The Dog Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the dog spirit animal? Then the guide below is for you!

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. They are domesticated canines that are cousins to the wolves and coyotes.

Every breed of dog has its unique characteristics.

When a particular dog spirit has come into your life, it’s important that you pay close attention to its unique qualities.

This is because your dog spirit can only share the qualities it possesses.

The dog spirit animal stands for loyalty, protection, care, and love. Dogs are some of the most faithful animals we have in the world today.

You can rely on your dog to provide you with the protection you need. Also, they love unconditionally.

If you are attracted to the dog totem, you’ll come across as loyal, steady, and loving.

You are right at home in any field that allows you to be of service to others.

You can excel in nursing, teaching, and social work.

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What is the Meaning of the Dog Spirit Animal?

The dog spirit animal reminds us that kindness has more benefits than criticism. This spirit enables you to be gentle with those you meet.

Also, you are able to appreciate other people for their uniqueness.

Additionally, the dog animal spirit is a constant reminder in your life that you should e truthful, loyal, and honest. Ensure that you are your own best friend.

Let self-care count high in your list of priorities. Be keen on self-value and self-respect.

When you adequately take care of your needs, you will be able to take care of others. Look for ways to boost your self-esteem. Only then will others learn to respect you.

It’s normal for a person under the dog spirit animal to face moments of confusion about their loyalties. Try not to be everything for everyone. You might lose sight of who you truly are.

The dog spirit guides you to take care of yourself before anyone else.

The rule is simple. Be loyal to yourself in order to grow and prosper.

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What is the Symbolism of the Dog Spirit Animal?

Rescue Dog Symbolism

When the rescue-dog spirit animal gets into your life, it shows that you have a brand new beginning. Also, it shows the conclusion of one karmic cycle.

The rescue dog signifies good news in your life. It enhances the rhythm in your life. Your life will be more fulfilling and enjoyable.

This cycle signifies hope for the future.

Puppy Dog Symbolism

The puppy dog spirit is a symbol of innocence. It stands for your childlike approach to issues.

When the puppy dog spirit enters your life, you’ll have the inclination to help those in need.

Also, it stands for your desire to release old habits and embrace new ones. This spirit is very beneficial to those suffering from any form of addiction.

Hound Dog Symbolism

When the hound dog spirit crosses your path, you may want to consider doing things your own way. You should shun running in packs if you want to progress fast.

Try to create your own path. Don’t struggle for the same reward as everyone else.

Working Dog Symbolism

The spirit of the working dog adds much purpose to your life. Working dogs are busy serving in rescue work, fields, and pulling sleighs.

When this spirit comes into your life, your purpose in life will change.

But, before you make any decision, carefully study the qualities of the type of dog in your life. Dogs like the Berners and Husky are good at pulling sleds and carts.

The Doberman and the Rottweiler serve better as protectors. Great Danes are used for hunting boars, while the Boxer is for herding cattle.

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Lap Dog Symbolism

The lapdog spirit signifies the need for reassurance. It could be that someone close to your life needs you to take care of them.

All the same, be careful that this person does not overly dependent on you. It is important that you work out co-dependency issues with this person.

Lap dogs are classified under the toy group of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. These breeds include the Shih Tzu, the Poodle, the Pug, the Pomeranian, and the Chihuahua.

The Terrier Dog Symbolism

The spirit of the terrier dogs urges you to persevere with your current mission. It guides you not to waver, no matter how tough things may seem.

The results may be slow in coming but hang in there.

You need to remain focused on your goal. Your courage, faith, and determination will pay off in the end.

According to the American Kennel Club, the breed of terriers includes the westie, the miniature schnauzer, and the Airedale.

Bird Dog Symbolism

This breed of dogs belongs to the sporting group. They include such dogs as the Labrador, the golden retriever, and the cocker spaniel.

When the spirit of these dogs gets into your life, you need to be very watchful. There is someone in your life who’s likely to mislead you.

Your instincts will guide you on what you need to look out for.

This dog spirit also means that you need to reinvent your spirituality. Get more in touch with the beliefs that add value to your life.

This dog spirit encourages you to move out of your comfort zone and add some freshness into your life.

Non-sporting Dog Symbolism

Under this group, we have such dogs as the poodle, the bulldog, the Dalmatian, the shar-pei, the chowchow, and the Boston terrier.

The spirit of these dogs urges you to provide those you love with love, comfort, and support. Those close to you will appreciate your companionship.

This requires that you socialize more. Step back from all the hard work and mingle with your friends and family.

When this dog spirit animal comes across your path in life, consider it as a sign that you recharge your life’s batteries.

Herding Dog Symbolism

When this spirit animal comes into your life, you need to keep a sharp eye for your loved ones. You need to figure out what risks they could be exposed to.

Do you see a predator on the horizon? Is your loved one straying into any danger? Then, it is up to you to ensure that they are safe.

In addition, this dog animal spirit lets you know when you are being too critical of others.

In this group of dogs are such breeds as the German shepherd, the Bouvier, the Old English sheepdog, and the collie.

Importance of the Dog Totem


When you have the dog totem in your life, you are capable of expressing much love. You have an indomitable spirit, and it would take much to break it.

People with this totem are very good at doing humanitarian work.

You are the epitome of the fierce energy and gentleness of man’s best friend. You are capable of expressing a deep sense of empathy as well as compassion.

The dog totem allows you to express love and acceptance to those close to you. People appreciate your loyalty. You are willing to stick to your friends and family regardless of the circumstances.

The dog spirit animal allows you to be committed and supportive. You’ll never abandon those who depend on you.

You have a keen sense of fair play and justice. As such, you are at the forefront of championing for societal causes.

Your open-mindedness and ability to listen to others will endear you to many people.

The dog totem empowers you with wisdom. The good thing is that you are willing to share this knowledge with others, for the sake of advancing societal causes.

Your deep insight into human nature has given you much influence over your peers.

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When to Call on the Dog Spirit Animal

You need to call on the dog spirit animal under the following circumstances:

  • You are looking for a lifelong partner
  • You crave spending quality time with a close companion
  • You feel under the weather
  • You’d like to spice up your life with fun
  • You need to relax after a hard period
  • You have some people looking up to you for assistance

Does the Dog Appear in Your Dreams?

Having a dog in your dreams has very significant meanings. If the dog is wagging its tail, it means that you’ll spend some quality time with friends that you treasure.

If the dog is angry (growling or snarling), you could face some conflicts with your loved ones.

If your dream has two or more fighting dogs, you may be required to mediate in a conflict. Your conflict resolution skills will be put to the test.

However, be careful that you are not caught in the middle.

When the dream features one of the large breeds of dogs, you may be called upon to offer protection to your loved ones.

Final Thoughts…

Since the dawn of time, dogs have been used as our protectors and guardians. Dogs were used to guard the borders of tribal nations in the past.

They ensured that villagers were not caught off-guard by invaders. The dogs used their keen sense of hearing and smell to protect their masters from danger.

Dogs have been used for hunting in all cultures.

Having the dog spirit animal ensures that you are trustworthy, noble, reliable, and protective.

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