How to Choose Your Tarot Reading Psychic

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Finding the right tarot reader can be incredibly overwhelming for those new to the practice.

With so many options available, and with so many different approaches to reading tarot cards, it can be hard to know where to get started.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to find the right tarot reader for you and what you can expect to happen during your session.

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Choosing A Reader

The first step to choosing the right tarot reader for you is knowing what kind of reading you are looking for.

Each tarot reader is different in their approach, so it’s important that you have a clear expectation in mind.

  • There are some tarot readers who are spiritually inclined, and some that practice without any spiritual or religious aspects in their sessions.
  • Other tarot readers act as counselors or guides, offering advice based on what they see in your readings.
  • Some will cut straight to the point, while others will take time to paint elaborate verbal pictures about how the cards relate to each other.

Think about why you’ve decided to seek out your reading and start narrowing your choices down to tarot readers whose practices reflect your expectations.

Once you’ve found a few readers that match what you’re looking for, the next step is finding one from that group that you feel a personal connection with.

If you’re looking at tarot readers online, look through their website and trust your intuition.

In this scenario, it’s likely that you will be able to contact them in order to ask for more in depth information on how they conduct their sessions.

If you feel unsure about them, it’s alright to move on to another.

Experienced tarot readers understand that what works for them doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else, so don’t be afraid to say so.

Good questions to ask your potential online tarot readers are what kind of spreads they perform, and how they conduct their readings.

Some online readers offer live readings through video chatting, while others will send a written summary of what they saw in your cards.

If you won’t be video chatting, it’s a good idea to ask if you’ll be able to ask any questions about your reading after obtaining the results.

You may also want to ask about the number of cards in the reading you’d be receiving, as this usually determines the price.

If you’ve found several tarot readers in your area that offer face to face readings, it’s a good idea to stop by their stores and get a feel for them before booking your appointment.

You will also be able to speak to them before making your appointment, and you’ll be able to see first hand how their business is operated.

A lot can be said about the atmosphere they present in their store front, so see if you feel comfortable before making a commitment.

Questions you can ask an in-person reader are similar to the ones you’d want to ask an online reader.

You’ll want to know how much, or how little, you can expect to be told about your cards, and how much you can expect to pay for the session.

You’ll also want to know if the tarot reader will be recording the session, or if you would be permitted to record it yourself.

Some people bring tape recorders to their sessions, with permission, or a pen and notepad so that they can take notes.

Make sure you know prior to your session how it will be recorded.

Once you’ve followed these steps and found the tarot reader that feels like the best fit for you, go ahead and make your appointment!

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Things To Look Out For

Every tarot reader is different, and each one has their own unique approach to their sessions.

What may raise a red flag for one person may not be the same for someone else.

While this list of things to look out for is a good place to start, your intuition is always going to be your best way to know if a reader is right for you.

Poor Reviews

In this day and age of constant digital connectivity, it’s very easy to see if a business is reputable based on reviews left by other clients. I

f a tarot reader has many bad reviews, especially ones that question their business ethics, this is definitely a red flag.

Unfortunately, anyone is capable of purchasing a tarot deck and registering a business, and not everyone has good intentions when they do so.

Of course, some reviewers only take to the internet when they’ve been unsatisfied with their reading results, but as a general rule of thumb, an overwhelming number of negative reviews means that you should take your business elsewhere.

Vague Answers to Your Questions

As we went over in the last section, it’s important to ask any questions you have prior to your tarot reading.

The reason this is such an important thing to remember is because a seasoned reader will have most likely heard them before and will be happy to answer these questions for you.

When you are met with resistance, it’s grounds for questioning whether the reader is knowledgeable in their craft or if they’re looking to make a quick buck from true believers.

This is why your intuition is your greatest tool. If the answers you’re receiving seem vague, go unanswered, or you’re told to hold all questions until your reading, chances are the tarot reader are not what they are claiming to be.

Use your best judgement, and don’t allow yourself to be pressured into receiving a reading.

Asking You Questions

Contrary to the point above, a tarot reader shouldn’t be asking you a lot of questions once your reading has started.

They may ask you a few simple questions, such as your zodiac sign and what aspect of your life you were hoping for the cards to address.

However, too many questions about your situation is a trick used by many cold readers who are telling you what they believe you want to hear.

You are the one who should be asking for clarification about the cards that are revealed in your reading, not the other way around.

A good tarot reader will be able to relate the cards to each other without your input, so be aware of how much information you’re giving them about yourself and how much of it they’re using to make themselves sound credible.

Offering Cleansings, Curse Removals, or Exorcisms

While this point may sound silly, it is one of the oldest scams in the book.

As mentioned above, not everyone who sets up a metaphysical type business has good intentions and some people do see tarot reading as a way to squeeze money out of clients who are desperate for answers to the issues they have in their lives.

While these practices are not illegal, they are highly unethical and should send you running in the opposite direction.

Whether or not you believe in curses, possession, or that the tooth fairy has attached herself to the tree in your front yard, tarot cards are incapable of telling a reader any of these things.

Some of these so-called psychics will attempt to convince you that in order for things in your life to get better, you’ll need to purchase additional services from them.

These add on services can range from seemingly innocent to downright sinister, and are always prefaced by a gloom and doom type tarot reading.

If this should happen to you at any point in your reading, you are definitely not being rude by ending the session.

You may be out a few bucks, but that’s a small price to pay compared to being conned into thousands of dollars worth of home cleansings and protective talismans.

What to Expect

If you are receiving your tarot reading from an online psychic via a video call, make sure you’ve found a quiet and comfortable place for your session and be sure that you’re online and ready to take the call on time.

Have your notepad or recording device ready if there won’t be a written record sent to you after the reading is complete, and feel free to ask any questions you have during your session.

When you sit down for a face to face reading, there are several different things you can expect to happen. Some tarot readers like to start their sessions with a prayer or by smudging the space.

Some will light candles or incense.

Each reading room will have it’s own unique decor and design, but you can expect a small table for reading with chairs on either side so that you and the reader can sit across from each other.

If you’ve brought a notepad or a recording device for your reading, ask where the best place will be to place it, as you won’t want to disrupt the reading space.

The reader may ask you to cut or shuffle their deck before they set them down in the spread, or they may ask you to focus on your question while they shuffle the cards.

Once the cards are laid out, the reader will begin to tell you what they see. Remember to ask for clarification if you need it, and remember to enjoy the experience!

What Not to Expect

While tarot readings can be both entertaining and insightful, there are several misconceptions about the practice that those new to the craft may be surprised to learn are unfounded.

The first, and most important, misconception to dispel is that tarot cards predict the future.

Any experienced tarot reader knows that the future is not set in stone. Tarot cards draw from your current situation and your past in order to determine what the future could be like based on that path you’re already on.

This means that if your tarot reading contains an undesirable outcome, it isn’t likely to happen if you listen to the advice of the other cards in your spread.

A good tarot reader will be able to help you figure out which areas of your life need improvement so that you can avoid trouble in the future.

The second misconception about tarot cards is that they are going to answer the exact question you have 100% of the time. It’s not uncommon for the cards to give advice for a different area of your life.

This is because they are going to show you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know.

Of course, there are spreads that are used for specific questions, so to avoid your question going unanswered you may want to consult with your tarot reader beforehand about your reason for consulting the tarot.

The third and final misconception is about the psychics themselves. You may be surprised to find out that they don’t walk around in turbans and speak in wispy voices.

While some tarot readers may play into the Hollywood stereotype of what a psychic looks and acts like, most of them could easily blend right into a crowd.

In fact, it may shock you how normal your session is compared to what you may have seen on TV.

The Most Important Rule

Now that we’ve gone over how to find the right tarot reader for you, what to avoid, and what to expect from your readings, it’s time to share the single most important rule for receiving a tarot reading.

Keeping an open mind and having a good time!

It’s easy for someone new to the craft to treat the process the same way they would if they were looking for a surgeon.

While tarot cards are a great way to gain insight into the things happening in your life, the entire experience is meant to be a fun one. Even though reading can get pretty serious, it’s still exciting to see what may lie ahead of you.

Regardless of the nature of your reading, following this guide will ensure that you have a glowing experience and that you can walk away from your session feeling good about your decision to have consulted the tarot.

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