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Are you interested in the Reindeer Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The word ‘reindeer’ comes from an Old Norse word that means ‘horned animal’. The Old German equivalent translates to ‘wild animal’, while the Old English word if ‘running animal’.

Both the male and female reindeers are horned. This is rather unique in the animal kingdom. Indeed, amongst the deer family, the reindeer is the only member in which both genders grow horns.

Where am I going with this? – You may wonder. It goes a long way to show that reindeer are special animals.

As such, when this spirit animal comes into your life, you can accept certain special gifts in your life. The reindeer totem radically changes what life means for you and your loved ones.


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What is the Meaning of the Reindeer Spirit Animal?

Welcoming the reindeer into your life opens up new vistas in your communication skills. The reindeer spirit is very skilled in guiding you into better quality social activities.

To excel in such activities, you have to hone your communication skills. The reindeer will equip you with both verbal and non-verbal skills in communication.

Also, you acquire an innocent demeanor that many of your family members and acquaintances can relate to with ease.

When the reindeer comes calling into your life, the lesson is that you need to take up added responsibilities. You may have to start taking up active roles caring for those close to you.

Your interactions with them will expose you to their concerns. Oftentimes, it will fall on your to make their conditions better.

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The key role of the reindeer is to guide. Thus, do not be afraid. This spirit guide will point you in the direction you need to take.

At the same time, the reindeer empowers you with strength, endurance, and perseverance. It teaches you to be adaptable when circumstances call for it.

This means that you do very well regardless of the situation in your life. Granted, you’ll face your fair share of challenges just like everybody else.

But, you have the tenacity to overcome adversity more quickly than most other people. This singles you out as the best person to play the role of caring in your group.

The reindeer spirit in your life speaks to your spiritual transition and social abilities. It helps you to achieve inner peace.

Inviting the reindeer into your live helps to shorten the emotional and spiritual journey you have been going through. Soon, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this spirit’s intervention.

This is more so if the journey in question has been long and arduous. The reindeer totem gives you the perseverance you need. It will guide you in the direction of people who’ll offer you support.

What is the Symbolism of the Reindeer Spirit Animal?

The Arctic people will rightly tell you that the reindeer have the warmest fur in the whole world. It is a treasured item, especially over the winter months when you need warmth and insulation.

Now, this is symbolic of the guidance, care, and comfort you derive from the reindeer presence in your life.

It is a strong statement of the reindeer’s willingness to sacrifice herself for your comfort. And, you don’t have to be upset by this.

The reindeer has sacrificed herself for centuries to keep humans warm. The good news is that she understands this need.

Take the case of the reindeer shamans of northern Eurasia. They wore reindeer fur because their communication with the reindeer spirit assured them that it is okay.

The reindeer symbol has a special significance for people suffering from bad knees, arthritis, and other leg problems.

The pain that accompanies these conditions is excruciating. This is more so during the cold winter months.

The reindeer spirit advises you to do some ‘utiseta’ exercises to alleviate these painful conditions. The ‘utiseta’ is a kind of a reindeer exercise that you do in very cold weather.

Its benefits are phenomenal. In fact, a good number of sufferers have reported entirely bypassing physical disability and run without experiencing an iota of pain.

So, the next time you feel down and under the weather, ask the reindeer spirit animal to guide you in doing some ‘utiseta’.

This spirit is dignified enough, and it will respond to you appropriately.


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Importance of the Reindeer Totem

The reindeer spirit reminds you to remain focused on your goals. Do not lose your drive, because your spiritual and emotional journey is nearing completion.

The reindeer totem comes into your life to assure you that you are on course. It gives you the resilience you need to remain true to your commitments.

The reindeer totem calls on you to trust your instincts. Do not be caught up in the drama that other people generate. Allow your light to shine through.

Remember, you are a symbol of hope to those who look up to you. Play your role with diligence.

The reindeer spirit animal asks you to take that leap of faith. Do not allow anything to scuttle your plans.

Granted, you will encounter many hurdles on the way. However, the reindeer totem assures you that all things are possible.

Trust your instincts to overcome whatever roadblocks you find on your path.

This spirit totem equips you with the skills you need to steer your family effectively. It equips you with the communication skills you need as a leader.

You are keen to guide others into new territories. You understand their needs and motivations. As such, you know exactly what they need to do to enhance their personal experiences.

When to Call on the Reindeer Spirit Animal

Having the reindeer spirit animal in your life comes with many benefits. This totem will come into your life just at the right moment when you need it most.

Here are some situations when you may have to invite this spirit animal into your life.

  • You feel that your strength to hold on is diminishing
  • You need the endurance to see your projects through
  • Your social ties are weakening and you need to strengthen them
  • You need to make strong spiritual strides
  • You would like to attain emotional maturity
  • You have a long distance to cover, and you do not know where to start
  • You need to adapt to new surroundings

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Does the Reindeer Appear in Your Dreams?

It’s common for the reindeer to appear in your dream when it wants to communicate some message from the spirit world.

Most of these dreams are a reminder that we should remain true to ourselves. Are you loyal to yourself? Are you still committed to your family and friends?

Are you dedicated to achieving your dreams?

Be particularly keen if a member of your inner circle is going through some adversity in life. The dream reminds you of your role to stand by them.

Other reindeer dreams may be a call on you to relax, enjoy the holidays and festivities, and be generous.

Final Thoughts…

The reindeer enhances your knowledge, resourcefulness, wisdom, and creativity. They give you the qualities you need to survive in changing environments.

It also stands for abundance and health. The reindeer are among the very first animals that our ancestors relied on for food, clothing, tools, and supplies. This is an animal of worthiness and nobility.

Truly, it is a worthy life companion!

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