The Snake Spirit Animal

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Are you interested in the Snake Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

When the snake spirit animal reveals its presence in your life, this has a significant meaning. By its very nature, the snake is a symbol of many things.

As such, you must open up your conscious self to what the snake is communicating in your own life.

You can find the snake spirit animal just about anywhere in the world. Of course, there are many different types of snakes.

Some are indigenous to some parts of the world, and you are unlikely to find them elsewhere.

Snakes from around the world are divided into venomous, constrictors, and common types.

However, for the sake of understanding the snake symbolism in your life, we’ll look at the common aspects of all these snake types.

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What is the Meaning of the Snake Spirit Animal?

A snake, of whatever type, represents the rich life force and energy associated with the earth. This is because they are usually close to the other.

Even when you consider the flying snakes of South-East Asia, you see snakes have a close connection to the Earth element.

When the snake totem comes into your life, it comes to awaken your primal instincts, and to enhance your unconscious drive.

This spirit guide wants you to pay very close attention to how you use your energy.

Also, it warns you to be careful about the sources of this energy.

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The snake has been associated with healing for centuries. It has been used as the symbol of healing powers.

Aesclepius, the Greek god of medicine, was shown as two snakes climbing up a rod.

This symbol, known as Caduceus, is used all over the world as the symbol of medicine and healing.

So, this spirit totem comes into your life to awaken your healing abilities. You are able to touch the lives of those close to you with this ability.

Furthermore, the snake presence in your life stands for spiritual liberation. The snake enters your life when you are going through a tough period of transition.

It comes to promote your growth during challenging times.

Think of it this way. You are stepping into the unknown and you are feeling scared. You need support to move forward.

Wouldn’t you trust a well-grounded spirit animal to conduct you through this transition? That’s the purpose of the snake totem in your life.

What is the Symbolism of the Snake Spirit Animal?

The snake symbolism lays much emphasis on self-awareness. This spirit guide wants you to open your eyes and mind to who you truly are.

It encourages you to live your own life. You don’t need to do certain things to please people. Rather, do things based on what’s right.

The snake spirit animal is a very good navigator. He relies on vibrations and the surroundings to plot his direction.

Also, snakes use their forked tongues to make critical decisions regarding their environment. This tells you that you need to be in touch with what’s happening around you.

Additionally, the snake spirit guide is a symbol of transformation. It stands for rebirth and a fresh start. When the skin sheds off its skin, it signifies the hard times you are going through.

It is likely that you are not very comfortable with what’s going on around you. In this case, your skin totem encourages you to drop that which you don’t need.

Are there certain contradictions you are facing? Is there some conflict or friction you’d rather do away with?

The snake spirit guide wants you to shed these off. Drop old, unproductive habits. This gives your life the chance to take on more productive ones.

Remove the old to create room for the new.

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Importance of the Snake Spirit Totem

The snake spirit guide enters your life to let you know that change is on the way. This totem wants you to embrace the change, for it is the only sure way to your progress.

The skin comes to aid you in removing old skin so that you can transform your life into something better.

So, when change is in the wind, expect a visit from your spirit guide. Make the process of transformation easy by setting your priorities.

Are your intentions clear? Do you have a clear direction that you desire to take? It’s important that you handle such concerns so that the transformation is safe and smooth.

Fortunately, there’s no need to be fearful when the snake comes into your life. It will encourage you to listen to your environment.

It urges you to be in touch with the vibrations of the earth. The snake will push you to perceive the smell and warmth of the sky and the air.

Once we connect adequately to our surroundings, you are able to discard the past and embrace the new.

People with the snake spirit animal fit very well in a variety of social situations. Your charm is a magnet that attracts other people. In this manner, you command attention.

People perceive something mysterious in your eyes. You intense gaze makes one feel that you know what they are feeling and thinking.

Moreover, your self-assurance and confidence are alluring. The snake spirit guide has empowered you with qualities that one cannot ignore.

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When to Call on the Snake Spirit Animal

A lot of things work quite well in your life. However, you have some tough challenges that stand in the way of your progress.

The snake spirit animal comes into your life to educate you about these challenges. More importantly, it shows you the transformations you need to make to circumvent these hardships.

Call on the snake spirit guide when you encounter these situations:

• You are unable to move forward in spite of your efforts

• Your past failures keep haunting your present

• The road ahead seems foggy

• You need to stay firmly grounded

• You need the wisdom of the ancient snake

Does the Snake Appear in Your Dreams?

The snake spirit animal comes into your life when you are ready for changes. It will appear in your dreams to advise you to look at the key facts of your life.

Most people who dream of snakes are usually frightened. This is a call to your strong unconscious power. It has been hidden for too long, and the snake has just brought it up to the surface.

Regardless of the nature of the snake dream, the message is that you need to make some positive changes in your life.

Don’t just concentrate on the negative feelings of the snake dream. Consider the positive implication of such a dream.

One such implication pertains to your personal struggles. Pay attention to the things that are pulling you back. Examine your options, and ask the snake spirit guide to help you choose the most effective one.

Dreaming of a snake calls on you to evaluate your life for poisons. Is every aspect of your life well nourished?

Are you well adjusted physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Can you see the things that you need to remove from your life?

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Final Thoughts…

When the snake spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s a call to take notice of what’s happening in your environment.

Concentrate on your surroundings. Identify the opportunities that you have been blind to. Equally important, spot the threats and take the right measures to eliminate them.

The snake spirit comes to urge you forward. Don’t allow your life to stagnate. Drop the things that are making your journey harder than it should be.

You’ll be surprised at the many good things you’ll attract when you rid your life of poisons.

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