The Praying Mantis Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Praying Mantis Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the praying mantis spirit guide comes calling into your life, you are guaranteed of inner peace. People with this spirit animal always take their time before they act.

You are very cautious. With time, you are bound to reap very good rewards from this trait.

The praying mantis teaches you to plan each movement carefully before you execute it. As such, you cut down on the room for errors.

People with this spirit guide are very patient. Also, you know what to say in any given situation.

Most folks think that the praying mantis is just an insect. They could never be more wrong. This animal is a strong spiritual guide.

When it enters your life, you’ll be in touch with calmness, truth, and peace. This totem is a bringer of happiness and much joy.

What is the Meaning of the Praying Mantis Spirit Animal?

The praying mantis has a powerful meaning when it gets into your life. It has a major impact that will not only give you opportunities but also open your mind to possibilities.


Here’s a look at the 3 key meanings of this divine messenger.

Messenger of Peace

As noted earlier, the praying mantis and peace are synonymous. This insect lives harmoniously with the other members of its habitat.

It is adept at listening to the silence around it. For this reason, it has been adopted by many cultures across the globe as the symbol of meditation.

Do you desire some peace and harmony in your life? Then, think of the praying mantis spirit animal. As your spirit guide, it will empower you with these qualities in abundance.

Messenger of Stillness

The praying mantis is one of the most peaceful totems in the entire animal kingdom. It achieves this by being completely still.

This spirit guide is never in a hurry. The world around it could be burning, but you’ll find it perched on a blade of grass – absolutely still!

It will spend hours and hours relaxing. And, save for its need to move in order to feed, it rarely lives one spot.

So, what do you think this animal does in all that stillness? Planning!

The praying mantis teaches you to be a great strategist. It shows you how to remain still, meditating and planning the course of action.

A great man once said that if you want to bring down a huge tree in three days, you need to spend the first two days ironing the ax.

Such is the wisdom – and guidance – of the praying mantis spirit guide.

Messenger of Mindfulness

This is a very important lesson that you learn from this spirit guide. You need to be mindful of your environment. Take care that your action does not harm your neighbor.

Have in mind the welfare of all creatures in every action that you do. All animals, big and small, have an important role to play in the eco-system.

The praying mantis is a very mindful spirit guide. It wants you to make the right decisions. As such, it offers you guidance in making choices.

What is the Symbolism of the Praying Mantis Spirit Animal?

People with the praying mantis spirit animal encounter good fortune in their lives. When this spirit totem comes into your life, expect lots of good luck.

Interestingly, your fortune will come from unexpected sources. You could be expecting a job promotion, but then you get to win the lottery.

You could be expecting to move to a new, exciting town, but then a large inheritance miraculously comes your way.

What the praying mantis wants you to understand is that you should not predict good luck. All you need to do is to cultivate peace and harmony with nature.

Leave the rest to cosmic powers and divine intervention.

The praying mantis is symbolic of the beautiful colors of Mother Earth. These colors come together to create a perfect picture of peace and harmony.

As such, the praying mantis symbolism in your life has to do with concentration, focus, stillness, and calmness.

This insect asks you to remain still and calm your mind. Meditate if you must. Do what you can to focus on your goals. In other words, be resolute and single-minded in pursuit of excellence.

People that are still and quiet are a powerful magnet for the right energies. Your stillness communicates positivity to the entire.

The cosmic powers give you good fortune in return.

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Importance of the Praying Mantis Spirit Totem

The praying mantis comes to you just when you need it most. This is more so if you live in a chaotic or cutthroat competitive business environment.

It will also make its presence known to you when your relationship is on the rocks.

Once it enters your life, you get a message to be still. A small voice within you whispers that you need to take a step back.

At this juncture, you can use meditation as a powerful path to peace. Make the external din and chaos quiet down.

Enjoy life as it was originally meant to be – calm and peaceful.

The praying mantis asks you to let your mind be in perfect harmony with nature. Enrich your spiritual arsenal.

In this perfect state of calmness, your mind will suddenly open to the opportunities around you.

Day after day, good fortune becomes your portion.

When to Call on the Praying Mantis Spirit Animal

Don’t pay attention to everything you come across. Not everything is worth your time. Also, some people are out just to derail you.

You need to know the difference between what is worthwhile, and what isn’t. if you have any challenges doing so, remember the praying mantis will help you solve the dilemma.

Call on the praying mantis spirit animal when:

  • You long for inner peace, calmness, and tranquility
  • You need to lay strategies for a major project
  • Your life seems unfocused
  • Your busy lifestyle is draining your energy
  • You need to create peace with your surroundings

Does the Praying Mantis Appear in Your Dreams?

When the praying mantis appears to you in dreams, she’s there to sharpen your intuition. This spirit guide has noted the many conflicts in your life and wants to offer you a way out.

The dream tells you to take a step back. You need to get some rest. Create some peace within yourself and with nature.

Then, you can go back and survey the situation with fresh eyes.

A dream involving a praying mantis can be a sign of danger. Your spirit guide comes to warn you of some pitfalls in your life.

Is someone ignoring your efforts? Is someone undercutting what you set out to achieve? Is there a fraudster in your life? Is your relationship safe?

Listen to the praying mantis spirit guide and you’ll get your answers.

Final Thoughts…

By its very nature, the praying mantis is a special insect. It is as exotic as it is beautiful. This animal can be found everywhere on the globe.

They got their name from their pose. It calls you to consider meditation as the pathway to inner peace.

Their forearms are forever folded in prayer. This reminds you not to neglect your spirituality.

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