lock your eyes with his as this will enable him to read deeper into the meaning of your kiss.

The good thing about your Taurus man is that he responds very well to sensual prompts. By kissing him, you communicate quite effectively to this man.

He’ll know exactly the direction you want him to take.

If this is your first kiss, your man would prefer that you don’t do it in public. He will wait until you are away from the public limelight to initiate the kiss.

However, if he has to do it in public, don’t expect something heavy. It will be a slight and polite kiss.

Final Thoughts…

Take note of how this man kisses you. Does he lean over and give you a peck on the cheek? Is it a slight brush of his lips with yours? Does he kiss you on the neck or the forehead?

Or, is his kiss deep, lingering, and passionate?

Each of these kisses communicates something about what your Taurus man is thinking.

But they all share one thing: they tell you that your relationship is moving in the right direction.

You are a step further from where you were the previous day.

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