The Elephant Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the elephant spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

Elephants have earned the respect of man since time immemorial. Their close association with humans probably comes from their high level of intelligence.

Elephants are the largest animals on land. They live for well over 60 years.

In Buddhism, it is said that Buddha chose to be born as a white elephant for one of his many reincarnations. As such, the white elephant is highly regarded.

The Hindu religion places the elephant on a high pedestal. Indeed, the god Ganesh wears the head of an elephant. Ganesh is the remover of challenges in life.

When the elephant animal spirit gets into your life, you learn the importance of communication, commitment, and gentleness. It helps you to develop solid relationships.

People with the elephant totem are very loyal and committed to all creatures they are involved in relationships with. You are able to practice toughness to protect those you care for.

When it comes to nurturing them, you are truly gentle.

In the elephant family, the matriarch leads the herd. The matriarch is the most experienced female in the family.

She is able to communicate telepathically with members of the herd, to ensure that they are all involved as the herd moves along.

This teaches you the power of gentleness, inclusivity, and good communication skills.

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What is the Meaning of the Elephant Spirit Animal?

When the elephant spirit guide gets into your life, you will be able to look at life with more clarity.

You will understand the importance of understanding yourself first before you reach out to others.

The elephant meaning is that you have the instincts to lead and nurture others.

This spirit guide will enable you to understand the parts of your life that require intensive care. Have you been away from home for too long? Do you need to heal broken relationships?

Trust the elephant animal spirit to guide you in this.

Additionally, the elephant meaning is that you need to pause and refocus on the bigger picture. The elephant totem enables to shift from your narrow view. You acquire a view that is more encompassing.

This large land mammal allows you to unleash long-buried memories. Those who have interacted with elephants have huge respect for this animal’s impressive memory.

The elephant meaning in your life clearly shows your high level of intelligence. You are far much wiser than most other people in your environment.

You enjoy pondering on things. This comes from the fact that your memory is robust.

You engage your mind before you say anything or take action. You know when to flaunt your gifts, and when to maintain your peace.

The elephant meaning enables you to be persevering as well as patient. Once you have set your mind on a goal, you know how to bid your time until you achieve your goal.

The elephant spirit guide is somewhat akin to the grasshopper spirit guide. Both bless your life with high levels of integrity and honor.

You act with the good of everyone in mind.

Just as the elephant, you are as dignified as you are proud. You have a power that allows you to stand tall over others. As such, you are in a good position to fight for their rights.

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What is the Symbolism of the Elephant Spirit Animal?

People with the elephant totem seem to chance on luck with uncanny regularity. Now, this does not happen perchance.

It is designed this way by the cosmic energies that rule over your life. When you encounter the elephant animal spirit, lady luck comes to camp in your life almost permanently.

The elephant spirit animal has a powerful symbolism in your life. You’ll have the power to do as you please. You will achieve what you desire.

The elephant totem allows you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Whatever project you start will grow to fruition.

Do not be afraid to follow your pursuits. With the elephant spirit animal in your life, nothing is too daunting for you to attempt.

All you need is to put in the right efforts. Be patient, and it will not be long before you savor the sweet taste of success.

True to the nature of the elephant, you exude much power and strength. You can use this to create a sense of balance, security, and stability in your life.

The elephant animal spirit will come into your life when you list expect it. It will come into your life when your focus seems to waver.

However, if you feel the urgent need of this spirit guide in your life, do not hesitate to summon it.

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Importance of the Elephant Totem

The elephant totem empowers you with the kind of brilliance that is the hallmark of leading researchers in the world.

You exude deep emotions, which you taper with inner knowledge.

The elephant animal spirit allows you to have great respect for your family. You have a soft heart for the very old and the very young. You always give a helping hand to the weak and the helpless.

You receive a strong suit of loyalty from this animal spirit guide. Regardless of the circumstances, you remain dedicated to your family and close friends.

Having the elephant totem means that you are intuitive as well as wise. You don’t need to hear the entire story to draw the right conclusion.

You feel a deep connection to people. You respond to their needs by being sensitive, loyal, and sympathetic.

Despite facing challenges, you are able to remain steadfast in your commitment to friends and family.

Just like the elephant, you show a high level of responsibility from a relatively young age. You are a natural leader. You are willing to risk your own life to ensure that your family and friends are safe.

By nature, you are a natural provider. You go through lots of challenges to ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of.

This is the power of the elephant spirit animal in your life.

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When to Call on the Elephant Spirit Animal

You may find it imperative to call the elephant spirit animal in the following circumstances:

  • You have a weakness in your mind, body, and soul
  • You need to boost your memory levels
  • You are facing a new project that you must complete within a certain time frame
  • You have lost sight of your goals
  • You feel demotivated
  • Your driving force is at an all-time low
  • Your life seems directionless

Does the Elephant Appear in Your Dreams?

When a dream comes into your dreams, the message is crystal clear. You need to practice patience and understanding in your life.

Ensure that you listen more keenly to those speaking to you.

The elephant in your dream could also mean that you are holding on to tired memories. It’s time to let go of such memories and embrace new experiences.

If your dream involves a white elephant, this is a strong symbol of royalty. A white elephant reflects of your regal personality.

You may also dream of riding an elephant. In this case, you are in grips with your reality. You do not have to fear the unknown, for this spirit guide will see you through any challenges.

Does the dream depict that you are afraid of the elephant? You have some deep-seated issues that you do not want to deal with.

The best thing is to pull your head from the sand. Squarely face your issues and handle them decisively. The elephant spirit animal will help you on this score.

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Final Thoughts…

The elephant has an impressive height and a massive size to boot. It stands for power, strength, and determination.

The elephant spirit animal can help you command the same power.

You can acquire an air of authority and a dominating presence by welcoming the elephant totem into your life.

It is no wonder, then, that you are a born leader. Your leadership qualities are strongly anchored in strength and wisdom.

More importantly, you are the symbol of gentleness and friendliness.

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