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Common Tarot Spreads

All throughout your tarot reading experience, you will find that there are many different tarot spreads that cover all the different facets of life.

Each of these spreads have simple set ups and are easy to understand, which makes them great for both beginner tarot readers and for professional readers with clients who are new to tarot readings.

Having a variety of tarot spreads to choose from helps a tarot reader get more accurate results from their cards, and thus allows them to better advise the subject of the reading.

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General Tarot Spreads

-> Daily One Card Reading

As the name suggests, this tarot spread is comprised of a single card and is performed on a daily basis.

This one card is meant to reveal what the subject of the reading can expect from their day, or offer insight into whatever might be on their mind when they draw the card from the deck.

This one card spread can also be used for a quick answer to a specific question.

For new tarot readers this spread doubles as a good way to better acquaint yourself with your deck, and is how most professional tarot readers learned how to interpret their cards when they were beginners.

-> The Obstacle Spread

This five card spread can be used to gain insight into any situation you or the person you are reading. It can be used as a daily spread, though its main function is to offer advice for an ongoing event in your life.

Place the first card, then the second to the left and third to the right. The fourth card goes above the second card, and the fifth card under the second card. The spread should look like a sideways T.

  • First Card: The Concern or Obstacle. This card reveals the underlying issue at hand, which is more often than not showing the subject of the reading that the cards are acknowledging the situation.
  • Second Card: Direct Influences. This card represents a person, a situation, or the subject’s own feelings that are tied up in the situation. These influences could be positive or negative.
  • Third Card: Hidden Influences. This card reveals what the reader does not know about the situation. Typically a card in this position reveals the missing piece of the puzzle needed to fully understand the situation.
  • Fourth Card: Help. The fourth card reveals what will help the subject to overcome the concern or obstacle.
  • Fifth Card: Advice. The last card in this spread offers advice based on what the rest of the spread has revealed.

-> Blind Spot Spread

The Blind Spot Spread is a simple four card spread that is useful for a more generalized reading without a specific question being asked.

The spread layout should be box-like when done correctly.

Start with the first card in the top left corner of your box, then place the second card on the bottom right.

The third card goes beneath the first card, and the fourth card above the second card.

  • First Card: What everyone knows
  • Second Card: What no one knows
  • Third Card: What you know
  • Fourth Card: What they know

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Relationship Spreads

-> The Goodbye Spread

While the name might sound final, the Goodbye Spread is meant to provide clarity as to where a relationship is heading.

It is most commonly used when the person being read has questions about a new relationship or a casual friendship.

This spread consists of two columns with one card that separates them.

The first card is placed on the left with the second beneath it.

Cards three and four are arranged the same way on the right, and the fifth card is placed in the middle.

  • First Card: What You Need
  • Second Card: What You Get
  • Third Card: What They Need
  • Fourth Card: What They Get
  • Fifth Card: Outcome

-> The True Love Spread

The True Love spread is used for romantic relationships that have already been established.

It is a good spread for those are curious about the general tone of their relationship, as well as for those who are interested in knowing if “taking the next step” is likely to happen.

For this spread, you will need a larger area for reading.

Start by placing the first and second cards next to each other, starting from the left.

Beneath those cards, your third, fourth, and fifth cards are placed in the same fashion.

Your last card, the sixth, sits alone in its own row at the bottom of the spread.

  • First Card: You. This card reveals your current feelings towards the relationship.
  • Second Card: Your Partner. The card in this position shows the other person’s feelings towards the relationship.
  • Third Card: What Brings You Together. This card showcases the most important aspect over the relationship.
  • Fourth Card: What Keeps You Together. Also called “strength”, as it represents what aspect of the relationship is the strongest.
  • Fifth Card: What Needs Work. Opposite of the fourth card, this card reveals which area of the relationship needs the most focus and work.
  • Sixth Card: Outcome. The last card shows where the relationship is headed based on the present.

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Career Spreads

-> The Straight Shooter Spread

This career spread is primarily used to answer questions the subject of the reading has about career changes and promotions within their current company.

This spread is straightforward, as the name suggest. Simply lay all five cards in a single line from left to right.

  • First Card: Current Position at Work. This card represents how the subject of the reading feels about their job.
  • Second Card: Focus. Aspects of the job need to be worked on will be revealed in this position.
  • Third Card: Hidden Influences. This card shows the subject a person or event that will either hurt or help them on their career path.
  • Fourth Card: Advice.
  • Fifth Card: Outcome

-> The Employment Spread

The Employment Spread is one that would be used for someone who is between jobs, or considering a complete career change.

This spread is laid out in a pyramid shape, starting with the first card at the top. Place the second and third card in a second row from left to right, and cards four, five, and six in a third row also from left to right.

  • First Card: Your Current Situation. The first card represents the subject’s current mental and emotional outlook on their job search.
  • Second Card: Strengths. This card reveals the talents and traits that are beneficial to finding the right position.
  • Third Card: Weaknesses. Opposite of strength, the third card shows which talents and traits should be removed from the equation when it comes to searching for work or when considering a career change.
  • Fourth Card: What to Look For. This card shows what the subject should be looking out for. Often is appears as another person who will be monumental in their success.
  • Fifth Card: What to Lookout For. Contrary to the fourth card, the fifth reveals what will negatively impact the subject during their search.
  • Sixth Card: Outcome.

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Financial Spreads

-> The Lucky Horseshoe Spread

The Lucky Horseshoe Spread is best used a general overview of the subject of the reading’s financial future. It works well when there is not a specific question being asked, as it is better suited as a general financial climate overview.

As the name suggests, this spread mimics the shape of a horseshoe.

Starting on the left, place the first, second, and third cards in a column starting from the bottom.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth cards make up a column on the right side, also placed from bottom to top.

The seventh card is placed at the very top of the spread between the two columns.

  • First Card: You
  • Second Card: Past Financial
  • Third Card: Present Events
  • Fourth Card: Immediate Future
  • Fifth Card: Influences
  • Sixth Card: Obstacles
  • Seventh Card: Outcome

-> Money Spread

This spread is meant to be used when the person being read has a specific question regarding a financial decision. It is a simple spread to remember, as it has a similar layout as one of the spreads we have already gone over!

Start with the first card in the upper left corner, followed by the second card in the lower right corner.

The third card goes under the first in the bottom left corner, and the fourth card is placed above the second in the upper left. The fifth and final card goes in its own row at the bottom of the spread, beneath the third and second cards.

  • First Card: Current Position
  • Second Card: Unforeseen Obstacles
  • Third Card: Positive Consequences
  • Fourth Card: Negative Consequences
  • Fifth Card: Succeed/Failure

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Health Spreads

-> Overall Health Reading

The General Health Reading is quick spread that is useful for getting an idea of how the subject of the reading’s health is doing and how it might change in the future.

This spread works well with or without a specific question.

Place the first, second, and third cards in a single row from left to right. Underneath the second card, place the fourth and fifth from top to bottom in a single column. This spread should have a T shape when all the cards are laid out.

  • First Card: The Past. This card points to the subject’s health in the past, or choices they made in the past that are now impacting their overall health.
  • Second Card: The Present. This position represents the subject’s current state of being, especially in relation to their physical health.
  • Third Card: What Can Be Improved. Also called the “advice” card. This position tells the subject what aspect of their life should be worked on in order to promote wellness.
  • Fourth Card: Guidance. The card in this position points out the path that should be take in order to carry out the advice from the third card.
  • Fifth Card: Outcome

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-> Self-Healing Tarot Spread

This spread is geared towards emotional and mental health rather than physical health. It is laid out in a pyramid shape, starting at the bottom.

The first card goes in the middle of the bottom row, with the second card to its left and the third card to its right.

The middle row of the pyramid is made up of the fourth and fifth cards laid out from left to right, and the sixth card sits in its own row at the top.

  • First Card: What’s Blocking You. This card represents the emotional blocks in the subject of the reading’s life.
  • Second Card: The Past. In this position, a card will reveal how the emotional block affected past relationships.
  • Third Card: The Present. The card in this position shows how the emotional block affects current relationships.
  • Fourth Card: Lessons to be Learned. This position can reveal many things to the subject of the reading. It mostly acts as a warning, as this card is tells the subject of the reading exactly what needs to happen in order to remove the emotional block from their lives.
  • Fifth Card: Positive Influences. Often the card in this position will show another person in the subject’s life.
  • Sixth Card: Advice. The sixth card offers insight similar to the fourth card, though without the alarm bells and red flags. This advice directly relates to the lessons that need learning and reveals how to best learn them.

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