The Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

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Interested in the hippopotamus spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

The name ‘hippo’ means the ‘water horse’. This animal is the largest mammal on land, second only to the elephant.

The hippo has been held with reverence in many cultures. For example, the ancient Egyptian considered the hippo sacred.

So did many other African cultures. They associated it with the realms of birth, healing, imagination, and creation.

In the world of astrology, the hippo is linked closely with the proper use of aggression, emotional depth, and power.

It signifies your ability to protect your family. It shows your ability to bring forth new ideas.

This animal expertly blends its water and land habit. This tells us that we need to synthesize the attributes of both water and earth.

We need to create some sense of stability in our lives.

The Meaning of Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus reminds you to use your creative power to banish the boredom that could be creeping into your life.

You have the inherent power to add some magic into your life. By sticking to the true and tried, you’ll be able to reach your goals right on schedule.

The hippo means that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. Keeping pushing, for the best is yet to happen in your life.

This spirit animal means that with the right commitment, you’ll be able to overcome the challenges that seem insurmountable.

Do not allow boredom to steal your life. Use your rich imagination to infuse life into your existence.

Also, the hippo reminds you to use aggression wisely. Aggression will serve you well in certain situations. Aggression is a powerful force that will banish the biggest challenges in your life.

But, you need to know when to apply it. Using it wrongly will backfire in a big way.

The true meaning of the hippo is practicality, creativity, and stability. If you have this totem in your life, you’ll maintain a good balance. You’ll pay close attention to the practical aspects of your life.

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What is the Symbolic Meaning of the Hippopotamus?

When you welcome the hippo animal spirit into your life, you’ll have a great way of connecting to your intuition.

The hippo is comfortable both on land and in water. This means that you can use the two elements to your advantage.

You can harness the stability symbolized by the Earth. At the same time, you can make use of the intuition and spirituality represented by Water.

By combining these two elements in your life, you’ll get the best results in your endeavors.

The hippo’s body can hide in the water for up to five minutes without taking a breath. When it’s partially submerged, the hippo can breathe quite well. ‘

Its eyes will be above water to survey the surrounding.

You can learn a lot from these symbols from the hippo. For example, it’s okay for you to immerse yourself fully in your creativity.

Also, allow your emotions to express themselves. Don’t bottle up your feelings lest they turn explosive.

Having the hippo as your totem animal allows you to have more control of your emotions. You are able to explore the entire extent of your feelings without flipping over.

Once you have mastered your emotions, you’ll be equipped thoroughly to understand the world around you.

People who have the hippo spirit animal enjoy lucid dreams. You have the capacity to contact spirits. These are strong abilities. They require that you e an expert at controlling your emotions and robust creative energies.

The hippo’s skin is quite delicate. It can withstand the heat of the sun for long. For this reason, the hippo needs to deep itself in water during the day. It only ventures out at night to feed.

If this is your totem animal, you need to take very good care of your skin. You may be prone to skin infections and ailments.

Importance of the Hippo Totem

When you have the hippo totem, you gain the inborn ability to know the hidden truth. You can read what lies beneath the surface.

As such, you’ll be in a good position to make the right decisions regarding any situation.

The hippo totem gives you the courage to push for the respect of truth. People quickly come to associate you with the virtue of respect and protection.

You acquire the ability to act decisively. You won’t spend a million years trying to make people see things in a certain light.

The hippo totem enables you to have a grounded lifestyle. People will respect your ability to make rational, well-balanced decisions.

The hippo spirit animal allows you to immerse yourself in your creative mechanisms. You won’t allow intrusive emotions to get in the way of your creative mind.

Those with the hippo totem give them a strong connection to the healing, artistic, and spiritual realms of water.

All the same, be careful when you are involved in outdoor activities. You are susceptible to dehydration and skin infections.

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When to Call on Your Hippo Spirit Animal

The Hippopotamus spirit animal will help you to unleash your creative power. It will help rejuvenate your life. As such, do not be afraid to call on it when you need help.

So, when do you need to call on your hippo spirit animal?

  • When you have low self-esteem issues
  • When suffering from bouts of doubts and depression
  • When you are not certain about your strengths
  • You are feeling limited by your environment
  • When a toxic situation threatens to stifle you
  • All fun seems to have escaped from your life
  • You feel the responsibility to let the truth be known
  • You need to make a decisive move

You know that you are a hardworking person. Nevertheless, there are times your goals seem elusive. Having the hippo spirit animal in your life will guide you in the right direction.

This animal spirit helps you to be ambitious, relaxed, focused, and quite adventurous.

Your good management skills will come to the fore. You’ll do very well if you put the right focus in your career.

Indeed, don’t settle for a low profile job. Your ability requires that engage in a high profile career. You’ll get the job done with resounding success.

Does the Hippo Appear in Your Dreams?

The appearance of the hippo in your dreams can have either a positive meaning or a negative one. It all depends on what the hippo is doing in the dreams.

For example, if the hippo is standing in the hot sun during the day, this signifies danger. It means that you have some unhealthy emotions that you need to clear.

Alternatively, it could mean that there are some dangerous events about to take place in your life. It is important that you remain vigilant to avert disaster.

Remain on high alert in the next two or three weeks that follow.

If you see a group of hippos, it means that you are working too hard. You need to take a rest to avoid a breakdown.

Create some time for self-care. Take a vacation and travel to unwind.

When the dream involves a hippo that’s partially submerged in water, this shows your potential strength. You have a lot of potential, which you have not expressed.

The hippo spirit animal is urging you to make use of your creativity to design solutions to societal problems. Don’t be afraid to unleash your full potential to help humankind.

If the hippo appears aggressive, it shows your protective nature. You may have to mark your territory. This is more so if you are dealing with people who are constantly overstepping their boundaries.

Final Thoughts…

The hippo encourages you to unleash your expressive power. You need to explore deep within yourself to realize what you are capable of.

The hippo spirit animal enables you to push away monotony from your life. You get the ability to add freshness to your life.

Don’t be afraid to dream. Create fresh ideas and try them in your life. All you need to make it in life is deep within you.

But don’t worry. Having the hippopotamus spirit animal in your life will provide you with all the guidance you need.

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