The Giraffe Spirit Animal

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Interested in the giraffe spirit animal? Then this guide is for you!

People with the giraffe totem in their lives are some of the luckiest in the world. The giraffe looks at life from diverse angles.

When the giraffe spirit animal comes into your life, you gain an unlimited view of things around you. At the same time, you’ll have a solid connection with your family and the people you are related to.

The giraffe totem has the ability to forge very strong bonds between you and life. It accords you the cooperation and assistance you need to make an impact in the society.

The giraffe grows to a whopping 18 feet tall. It has a neck that is up to 7 feet high. This makes it the tallest animal in the world.

In spite of their ungainly gait, the weight of the giraffe is well distributed throughout its body. They are powerful animals. Their vulnerability sets in only when they bend to have a drink.

The giraffes are similar to the camel in one aspect. Both animals can go for long periods without the need to drink water. Indeed, the giraffe can go for as long as one month without visiting the water source!

As you can see, you can gain much by welcoming the giraffe spirit animal into your life.

For example, you gain the ability to see your life in a more expansive manner. Additionally, you gain the desire to evolve spiritually.

You will feel a connection with both the lowly and high-placed animals. All creatures will be your friends. You will be truly at peace with all living beings.


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What is the Meaning of the Giraffe Spirit Animal?

When the giraffe spirit animal makes a connection with your life, your foresight will expand exponentially. You’ll be able to take the lead in your social and professional spheres.

People with the giraffe totem are not afraid to follow through with their plans. You understand that the giraffe meaning in your life wants you to follow your gut instincts and take the right action.

The giraffe meaning in your life wants you to turn to the world of clairvoyance. Here, you’ll be able to hear your heart better. You’ll acquire the awareness you need to be a trailblazer.

The giraffe totem wants you to seek help when you need it. It is ready to lend you its help and guidance in any matter of your choosing.

Just like the jaguar, the giraffe helps you to focus your energies on the inner person. So, in case you feel confused for any reason, just remember to follow this direction.

Having the giraffe in your life unleashes the full potential of your soul. You are able to tap into the most reliable sources of knowledge.

The giraffe totem will tell you when your choice is right. Actually, if it feels ‘right’ have no doubts about it.

Similarly, if it feels questionable, just focus on your inner being. Therein you’ll get the answers to drive you forward.

The giraffe totem in your life may urge you to overcome your fears and forge ahead. Alternatively, it may advise you to seek a fresh direction.

The giraffe spirit animal is akin to the robin spirit animal in many ways. For example, both spirit animals lay much emphasis on self-love and self-acceptance.

Be proud of who you truly are. Treat yourself with the dignity and respect you deserve. Only then will you be able to project the same to other people.

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What is the Symbolism of the Giraffe Spirit Animal?

Do you feel bogged down by mundane matters? Then, you need to invite the giraffe totem into your life.

When this spirit guide enters your life, you will learn to value your spirituality. Also, you’ll create the perfect balance between your spiritual needs on one hand, and your emotional and physical needs on the other.

You won’t allow your environment to dictate how far you can rise. Instead, you’ll always hold your head high, regardless of what could be going on around you.

Human nature is such that we often operate on a pendulum of emotions. We are up this minute, and down the next.

However, the giraffe symbolism in your life is such that you’ll exude the optimism you need to stay above the waves.

You’ll act with strength and gracefulness that will leave your friends and foes awed alike.

Yes, you are only human. Sure enough, doubts will cross your path occasionally. However, with the giraffe spirit animal in your life, you’ll live your life to the fullest.

Be strong and look to the future with courage. This is what your giraffe symbolism implies. Do not be afraid to reach for the stars.

You’ll never know what you’ll reap in the process!


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Importance of the Giraffe Totem

Like the towering giraffe, your inner awareness and perception are sky high. You have acquired the ability to gather useful knowledge.

Fortunately, you are not afraid to share your knowledge with those who matter in your life.

You can see the future quite clearly. As such, you are able to take prompt action to safeguard yourself against the risks that the future could be hiding from the less tall people.

Such is the power of the giraffe totem in your life!

Additionally, you have a way of endearing yourself to your loved ones. You believe in creating long-lasting relationships.

You treat your loved ones with gracefulness and gentleness. This is more so where children and parents are concerned.

The giraffe spirit animal gives the ability to blend rather well socially. You have unique intuitiveness that enables you to bond with people of different caliber.

This is useful if you are to make a major impact on the lives of those you meet. With this kind of goodwill from people, you will find it relatively easy to infuse creativity into their lives.

You’ll be able to play a pivotal role in the positive transformation of the community you live in.

The giraffe symbolism speaks of practicality in your life. You are able to use your innate intelligence to provide real-life solutions to societal concerns.

Move on with confidence, no matter what life throws your way. You’ll always pull through.

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When to Call on the Giraffe Spirit Animal

You need to summon the giraffe spirit guide into your life if you want to tower above the ordinary. Do so when you face the following situations:

  • You feel lost and out of focus
  • Your insight reserves have dwindled
  • You are overwhelmed by the cares of the world
  • You are uncertain about your future
  • You desire inspiration for your projects
  • You want an understanding of your psychic awareness
  • You’d like to create a balance between your physical and spiritual realms

Does the Giraffe Appear in Your Dreams?

When your dream involves the presence of a giraffe, you need to think of your life in its entirety. Shun a narrow outlook, and instead try to see the larger view.

Is your life headed in the right direction? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Think in terms of this. The giraffe totem will offer you the insight you are looking for.

If you dream of riding the giraffe, you have a strong need to stand above the other people in your life. You desire to be the star in both your social and professional life.

Some dreams depict the giraffe running. This means that you are unwilling to deal head-on with certain issues in your life.

It’s time to pause and deal with the truths you’ve been avoiding.


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Final Thoughts…

The Giraffe totem is important in helping us take the risks we need to realize true growth in life. When you welcome this spirit animal in your life, you’ll open yourself to a world of possibilities.

It is important that you don’t lose sight of your spiritual needs. Do not concentrate too much on the mundane. You will be exposing yourself to much vulnerability.

Remember, the giraffe is weakest when it lowers its neck to drink water. You do not want to be in this position.

Safeguard your life by being spiritually connected.

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