The Fish Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Fish Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the totem spirit comes into your life, it gives you a very powerful connection with the Water element.

This is the element of mystery and creativity. The fish spirit animal plays an important role in your subconscious. It helps you to make powerful decisions that affect your waking life in a very positive way.

The world below carries a lot of mystery. The fish spirit guide helps you to dig beneath the surface to conceal knowledge that is usually not seen.

For you, the fish is a symbol of what’s obscure on your life. These things prevail in most of your activities.

The fish spirit water enhances your level of fertility and femininity. Also, it enables you to enjoy prosperity and good luck.

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What is the Meaning of the Fish Spirit Animal?

According to ancient Indian beliefs, the god Vishnu changed the world in order to save humanity when there was a mighty flood.

This means that the fish presence in your life stands for salvation. You have the power to save yourself from the excesses that surround you.

Also, you don’t think twice about saving your community when it faces danger. People know that they can rely on you to help them in their hours of need.


According to some cultures that live along the River Nile in Africa, the fish is a sign of life-giving forces. The fish is venerated as the source of health.

A number of pagan traditions across the world depict the fish as a symbol of female fertility. The fish and other sea creatures occupied hallowed positions in the rituals of the Divine Mother.

Additionally, the fish presence in your life stands for inspiration, infinite wisdom, and the power of prophecy.

The fish influence enables you to create unity in your community.

The fish has stood for abundance when it comes to reproduction. This arises from the fact that the fish breeds at a very high rate.

As such, it’s often given as a gift to a newly married couple. This is a symbol of good luck, particularly to the bride.

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What is the Symbolism of the Fish Spirit Animal?

When the fish spirit animal comes into your life, it bears a message of hope for your future. It comes to awaken your conscious mind to deal with the challenges in your life.

To achieve this, the fish spirit guide takes you on a journey of serious soul searching. Here are some of the important things that you’ll consider when this totem swims into your life.

Face important Decisions

Do you sometimes feel guilty about some of the decisions you’ve made in life? Do this make you procrastinate every time you have to make an important decision?

The fish spirit guide comes into your life to help you deal with this challenge. It empowers you to make decisions quickly.

It encourages you to stop dwelling on past mistakes. You need to let go and do what needs to be done today for a better tomorrow.

The fish totem opens your eyes to the fact that you cannot change your past. You don’t need to live in guilt and regrets.

What are Your Psychic Powers?

The fish spirit animal brings into your life all the power of the depths of the ocean. People with the fish spirit guide have great psychic powers and influences.

The fish empowers you to manifest these powers.

As such, you are able to dive deep into your own depths. Therein, deep within you, lays the power to change things in your life for the better.

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Tune Your Emotions

If you feel like your emotions are out of tune with nature, you need the fish spirit animal in your life. This totem brings the powers of emotional healing to you.

So, whenever you feel emotionally off-course, think of the fish spirit guide. It will gently guide you through this rough time until to space where you find your balance.

Avoid Swimming Against the Current

It’s likely that your current exhaustion has come from your swimming against the current. This can drain your energies to the point where you don’t feel like going on.

When the fish spirit totem comes into your life, it opens your mind’s eyes to the futility of fighting against the current.

It gives you the more viable alternatives you can use to get things done.

Create Balance and Harmony in Life

Do you desire to lead a well balanced, harmonious life? Allow the fish totem to help you do this.

You see, the fish spirit guide lives in perfect harmony with its surroundings. It peacefully moves with the flow of the water.

It supplies more than it consumes, thus promoting the balance of its ecosystem.

Importance of the Fish Spirit Totem

When the fish spirit animal comes into your life, it makes your life turn around for the better. If your spirit guide is the goldfish, then you are set for a lifetime of prosperity and wealth.

This is also the case if the platinum colored carp is your life’s partner.

On the other hand, a white fish is a boost to your romantic and business relationships.

People with the fish spirit animal in their lives are very good at creating wealth. It seems that everything you touch turns to the legendary gold.

You have the Midas touch, so to speak! But, without the curse that accompanies such wealth.

You have the power to stay calm, regardless of the prevailing storms. Also, you know when you need to push hard, and when to retreat to re-energize.

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When to Call on the Fish Spirit Animal

The fish spirit guide informs you that there’s power in words. It is foolhardy to underestimate this power.

History has shown that some wars are started by conversations that are conducted in a poor manner. The wrong words can make one lose a lucrative business deal.

The fish totem wants you to understand that words can be used to heal, to cure broken hearts.

Call on this spirit animal when you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You desire to learn the art of speech
  • You need people to take your side
  • You desire to find true love
  • You desire to achieve a state of nirvana
  • You need to weight a heavy responsibility before taking action
  • Your confidence is at an all-time low
  • You need to master your environment
  • You need to focus on the key goals of your life
  • You want to create peace and balance in your life

Does the Fish Appear in Your Dreams?

The fish spirit guide will appear in your dreams just at the right moment when you need it most. When you see it in your dreams, it comes to shake your senses alive.

It gives you a powerful spiritual connection that people cannot ignore.

If the fish in your dream is swimming downstream, it shows that your spirit is twisted and needs help.

If the fish is swimming upstream, it means that your soul is growing.

The fish spirit guide comes into your life to help you combat the currents in your life. As such, it helps you to create a balanced life.

The fish has the ability to see in dirty water. This means that you have the power to see hope even in very hard times.

When you have the fish dream, you need to put aside your ego and pride. Do what it takes to strengthen your relationships and friendships.

Final Thoughts…

Every fish is unique in its own way. It has characteristics and traits that identify it as an independent entity.

When this spirit guide comes into your life, you are being called upon to be self-reliant. But, at the same time, you need to play your role in the community.

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