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Are you interested in the cow spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

People from many cultures around the world easily connect the cow to the idea of Mother Earth. This means that the cow is seen as the symbol of power, nurturing, and fertility since the dawn of time.

For centuries, cows have given life force to humankind through milk and meat. Some communities from around the world treasure cow blood. They use it as food and for spiritual rituals.

The cow has both the masculine form (bull) and its feminine equivalent (cow). People through the ages have revered both forms of the cow for what the cow could provide for the people.

Let’s look at the case of one such people, the Celts.

This spirit animal takes center stage in the history of the Celts. They kept the bulls for breeding. Castrated bulls (oxen) were used to provide the community with labor.

They would carry goods and turn wheels for grinding grain.

On the other hand, the cow provided the Celtic people with milk, cheeses, and butter.

Interestingly, nothing went to waste when a cow was slaughtered. For example, the cow’s hair would be made into clothes.

The skin was tanned into leather. It would be used to make shoes, musical instruments, and a host of other uses.

The hooves would be boiled to make glue.

They cooked the meat for food. They would salt the extra meat and store it for later consumption.

The Celts would use the blood to make medicine and to create food. They used the bones as tools and for ornamental purposes.

The Celts had a special liking for the cow’s entrails. They considered this part of a cow as a delicacy. The same went for the brain and tongue.

They used the horns as vessels for drinking beverages. To make candles, the cow fat was quite useful.

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What is the Meaning of the Cow Spirit Animal?

When the cow spirit animal enters your life, it has much meaning. Your life will be transformed in ways you never thought possible.

Here is the key meaning of welcoming this spirit animal into your existence.

Fertility and Nurturing

The cows have a direct link to the goddesses of fertility. We associate this animal spirit with such deities as Diana (Roman), Arianrhod (Welsh), Freya (Norse), Bastet (Egyptian) and Aphrodite (Greek).

This association clearly point out that the cow provides fertility through sacrifice. In essence, this means that you’ll never lack when this spirit animal enters your life.


The cow will fight for its young. It doesn’t matter whether we are looking at the presence of predators or rough weather. The Mother Cow does not abandon her young.

With the cow spirit animal in your life, you’ll be able to face challenges stoically. You will stand by your truth. You won’t succumb to undue influences.


The eyes of the cow are rather large. They give you the perception that the cow can see it all. They have a steady gaze. You feel as if the cow is looking deep into your soul.

These eyes communicate compassion and understanding. They are the eyes of a being used to unending sacrifice.

In the same manner, you’ll learn to put others before self. You’ll take action based on what’s best for your family and your community.

You’ll learn how to honor and nurture yourself as well as others.


The cows are adept at using their 6th sense to shun danger. They expertly guide the herd to pasture and water pans.

In this process, they know they require remaining alert to avoid the large predators.

When you have the cow spirit guide in your life, your levels of perceptiveness will hit the roof. This guide informs you of the need to stay alert as you go about your activities.

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What is the Symbolism of the Cow Spirit Animal Spirit Animal?

The cow spirit animal is rich in symbolism. It reminds you of your needs in the physical world.

When this spirit guide makes a connection with your life, this has much spiritual significance.

Connects You Spiritually to Creation

You are connected to the divine source of all power in creation. You won’t know this unless you have a connection with the Mother Cow and its calves.

The spirit of the cow reminds you to practice the art of care and kindness. You need to live in harmony with all living things.

The cow spirit reminds you to use your creative power to do good in your life. Of course, this spirit guide will give you the wisdom you need to go about this.

Gives You Fertility and Mothering

Are you a mother struggling to express fully your motherly role? Do you have fertility issues?

The cow spirit animal appears to people like you to help you embrace the maternal aspects of your life. You need to create a special bond with the Mother Cow to realize this.

You Enjoy Abundance and Prosperity

Cows are closely linked with plenty. During the Great Depression, the American homes that owned a cow were considered relatively well off.

This is because they could provide their families with a steady supply of milk and its associated products.

The term ‘cash cow’ in the world of finance stands for a steady source of profit.

Importance of the Cow Totem


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The adherents of most religions in history have respected the cow spirit guide. They associate this spirit animal with nourishment.

When the cow comes into your life, you’ll quickly grasp the importance of your community. Cows live in a herd.

Your cow spirit guide will help you to understand the importance of closeness to your family and friends.

The cow spirit guide teaches you the importance of nourishing your love life. You need to feed your relationship with the right ingredients, just as the cow feeds her young ones.

Also, remember to nourish yourself. You have emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs that you must not neglect.

Are you eating the right foods? Are you drinking enough water? Do you exercise on a regular basis? The cow spirit guide reminds you not to neglect these important aspects of your life.

Cows are quite uncomplicated. They live easy lives from which they derive their daily pleasure. This speaks much to your life. Try to lead an uncomplicated life.

Pay more attention to the basic things in your life. Take it easy. Do not push yourself too hard. Easy does it, every time.

Does the Cow Appear in Your Dreams?

Co dreams are quite common. The way you interpret the dream depends on the scenario under which the dream occurs.

Let’s examine the more common of the cow dream strands.

Dreams of Healthy Cows

If the cows in your dream appear well-fed and happy, this signifies your contentment in life. You enjoy a high level of tranquility. A situation in your life is making you particularly happy.

Could your finances be taking the direction you desire? Have you made some admirable inroads in your love life?

Dreams of unhealthy Cows

If your dream involves malnourished and neglected cows, this does not portend very good news. You could be putting much effort at work, but reaping poor results in return.

Check around you and find out what’s causing discontent in your life. Start with your finances and relationships.

Dreams of Cattle Stampede

This kind of dream means that you are losing control of a situation. It means that you are not making much headway in your professional life.

You may be feeling that you don’t have the right resources to provide for your loved ones.

This dream could also mean that you need to put it a lot of effort to achieve the results you desire.

Dreams of Baby Cows and Calves

If your dream involves the presence of calves, you are considering having your own children. It could also mean that you are looking to expand your horizons.

If the calf is separated from the Mother Cow in the dream, you need to look for ways to connect with those who matter in your life.

Dreams of Milking Cows

This dream signifies that you need to see profit from your labor. You have made the right choices in life, and you are now hoping that they bear the right fruits.

Dreams of Scary, Dark Cows

If your dream involves a vicious looking bull or cow, there’s someone lurking in the fringes waiting to cause you harm.

This harm could be financial, physical or emotional in nature. You need to take urgent measures to protect yourself adequately.

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Final Thoughts…

The cow spirit guide teaches us to eradicate all anxieties in our life. The cow spirit animal will guide you to places of plenty.

When this spirit animal enters your life, you need to mend your relationships. Of particular importance is the relationship with your mother.

Heal this relationship. If she has passed on to the spirit world, get ways of reaching her for the healing process to take place.

Remember, the cow spirit guide teaches us to make sacrifices. You may have to concede some things in your life for the greater good.

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