The Lobster Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Lobster Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Has the lobster spirit animal come into your life? Consider yourself truly lucky!

This spirit guide comes into your life to help you uncover your power of discovery and protection.

We closely associate the lobster with strong emotional growth. As such, you will rejuvenate and transform your entire life.

The lobster lives in deep water. This means that it gives you a strong connection with the Water element. This element signifies the balance you acquire in your emotions.

You are able to handle your feelings with fluidity and in a clean manner.

When the lobster emblem is in your sights, you are able to delve deep into your emotions. You can withstand the kind of pressure that few other people can.

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What is the Meaning of the Lobster Spirit Animal?

The most prominent feature of the lobster is its exoskeleton. It has this hard exterior that protects it from all kinds of external aggression.

When this spirit guide comes into your life, it’s encouraging you to protect yourself from the danger you encounter in life’s journey.

The lobster asks you to add layers to your life. In this way, your life is not only more secure but also you’ll undergo more interesting experiences.

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The lobster is similar to the heron spirit animal in a number of aspects. For example, both animals encourage you to discard the shackles of your past.

Some of your past experiences are hurtful. Living in their toxic presence can be dangerous to your wellbeing.

The lobster spirit guide wants you to lead a quality lifestyle. Do you have an addiction that slowing down your personal growth?

Are you in a toxic relationship that you are fighting to get out of? The lobster spirit comes into your life to correct all the unhealthy aspects of your existence.

It lets you know that you have a right to be happy. To achieve this, you have to let go of anything – or anyone – that’s pulling you back.

The lobster spirit guide encourages you to cast your burden and make your load lighter. It wants you to move with speed towards your goals.

You no longer need to feel limited. Come out of your shell and unleash your full potential. The Water element introduced into your life by the lobster will help you in this.

People with the lobster spirit animal are very lucky. They often emerge as the leaders in any group. Other people find it rather easy following your steps.

Additionally, the lobster has a palpable influence on your love life. But, it’s not as easy as that.

You see, people with this spirit guide lead very emotional lives. You are likely to have complex and often chaotic romantic relationships.

What is the Symbolism of the Lobster Spirit Animal?

The lobster has a hard, tough shell that it uses for its own protection. When you adopt this spirit guide as your emblem, you get the same benefits.

This spirit guide permeates your thoughts and provides you with the assurances you need as far as safety is concerned.

Are you involved in some challenging work? Are you scared by an upcoming project? Call on the lobster spirit guide to see you through these rough patches.

As the lobster grows older, it sheds its old shell and grows a new one. This symbolizes the power of growth in your life.

The old shell stands for your past experiences. Many of them might have been hurtful and retrogressive. Your past is redundant. It’s no longer adding any value to your present life.

Also, the lobster has the ability to grow new claws and legs. When it finds itself in a tight corner, it can pull out its legs and claws. These act as a decoy while the lobster escapes.

Here, this spirit guide wants you to e creative in dealing with your problems. When one solution does not work, think of another one – fast.

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Just don’t give up or allow yourself to be taken hostage.

The lobster spirit in your life encourages you to let go of old, tired ideas. You don’t need them, and they won’t help you when you get stuck.

This spirit totem has powerful pincers in the form of claws. Once they grip a prey, they do not let go. This has a symbolic meaning in your life.

Your spirit guide wants you to stick on to your tried-and-tested beliefs. If they have served you in the past, they are likely to be still relevant.

Importance of the Lobster Spirit Totem

When the lobster spirit animal comes into your life, you gain the confidence to come out of the shadows. The lobster encourages you to get out of your shell.

Don’t allow your weaknesses and vulnerabilities to run your life.

In this aspect, the lobster is similar to the coyote spirit guide. Both spirit totems enhance your understanding and personal growth.

The lobster comes into your life to encourage you to protect yourself. To do so, you sometimes have to drop your armor.

Create an opening in your life to encourage more positive experiences in your life. Embrace the changes and opportunities that come into your life.

This spirit totem encourages you to have faith in the universe. There’s much the universe has to offer you. Be open to these gifts.

People with this spirit guide are good leaders. Also, they know when it time to take a step back and be lead.

Also, you are not afraid to stand for your convictions.

The lobster spirit totem gives you the power to insulate your emotions. Though this provides you with the protection you need, it has its demerits.

For example, you often shun love and relationships.

But, on the brighter side, it gives you the energy you need to focus on your projects. Oftentimes, you get unorthodox solutions to unusual challenges.


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When to Call on the Lobster Spirit Animal

When the lobster spirit guide swims into your life, it’s time to remove all the toxicity from your existence.

Open up to the world around you, and allow your emotions to flow freely. Don’t dwell on your negative past. Rather, involve yourself in the activities that make your life fulfilling and happy.

Call on the lobster spirit animal when you find yourself in any of these circumstances:

  • You are suffering from an emotional block
  • You need to unleash your potential
  • You want to define who you truly are
  • You feel that your life is restricted
  • You desire to share your gifts with the world
  • You need to harness from the gifts of Mother Nature

Does the Lobster Appear in Your Dreams?

When the lobster spirit animal comes into your life, it means that you need to display your persistence and strength.

The lobster spirit allows you to overcome small and major challenges in life.

Also, dreaming of the lobster means that wealth and prosperity are coming your way in the near future.

If your dream involves a meal of lobster, it shows that you’ll regain the precious things you’ve lost in your past. As such, you can start making plans on how to accommodate them in your life.

When your dream features a blue-colored lobster, you are being encouraged to show your feelings. You need to reach out to someone close to you and tell them exactly what you feel.

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Final Thoughts…

The lobster scavenges the sea. When this spirit totem comes into your life, you need to salvage your emotions.

This allows you to gain insights into the parts of your life that you have neglected for long.

Also, this spirit guide asks you to let go of your negative past experiences. The future has much in store for you.

Go ahead and embrace it!

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