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What is the Meaning of The Tower Tarot Card?

A pillar of brick and stone rising high into the clouds struck down by lightning and set ablaze by the sheer power of nature makes up the startling image that is The Tower.

When this card appears to you in a reading it can be quite a startling sight.

The Tower represents change. The proverbial stuff hitting the fan.

This card depicts to us unruly and unavoidable chaos, though this is seldom an omen to be feared.

Change is coming, and you may not be prepared for it, though with all things in life this change is met with both positive and negative aspects.

When one portion of your life is corrupted, other aspects of it thrive. The Tower is about give and take, even if it leaves you temporarily feeling hopeless.

The Tower brings forth world-shattering devastation if you let it. A card with this sort of edge is a warning, but not a sentence.

Keeping a calm mind when faced in a time of hardship means that the change being brought about is a learning lesson as well as a catalyst for new opportunities.

The Upright The Tower Meaning

the-tower-tarotJust like the other cards making up the Major Arcana it’s important to observe the cards appearing around The Tower and its position in your spread.

These aspects will help you to better determine the part of your life in which The Tower is sounding its alarm.

If The Tower appears in your past position it’s pointing to a situation in your past that hasn’t been properly resolved.

This could have been a falling out with a friend, a feud with a family member, or an explosive break up.

Whatever the case may be, this event hasn’t been properly resolved and is the root of your current situation.

If you feel as though you’re in a good place, be on guard for the past to resurface.

The Tower in your present position means that big changes are coming.

It’s important to consider where you are currently in life and answer honestly if any aspect of it is faltering.

Perhaps you’ve been ignoring the red flags.

If all truly seems well then you can expect news that seemingly comes out of the blue.

Be on guard and look to the card sitting in your past and future positions to try and determine which part of your life it may be affecting.

When appearing in a future position The Tower is acknowledging that the warning signs have already been brought to light.

Change is inevitable, but this is the best-case scenario as you have already, either consciously or subconsciously, been expecting it.

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Work and The Tower

When The Tower appears in your working life it’s daring you to think about the skills and talents you could fall back on should your position be disrupted.

This could be a sign that the pink slips are coming and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be looking for something new.

It’s best for you to take an opportunity like this to start over and pave yourself a better path than the one you’ll be forced to leave behind.

Love and The Tower

Has there been open and honest communication between you and your partner?

When The Tower shows itself in a relationship spread it’s telling you that your relationship is about to change.

While this doesn’t have to be a bad omen, it’s important that you understand the change is permanent.

For those who are single, The Tower says to consider how you carry yourself and the sort of people you attract into your life.

Something needs to change if you are hoping for luck in love.

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The Tower and Finances

Now is not the time to be taking risks with your money when The Tower comes into play.

It’s important to hold onto your savings as the tides are about to change in a way that could leave your bank account dry.

Be prepared for a monetary setback.

Meaning of The Tower in Health

Should The Tower appear in a health oriented spread it’s imperative that you be realistic about your health.

If you’ve been worrying about the possibility of becoming ill this is a sign that you should stop, otherwise you run the risk of making yourself ill.

If you have recently undergone surgery or are experiencing serious health issues The Tower brings the good news that you will soon be on the mend.

The Tower in Reversed Position

In a reversed position The Tower signifies that changes have already been put in motion.

Whether you’ve been affected at this point or not is irrelevant.

Keeping your head down and holding out until the chaos has settled is your best course of action.

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The Tower Combinations

If The Star appears after The Tower in your reading it means that the event depicted by The Tower will all turn out for the better as long as you follow your intuition.

The Tower in tandem with The Lovers speaks directly to your personal relationships.

This is a warning that bonds will be broken, however it’s also a sign to direct your attention to building up relationships with new people despite this setback.

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