The Horse Spirit Animal

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Interested in the horse spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

Not many animals in the animal kingdom have the grace, majesty, and nobility of the horse. The horse has a pure spirit that signifies its symbolic power.

If the horse spirit enters your life, you’ll be rich with imagination and pride. You will enjoy a highly active lifestyle.

You’ll be able to overcome as many hurdles as many obstacles as the horse does in his daily activities.

Your life will be full of robust energy, and your spirit will be as free as the wind.

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What is the Meaning of the Horse?

The horse spirit has the power to change just about anything you set your mind to. You can harness the wild freedom of this animal to bring changes to your own life, and the lives of those around you.

Having the horse as your spirit animal gives you a superior level of understanding. You receive this understanding only when you and your horse have mutual respect for each other.

You need to have an understanding of the responsibility you have for each other.

You need to recognize that this kind of understanding is power. To enjoy its benefits fully, you need to practice the virtues of sharing, loving, teaching, caring, and kindness.

The true meaning of the power of the horse is that all choices are good, as long as you apply the right methods to achieve your goal.

You must choose the pathway that brings no harm to man and beast alike. You must appreciate the need to live harmoniously with all the animals on earth.

Use this power to work for the glory of a unified humanity.

Of course, it is easier for you to be very perceptive when you have the horse totem. You will receive the power and stamina you need to play your part in this life.

Let us not forget that the horse is one of the hardworking animals. It has the ability to travel even the roughest of roads, carrying considerable weight on its back.

The horse meaning indicates your power to overcome obstacles. It points to the direction you need to take to overcome hurdles in your life.

The horse spirit reminds you to take care of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

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What is the Symbolism of the Horse Spirit Animal?

The main symbol of the horse animal spirit is all about freedom. This spirit animal has a raw desire to achieve wild freedom. Its spirit is so strong that it never wants to be confined.

Additionally, the horse spirit animal stands for journeying. Just like the camel, the horse embarks on long journeys in all kinds of terrains.

This is quite significant to the rider. It shows that he can access any part of the land with the help of this animal.

In the same manner, the horse spirit can help you overcome all sorts of challenges as you journey through life.

Do you need to express yourself freely in life? Do you feel constrained by your own inhibitions and limitations?

You need the horse spirit animal to set you free!

In spite of being domesticated by humans for centuries, the horse maintains a strong level of drive and wild energy.

This energy is symbolic of your ability to assert yourself in your personal and professional lives. You become more emphatic at school, in your workplace, and when in the company of friends and family.

Horses are fond of running free. This symbolizes that you have the need to express yourself freely. You have a strong desire to realize your goals within the shortest time possible.

A word of caution, though! Watch out that your emotions do not run wild. Learn to put them under control. Your emotions shouldn’t run your life.

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The Horse Spirit as a Symbol of Sexuality

The horse spirit animal is a strong sexual symbol. This is more so when the horse appears in your dreams.

According to the Freudian school of thought, horses in dreams represent flourishing sexual energy.

For example, if you dream of riding a horse smoothly through nature, you have strong erotic desires.

If your horse seems to be getting out of control, your erotic desires are too strong. They may rule your life if you don’t get a way of controlling them.

Be careful if the horse seems too tightly attached to the reins. It means that something is interfering with your ability to express your sexual life.

The Horse as a Natural Force

By their very nature, horses are a symbol of powerful natural forces. The psychologist Carl Jung opines that our ability to master the horses shows that we can use them to advance the course of humanity.

But, not all people can use the horse in this way. Only those with the horse spirit can truly harness the natural power of these animals.

If the horse spirit animal visits your life, you’ll have the energy and tenacity you need to succeed in all your undertakings.

You’ll be able to harness your primitive urges and desires and channel them to something useful.

The way you ride your horse can tell how you control the forces that drive your life. It can tell whether you deal with your life issues creatively or not.

It can tell whether you understand the power of your gifts and talents or not.

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Importance of the Horse Totem

The horse totem stands for your yearning for freedom. If you have this totem, you’ll frequently find yourself on a new spiritual or physical journey.

These journeys will provide your life with new direction. You’ll be able to discover new powers and liberties that are at your disposal.

The good thing about horse totems is that they are not only adventurous but also very friendly. They allow you to set yourself free of your perceived and real limitations.

They enable you to awaken all the potential that’s buried deep within you. You’ll be able to ride in new directions and to conquer new horizons.

When to Call on the Horse Spirit Animal

You can call on the horse spirit animal to get assistance under the following circumstances:

  • When you feel constrained by your own limitations
  • When your emotions seem to be riding wild
  • You are approaching a new phase in your life
  • You are about to start a new project that seems daunting
  • You need to channel your inner strength
  • You are operating in unfamiliar territory

Sometimes life gets too tough, and we can’t go on without a little help. This is understandable. All human beings face this kind of scenario at some points in their lives.

So, it’s quite okay to ask for assistance. Call on the horse spirit animal to help you harness the power that lives in you.

Fortunately, this spirit animal is highly social. It will empower you with competence, both in your workplace and amongst your social friends.

You’ll be able to make everyone feel welcome in your presence. You’ll have the power to infuse life to any social gathering.

You’ll be astounded at how fast you’ll soar in popularity!

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Does the Horse Appear in Your Dreams?

You can interpret these dreams based on two parameters. First, what is the horse’s state of health? Second, what is its color and how are you interacting with it?

If the horse appears weak or injured, it means that you are undergoing a disturbing emotional and mental experience.

If the horse seems to be suffering and in pain, this is a warning that you need to treat your needs with the seriousness they deserve.

You can also interpret the dream depending on the color of the horse. Let’s have a look at that in brief.

Dreams of a Black Horse

There’s a shadowy part of your personality that you prefer not to expose. This mysterious part resides in the recess of your mind, and you prefer to keep it there.

Dreams of a White Horse

White signifies that you soon enjoy some spiritual elevation. This is the symbol of pleasant moods.

Dreams of a Horseshoe

This shows that opportunities are coming your way. A horseshoe is a lucky charm and is highly regarded in many cultures.

Dreams of Betting on a Horse

This means that you are taking too many risks on your business front. Take care that you do not lose everything in unscrupulous deals.

Dreams of Talking to a Horse

This means that the horse spirit animal is trying to communicate some very important message to you. Take heed of the advice you receive in this kind of a dream.

Final Thoughts…

The horse spirit animal is a strong symbol of personal power. It accentuates our natural gifts and talents. The horse will open the doors to success in your life.

It empowers your creativity and imagination to run wild.

This spirit guide is a great trainer. It shows you how to ride your responsibilities with competence. It guides you on how to deal with setbacks.

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