What to do When a Taurus Man Ignores You

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If you have been having a good time with your Taurus man, you may wonder why he has decided to ignore you all of a sudden.

This is even made worse if you have not fought or had a quarrel recently. So, what could be the matter with him? And, what should you do?

You Taurus man may go quiet on you for a number of reasons. He could be angry about an issue he has not confided you in, or he may just need some time off to reflect.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on because Taurus men rarely share their thoughts unless they are willing to.

He could even be ignoring you as part of a series of his many tests. Your reaction to his silence therefore matters.

How you conduct yourself might as well determine the next phase of your relationship.

What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Ignores You?

The reason your Taurus man is shunning you depends on whether his emotions are involved or not. If his emotions are involved, it means that he is deeply hurt.

If they are not, this could be an unplanned reaction to some external stimuli. Either way, it’s important you establish the cause of his behavior to know how best to handle it.

Men born under the Taurus sign rarely get emotionally hurt. This is because they know how to avoid potentially dangerous people and situations.

If this man is emotionally hurting, it could be that you said or did something he considers inappropriate.

The problem with your Taurus man is that he will rarely reveal to you his deep-seated fears and pains. However, he will communicate them to you in other ways – such as ignoring you.

Your man could also be keeping his distance because he’s handling some weighty personal issues. This has got absolutely nothing to do with you.

He’s not ignoring you on purpose – he just needs some time to himself to clear his mind and resolve his issues.

A Taurus man can deliberately ignore you to see your reaction. This is a kind of test to determine if you are serious with him.

Do you love him? Would you pursue him if he failed to contact you for a number of days, weeks, or months?

This is an important exercise for him before he decides on the next move concerning your relationship.

What to Do When a Taurus Man Ignores You

#1 – Give Him Some Breathing Space

Before you establish the cause of his behavior, let your man be. Do not in any way try to force him to talk to you about the matter.

It would be okay to inquire what is wrong, but don’t force the matter. Allow him to process what he’s going through.

When he’s ready to open up, you’ll know because he’ll tell you.

#2 – Avoid Being Clingy

Taurus men try to avoid clingy women as much as possible. It could be because such women are associated with drama, which is something this man does not need in his life.

It would be a serious mistake to display clingy behavior when this man clearly indicates he needs some distance.

Instead, try the more appealing route of asserting your independence.

#3 – Allow Him to Make His Own Decisions

This would be the wrong time to meddle in his routines and schedules. Do not in any way attempt to control his life, for this is guaranteed to backfire.

Trying to tell him what to do or where to go will only widen the rift between you two.

#4 – Listen, But Don’t Judge

If you man has something to say, play the humble role of a listening wife or girlfriend. Pay attention even if what he is saying has got nothing to do with his current behavior.

In this, don’t try to reason with him. You should also avoid comments that may be misconstrued as judgmental.

#5 – Don’t Take It to Heart

Until you establish the course of your man’s behavior, it is not on you. This means you should not take it personally.

Actually, you may be surprised that what he is going through has got nothing at all to do with you. Go about your routines and schedules normally.

If he is still accessible, do all the things you used to do for him – without imposing anything on him, of course.

Focus on yourself and let him be.

#6 – Let Him Come to You When He’s Ready

You’ll know he has resolved his issue or is ready to when he makes contact. Until this happens, don’t push him.

Patiently wait for him to come around – which he will when he is ready. Remember, this man wants to fill the thrill of chasing you.

He may not open up to you if he believes you are the one doing the chasing.

#7 – Avoid Nagging Him

Nagging a man – any man – makes a bad situation worse. This is even more serious with a Taurus man trying to resolve some issues.

And that’s what he is doing by keeping away from you. Nagging him exposes your insecurities – something you’d like to avoid if you want to impress your Taurus man.

#8 – Go Out and Hook Up with Some Girlfriends

This sends signals that you are still confident about yourself. It also gives your man the space he needs to work out whatever he is dealing with.

However, ensure that you don’t discuss him in your social outings. You’ll alienate him further should he learn that he’s been a topic of discussion in your social circles.

At the same time, keep an eye out for negative influences. This is not the time to hook up with your male buddies.

Don’t do anything that will drive him further than he already is.

#9 – Avoid Getting Angry

You may be tempted to get angry when the man you love gives you a cold shoulder. However, this would be the wrong move to make when dealing with a Taurus man.

When a Taurus man starts avoiding you, it means he’s dealing with a deep matter – whether it comes from you or not is a different matter altogether.

He may not have the capacity to handle tantrums and drama at this time.

#10 – Don’t Beg for His Attention

You’ll put yourself at a disadvantage when your start begging your Taurus man for attention. No matter what happens, never take this route.

This man wants to see you confident, independent, and resilient. This is the girl he saw in you when he first fell in love with you.

Painting a different picture would be a huge disappointment for him, and a disservice to you.

#11 – Avoid Emotional Blackmail

This is not the time to threaten to leave him. Neither should you try any kind of reverse psychology with your Taurus man at this time.

Also, avoid being too emotional when handling him. Rather, try to treat him as you always do – with your love and kindness.

If you realize that he doesn’t want to be bothered, try as much as possible to keep out of his way, while reassuring him that you are available should he need you.

If you pay your cards right, he will eventually open up and tell you why he is avoiding you.

#12 – Don’t Pressure Him

When women fail with Taurus men, it’s because they treat them like other men – which they are not. Taurus men are special in many ways.

For example, while a little pressure on some men makes change positively, the Taurus man takes the opposite route.

He doesn’t want to be pressured or rushed into anything. If you understand this, you’ll treat your man right and give him the space he needs to work out his issues.

#13 – Give Him Time to Miss You

If you have been good to your Taurus man, he will eventually come back even if he has been ignoring you lately.

Give him time to miss you. He will remember your love, kindness, and care. He’ll remember that you were there for him in his low moments.

And he will remember that you believe in him and his abilities.

#14 – Be Patient

Ever heard of the adage that good things come to those who wait? Well, this applies to you if your Taurus man has been giving you the cold shoulder.

Being patient communicates you understand your man although you don’t know the cause of his behavior.

It is a sign that you are respectful enough to give him the space he needs to reconcile his inner conflict.

#15 – Pick Up the Phone When He Calls

This is not the time to get even. When this man reaches out to you, respond appropriately. Let him know you’ve been there waiting all along ready to walk him through his doubts and uncertainty.

Let him see that you are ready to resolve whatever real or imagined slight you might have occasioned him.

This kind of positivity will earn you handsome rewards. It won’t be long before your Taurus man is back in your arms.

Final Thoughts…

When a Taurus man ignores you, it means he’s going through some issues and he’s not ready to share with you yet.

The best course of action is to give him breathing space. Do not ignore him back or try to force him into a conversation.

Give him space to indicate that you respect him, and that you are here to help. With time, he will come around and share with you what’s going through his mind.

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