The Alligator / Crocodile Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Alligator/Crocodile Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the alligator/crocodile spirit animal pays you a visit, it comes to alert you to the opportunities that you’ve been overlooking.

There’s much going on in your environment. Unfortunately, you are not always aware of this. But, trust the alligator/crocodile spirit animal to open your mind to this.

This spirit animal has unbridled creative force. This force is usually manifested in the animal’s ferocity, fury, and primal energy.

This spirit totem comes to protect and keep the knowledge you’ve acquired in your life. The alligator/crocodile marks the end of one period and the beginning of a fresh thing.

This new period in your life means regeneration. You are able to create the balance you need to integrate new ideas in your life.

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What is the Meaning of the Alligator/Crocodile Spirit Animal?

The alligator/crocodile presence in your life has one powerful meaning: primal instincts. This totem stands for your survival and ability to reproduce.

From it, you get the power to pass knowledge and wisdom to your offspring. Your young ones get strength through your efforts.


The alligator and the snake spirit animal have some aspects in common. For example, both enhance your survival instincts. They open your eyes and mind to the precious value of your own life.

As such, you are willing to go to great lengths to protect it.

The alligator/crocodile spirit animal lays much emphasis on the health of your spirit. Of course, you know that you can’t lead a good quality life when the state of your spirit is poor.

The spirit is responsible for your physical strength.

When the alligator/crocodile waddles into your life, people recognize the raw power that you represent. You can use this to catapult your life to loftier levels.

Hardships will not break you. Instead, they only serve to strengthen you, to make you wiser and stronger. You learn to rely more on your instincts for survival.

With time, you get a deep understanding of the world around you. You are able to spot opportunities and to move with speed to grab them.

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What is the Symbolism of the Alligator/Crocodile Spirit Animal?

When the alligator/crocodile comes into your life, you need to learn the precious lessons you can get from this reptile.

The crocodile spirit animal knows how to safeguard secrets. It empowers you with the ability to keep knowledge and to successfully pass it on to your dependents.

With the alligator/crocodile spirit animal, you acquire fresh wisdom.

You are able to move tenaciously towards your goals. Also, you find it easy to discard old, ineffective beliefs and swap them for new ones.

People with the alligator/crocodile spirit animal see any situation from several perspectives. This means that you are able to resolve situations faster than the average person can.

Use the new strength from your spirit guide prudently. Let your spirit guide teach you the meaning of bravery.

Don’t be afraid of the changes that come with having this spirit totem in your life. Rather, use the changes to grow.

Let the new wisdom guide you into becoming the person you are destined to be.

The world out there is waiting for you to discover it. It’s beckoning for you to learn new lessons and experiences.

The alligator/crocodile spirit animal gives you the power to withstand the challenges that you face in life. You’ll no longer have to cower when faced with tough situations.

Be assertive when you must. It doesn’t pay to be nice to people all the time. Otherwise, crafty individuals can take advantage of you to reap you off.

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Importance of the Alligator/Crocodile Spirit Totem

Welcoming the alligator/crocodile spirit animal into your life has some massive benefits. For example, it reminds you to stop being too complacent.

There’s much you can achieve in life. The alligator/crocodile totem alerts you that you are not doing much to add value to your life.

Although things are happening in your life, they are moving too slowly.

The alligator/crocodile spirit guide comes to shake things up a bit. As such, brace yourself for the wild ride!

This spirit guide gives you the resilience you need to digest whatever situation you go through. You are able to adjust accordingly to accommodate the changes in your life.

The crocodile has a deep connection to primal instincts and the spiritual world. It has a keen memory of the life it has spent on the water.

As such, associating with this reptile gives you limitless opportunities. For example, you are able to flow with the abundant waters of life.

Moreover, you are able to gain from your past experiences.

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The crocodile is very alert when it is in water. Here, it enhances its clairvoyant skills. This kind of environment helps the crocodile to master its genetic memory.

This enables it to acquire a life-long toughness. Many people consider this kind of toughness quite unsavory.

But, it will help you to move unfailingly towards your destiny.

The alligator/crocodile comes into your life to remind you to be genuine to who you truly are. It’s important that you remain authentic so that you can access the opportunities meant for you.

This totem wants you to be in touch with your emotions. Don’t fake your feelings just to fit in a certain gathering.

It’s vital that others understand what your principles are. This way, they’ll respect you and give you the space you need to excel.

But, in the same manner, make it at to respect the emotions of everyone you are dealing with. Try to understand at a deep level what it is they are trying to express.

This should not be too hard for you. You see, people with the alligator/crocodile spirit animal are gifted healers in the spiritual realms.

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When to Call on the Alligator/Crocodile Spirit Animal

The alligator/crocodile spirit animal comes to your life to fortify your resolve. It awakens your realization to the abilities that you have not been putting to proper use.

Call on this spirit guide when you encounter any of the following situations:

  • Your life seems rather chaotic
  • You find yourself in the murky waters of business
  • You need to move out of toxic situations
  • You need to undergo a massive change
  • You need to move out of your comfort zone
  • You need to assert your independence
  • You need to seize the opportunities meant for you

Does the Alligator/Crocodile Appear in Your Dreams?

The alligator/crocodile spirit animal appears in your dreams just when you need it. When you see this reptile spirit animal, take it as a message of power, strength, and freedom.

Also, take it as a warning. There could be some hidden dangers somewhere in your vicinity. Be careful as you interact with strangers. Also, don’t make any decisions in a rush.

The crocodile is comfortable both in water and on land. As such, they stand for your conscious and subconscious self.

It represents your rational and emotional sides.

Pay very close attention to this dream. Is it letting you know of something that’s coming to the surface? Are you on the verge of some new enlightenment?

The alligator/crocodile dream wants you to unleash your aggressive attitude. Use your snappy attitude occasionally to get things moving.

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Final Thoughts…

Many people fear the alligator/crocodile because of their predatory nature. Of course, it’s a master of ambush, and it rarely goes hungry.

So, the crocodile has been associated with death for eons. But, it also symbolizes the success of your life.

This spirit guide wants you to concentrate on the birth of new concepts in your life. You can use the wisdom of this totem to make your life better.

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