The Vulture Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Vulture Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

Do you feel the presence of the vulture spirit animal in your life? Well, it means that this spirit guide has paid you a visit.

It gives you an experience that is rather hard to describe. You sense it’s you are seeing everything with fresh eyes.

This is what we refer to as a new beginning. The vulture is able to do this in your life because it carries the symbolism of rebirth and purification.

Of all the spirit animals, we single out the vulture for its positive energies. These allow it to soar high, looking down below for nourishment.

Also, it prefers to rest on high branches with a view of everything below.

When this spirit totem comes into your life, it teaches you a number of valuable tricks. For example, you learn to be 100% certain before attempting to do anything.

Another trick has to do with resourcefulness. You learn this because vultures clean their feet off bacteria by urinating on them.

This is an excellent sign of resourcefulness!

The vulture spirit animal wants you to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that come your way.

Use your environment to get rid of anything that could harm you and your loved ones.

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What is the Meaning of the Vulture Spirit Animal?

By its very nature, the vulture is a scavenger. When this spirit totem comes into your life, you learn to be resourceful.

The vulture comes into your life to give you inspiration. There are many opportunities around.

But, in your current state, you may not be able to see these opportunities.

The vulture spirit animal comes into your life to open your eyes. You are able to attract and see the opportunities that bring more luck and abundance in your life.

As such, you are able to achieve your goals with ease.

The vulture spirit guide comes into your life to expose you to the realities in your environment.

It lets you see the aura and colors of the people you are with.

As the vulture’s life companion, you learn to soar high. You see, the vulture pushes the limits when it comes to heights.

You can have this ability by admitting the vulture spirit into your life. All you need is to expend your energies in the right direction.

Learn to offload the burdens that keep you pegged to the ground. Isolate anything or anyone that’s not contributing meaningfully to your life.

Additionally, the vultures bring the message of change in your life. People with this totem are highly adaptable.

In case you come across any challenges in life, this spirit animal wants you to scrutinize them closely.

Do you fear these challenges because of certain flaws in your character? The vulture helps you to deal with this.

You are able to easily turn your flaws into strengths.

The vulture spirit animal encourages you to take control of your life. Face up to challenges with courage.

Even when things seem unmanageable, know you have the resources to make it through.

Why Do I Keep Seeing the Vulture?

Spirit animals choose us; we don’t get to choose them. The energies you put out into the Universe attract your spirit animal, which senses your needs and comes to your aid.

The vulture spirit animal makes its presence in your life known in various ways. For example, you may encounter this bird wherever you are in the natural world.

Or, it could be the first animal you see when you watch a TV documentary. The vulture animal spirit may also appear in your dreams or visions.

This bird will keep popping up to capture your attention until you notice it and start tapping into its energy.

So, why does the vulture spirit animal keep revealing itself to you? Here are some important messages from this spirit guide:

Embrace Your Independence

The vulture is a solitary bird that survives in the wild purely on instinct. Many regard the vulture as an opportunistic bird.

However, it is much more than this. This spirit animal asks you to rely on your own skills to achieve your goals and dreams.

Avoid Wastefulness

The vulture consumes every part of the carrion it finds. Your vulture spirit guide locates you to warn you of the dangers of wastefulness.

The vulture teaches us to conserve our resources. We should appreciate what we have to the extent we wouldn’t want to lose any part of it.

Be Patient

Ever heard of the adage, the vulture is a patient bird. This animal is known to follow a weak or sickly quarry around until it falls to the ground.

Your vulture spirit animal teaches you the importance of patience. Don’t be in a hurry to achieve success.

Instead, do everything meticulously so that your success becomes strong enough to withstand the test of time.

Purification and Detoxification

By consuming carrion, vultures keep the environment clean and prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens and diseases.

The vulture symbolism tells you to eliminate all negativity from your life. This spirit animal encourages you to keep your body, mind, and soul free of impurities.

Renewal and Rebirth 

Life is made up of the never-ending cycle of birth and death. After death, living beings are renewed and transformed into new beings, necessitating the process of rebirth.

Vultures perpetuate this natural cycle by feeding on carrion. Your vulture spirit animal wants you to see the need to constantly allow the old to die to make way for the new.

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The Cultural Meaning of the Vulture Spirit Animal

Vulture Symbolism in Christianity

The vulture is listed among the unclean birds in Christianity because it feeds on carrion and corpses. In some texts, the vulture is linked to the fall of evil kingdoms such as Babylon.

It is also said to be a companion of the Prince of Darkness. As such, this bird was not to be included in the community of God.  

The vulture is seen as a devourer of the dead. As such, it is a sign of being left out of God’s kingdom.

The captives in Babylon were exposed to the vulture mentality. They lived in shame, pain, and fear. In every way, they had been excluded from God’s kingdom.

Because of its association with the Babylonian Kingdom, the vulture is regarded as a representation of demons and evil in the Bible.

In some ancient Christian texts, the vulture is described as the Great Ruler of Babylon. This shows this bird is associated with the evils perpetrated against the Children of Israel.

Some Christians believe seeing a vulture circling overhead is a sign of evil. This vulture symbolism shows that the Christian faces many trials and temptations.

People with such a vulture symbolism are called upon to pray more to escape the lures and machinations of the devil.

According to the Book of Revelation, vultures will be tasked with gathering the corpses for Judgment Day.

Vulture Symbolism in African Culture

The vulture occupied a hallowed position in Egyptian culture.

For example, this bird represents the letter ‘A’ in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Indeed, this spirit animal was an honored companion of the Pharaohs.

Egyptian mythology holds that male vultures do not exist. As such, this bird was associated with motherhood and nurturing.

As such, this bird was associated with feminine deities, such as Nekhbet, the patron deity of nursing and Pharaohs.

In some cases, female deities were represented with vulture heads. This indicates the vulture was regarded as the protector of feminine causes.

In other African cultures, the vulture was regarded as a symbol of death and rebirth. It was believed to protect the souls of the dead by eating corpses to prevent them from housing evil spirits.

In this context, vultures could pass spiritual messages from the dead to the living.

In many African communities, vulture and eagle feathers were used side by side in spiritual ceremonies and rituals.

This shows how highly the vulture spirit animal was regarded in the African context.

Vulture Symbolism in the Native American Culture

The vulture is regarded with suspicion and even distaste in Native American traditions. This bird was considered unclean because of its association with corpses and carrion.

In some Native American clans, a vulture encounter meant that an important person in the community would pass away.

Sometimes, vulture encounters were equated with sickness and natural strife, such as famine, pestilence, or floods.

The shamans and other spiritual experts would be called upon whenever a flock of vultures was seen near the community.

This was quite in order, considering that vultures were the precursors of death.

Native American mythologies and folklore paint the vulture symbolism in a negative light. The legends characterize this bird as deceitful, cruel, aggressive, and opportunistic.

Native American clans who prided themselves as the Vulture People saw their role as that of guarding the clan from intruders.

In some cases, these clans were held in the same high esteem as the Jaguar People. 

So, although the vulture does have a negative reputation among the Native Americans, the Vulture People give it a saving grace.

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Vulture Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The vulture is depicted as the malevolent creature Ellen Trechend, who fought the people of life and destroyed the culture of Ireland for centuries.

According to legend, this creature reigned mayhem on the land until the Irish hero, Amergin Mac Eccit, battled this evil and defeated it. 

In some Celtic lands, ‘sky burial’ was a common feature of the cultural fabric. The shamans left the dead on the peaks of hills and mountains where vultures feasted upon them.

It was believed that this ritual released the evil in the soul and allowed it to transcend effortlessly to the Otherworld.

The vulture symbolism in Celtic culture depicts this spirit animal as an important bridge between the world of the living and the dead.

Vultures would carry the souls of the dead to the Otherworld. Shamans sometimes received special messages from the spiritual world through the vultures.

The buzzard is regarded as a sacred animal in Irish culture. It is considered a source of inspiration, intelligence, and divine energy.

The vulture spirit animal is closely associated with replenishment, rejuvenation, and rebirth. It is a hallowed bird commonly associated with the energies of the first day of the week. 

Indeed, it is illegal to kill a vulture in Ireland.

Vulture Symbolism in Eastern Culture

The vulture symbolism in Buddhism indicates a bird is regarded as sacred because of its role in the world.

By feeding on dead bodies, the vulture cleans the environment. It also makes it easy for the dead to move on to the next stage of their life.

In this context, the vulture is associated with the concept of reincarnation.

The Tibetans hold the vulture symbolism in a positive light because this bird does not feed on the living.

It is seen as a respecter and promoter of life and cleanliness.

The vulture symbolism in Buddhism was regarded as sacred. The vulture is a Dakini, a Tibetan angel that helps the soul migrate into the next phase of life.

The Tibetan Buddhists had a ritual of offering a human corpse to the Dakini. They believed that by so doing, the soul of the dead was purified, and they migrated to where they were reborn with ease.

The ritual of feeding the dead to vultures was considered sacred. The congregants were expected to observe silence during this ceremony and allow the vulture to feed in peace.

Once the vulture feeds on the entire flesh, the bones of the dead would be broken down into smaller pieces and once again fed to the vultures.

The Tibetans believed this would save the smaller birds and animals from the vulture. It was a case of sacrificing human corpses to save nature.

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What is the Symbolism of the Vulture Spirit Animal?

The vulture spirit totem is one of the most powerful totems in the Universe. But, it’s also one of the most misjudged!

You see, whenever some people think of the vulture, they associate it with destruction, rot, and death. How wrong they are!

The truth is that the vulture is a very special bird.

When this bird flies into your life, it brings with it the personal energy you need to soar in life. It opens your eyes to all the resources at your disposal.

The vulture will fly into your life when you feel most ill-equipped and exhausted. It comes to encourage you to embrace your energy centers.

It shows you how to use the tools at your disposal to meet your goals in life.

Do you know that the vulture has no real voice? Well, this goes to show that your actions are more effective than your words!

This does not mean that you shouldn’t speak. It goes to say that even as you speak, do what needs to be done!

Importance of the Vulture Spirit Totem

When the vulture spirit animal makes its way into your life, you learn to be patient. This spirit totem shows you how to think things through before you make a decision.

In this aspect, the vulture spirit totem offers benefits similar to those of the goat spirit animal.

Both animals ask you to take your time in consulting your consciousness before you make a move.

The vulture is a scavenger. It does not let anything go to waste. It teaches you to use your resources to solve your immediate challenges.

In doing so, you will have to rely on your past. Your past is rich in important lessons that you can draw from. Use this to navigate through the problems you encounter in life.

The vulture spirit guide teaches you to fight fiercely for your loved ones. Be responsible enough to protect them against your adversaries.

In the same way, you’ll come to understand when you need to help others. At times, you must let them sink.

But, when the need calls for it, help them swim across life’s rough currents.

People with the vulture spirit animal know how to use their energies efficiently. They have a higher vision that enables them to see the people around them.

Welcoming the vulture spirit in your life means that you’ll be able to use patience to your advantage. You are able to tap into the flow of those around you to make it in any given situation.

At the same time, you are not afraid to show your talons in case your loved ones face any threats. This spirit totem gives you such a high sense of responsibility.

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The Vulture Power Animal

Although spirit animals choose us, we may see the need to call on a power animal when we desire to exude its unique powers.

So, why would you want to call on the vulture spirit animal? Here are a few instances when this spirit animal can come to your rescue. 

Clarity and Insight

Do you feel your life is directionless and devoid of concrete form? The vulture power animal can come to save you when you feel lost and confused.

Change and Transformation

Call on this power animal when you’re going through a period of change. Humans often find change uncomfortable and even painful.

The vulture animal spirit gives you the peace of mind to handle change as it comes.

Divine Guidance

In many cultures, the vulture animal spirit is a special envoy from the spiritual realm. This power guide gives you the divine guidance to make wise decisions concerning your life.

Patience and Perseverance

The vulture is a patient bird. By calling on this power animal, you become more patient and perseverant as you wait for the results of your labor.

This animal spirit assures you that everything will work out in the end if you maintain a positive attitude about your life.

Waste Not, Want Not

Do you have problems managing your resources? Do you seem to get your priorities wrong almost all the time?

The vulture power animal teaches you to be resourceful. You learn to use your resources well based on your priorities.

Release the Past

The vulture animal spirit helps you deal with negative energy from your past. This power animal lets you eliminate emotional baggage, slowing down your progress.

When to Call on the Vulture Spirit Animal

The vulture comes into your life to tell you that your pain and suffering are not permanent. Soon, things will brighten up, and you’ll experience a sense of renewal.

Call on this spirit animal when you find yourself facing these circumstances:

  • You want to be more confident and less self-conscious
  • You desire to raise your head with dignity
  • You want to learn how to be patient
  • You desire to be a better person
  • You are facing certain challenges in your life
  • You need to refocus on the important things in your life
  • You have run out of options
  • You are facing a daunting job
  • You are unable to understand certain things in your life

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Vulture Encounters and Omens

Seeing a vulture is not taken for granted in many belief systems and cultures. Here are a few meanings and interpretations associated with the vulture animal spirit:

Healing and Renewal

Seeing a vulture indicates that a painful phase in your life is ending. The vulture comes to clear corpses and carrion, signifying it represents death.

This spirit animal indicates the old has come to an end; get ready for the new.

Perfect Divine Timing

The vulture animal spirit teaches the art of patience and perseverance. This power animal asks you to wait for the perfect divine timing for the rewards you seek.

Keep working hard and trust in the timing of the Universe for the results.

Insight and Vision

Vultures are well-known for their perfect eyesight. For the sky or high perches on trees, they can easily spot their quarry below.

An encounter with the vulture is an invitation to have a better perspective on your life and the issues around it.

Conclusions and Beginnings

Vultures appear when a life ends. As such, they indicate the end of a phase and the beginning of another.

Seeing this spirit animal prepared you for endings in your life. With every ending comes a new beginning.

Divine Intervention

In many cultures, vultures are considered messengers of the spiritual realm. As such, seeing this bird asks you to open your mind and heart to divine messages.

Tap into your intuition to understand the direction your spirit guides want you to take.

Cleansing and Detoxification

Vultures play the role of cleaning nature by getting rid of dead bodies. An encounter with the vulture animal spirit indicates it’s time to detoxify.

This is an excellent time to consider the relationships you’re involved with. Do they add value to your life?

What about the situations you expose yourself to? Do they support your goals and dreams? 

Vulture Mythology and Folklore

Greek Vulture Mythology 

Greek mythology indicates there was a great between the gods and the giants of the Earth. This war left many giants dead.

Zeus was concerned that the giants would rise again to cause terror and mayhem to people and the other gods.

To prevent this from happening, Zeus unleashed an army of vultures to devour the bodies of the dead giants and put everyone’s fear to rest.

In this context, Greek mythology indicates vultures help restore divine order in the Universe. 

African Vulture Mythology 

In some African communities, the vulture is seen as a benevolent messenger from the divine realm.

According to Maasai folklore from the East African communities, Enkai (God) was unhappy with the constant raids His people’s enemies conducted on the land.

As such, Enkain sent famine on the lands of the enemies of the Maasai, removing them from the face of the Earth.

Enkai then sent the vultures and hyenas to clean the land and cleanse it of any evil left behind by the dead.

In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Nekhbet wore a vulture headdress as she made her rounds to help the sick and the wounded.

Nekhbet worked hand in hand with real vultures to carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

Native American Vulture Mythology 

According to a Native American legend, the people sent the vulture with an offering of delicacies to the Great Spirit.

This offering was part of an offering to appease the Great Spirit for divine intervention in times of calamities.

Unfortunately, the vulture became greedy on the way and devoured the peace of meat. The people felt betrayed and angry, and asked the Great Spirit to curse the vulture.

Following this appeal, the Great Spirit cursed the vulture and made him eat dead meat. From that day, vultures are found hovering over corpses and carrion.

Vulture Tattoo Meaning

Whether to have a vulture tattoo depends on your spiritual and cultural beliefs. It also depends on your interaction and experiences with this bird.

Here are some reasons people choose to have a vulture tattoo:

Healing and Recovery

A vulture tattoo indicates you’re on a healing journey. The old is dead, and you are working to renew yourself.

A Positive Mindset

This tattoo reminds you to expect good things in your life. As you keep working to change your life story, the tattoo reminds you that true success does not happen overnight.

Connection to the Divine

A vulture tattoo is a testament that you’re in touch with your spirit guides. This is a badge of honor because of your spirituality.

Environmental Consciousness

You don’t take matters of conservation lightly. You profoundly respect the natural world and the benefits you derive from it.

Divine Protection

In some cultures, the vulture is said to ward off negative energies when it purifies the environment. You may want to wear a vulture tattoo to ward off evil if you hold such beliefs.

Does the Vulture Appear in Your Dreams?

It’s common for the vulture to appear in your dream, especially if you are going through tough times. When this happens, you need to be cognizant of the meaning of that particular dream.

The critical significance of any dream involving a vulture has to do with insight and purification. The dream shows that your past life will become the pillar of insight that will help you solve the conflicts in your life.

The vulture spirit animal invites you to learn the key lessons from your past experiences. These are the keys to solving your current challenges.

The vulture dream is an indicator of opportunism. This may be affecting someone close to you. So, you need to be watchful.

Is someone close to you waiting for you to fail so that they can take advantage? Don’t take this for granted. Investigate it thoroughly.

Finally, a dream that features that vulture is a warning. Someone is using you for their benefit. Someone is taking advantage of you to your own detriment.

Open your eyes and correct this situation!

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Final Thoughts…

The vulture comes into your consciousness to teach you the importance of silence. There’s much wisdom in silence, as you’ll learn when you obey this spirit guide.

This spirit animal intends that you build a good, solid name for yourself. It’s okay to be a bit mysterious. However, don’t let anything – or anyone – compromise your reputation.

The vulture totem encourages you to allow things to unfold in your life. Don’t be in a hurry to make critical decisions. Take time and pick on the best options.

Also, this bird reminds you to put your resources to good use. You can draw from past lessons to improve your present choices.

The vulture spirit animal wants you to enjoy a happy, rewarding existence.

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