How to Do a Love Tarot Reading

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Romance questions are the most commonly posed type of question that a reader will encounter.

Of all the forms of connection, love is the most fraught.

The budding romance, the long marriage, and anything in between may require consultation with the cards.

Love Cards

There is no absolute meaning for the cards in a tarot deck.

While there are commonly accepted meanings, every reading is subject to interpretation based upon the context in which a card is presented and the reader’s intuition.

Any card could say something positive or negative in relation to love. It is up to the reader to study the cards’ meanings and sharpen his or her intuition.

There are a few cards, however, that seem to be more closely linked to romantic relationships than others.


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The Suit of Cups

In general, the Cups are most closely connected to matters of the heart. The Cups focus on emotional energy, creativity, and connection.

Most of the Cups depict water in the standard Rider-Waite deck.

Calm water on the cards represents stable emotions, while spilled or choppy water indicates a more tumultuous state.

Below are a few cards from this suit as well as some others that can have potent meanings when they come up in a love reading.

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is usually a positive card to pull in a love reading. It depicts two people standing as equal partners.

This is a card that represents monogamy, balance, and prosperity in a relationship.

Five of Cups

The black-clad figure stands over three spilled cups. This card is indicative of loss. Perhaps a relationship has just ended or will soon end.

There is the sense that not all is lost, though. Two of the cups remain standing. This is a card related to picking up the pieces and moving on.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups depicts a happy family. This card is associated with a prosperous and healthy union. Seeing this card during a love reading is almost always positive.

The Tower

In a love reading, this card can mean that the current relationship is full of unbridled passion. While this type of physical passion can be positive, it can also lead to destruction.

The Lovers

This is the most obvious card tied to love, but its presence is not always positive. It can express a connection that exists between two people.

The Lovers depicts the figures of Adam and Eve, which alludes to the other element of this card: temptation.


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The matronly Empress card is laden with fertility imagery, from her verdant surroundings to her pomegranate-covered garment.

To see the Empress in a love reading can indicate pregnancy or birth. It may also represent abundance, the birth of creativity, or new love.

Love Spreads

Many spreads can be used to gain insight into an individual’s romantic prospects. Any general spread can be adapted for a love reading.

The three-card spread, for example, could provide a brief overview of the past, present, and future state of an individual’s love life.

The five-card spread and the Celtic Cross spread are also solid choices for romance readings.

In addition, there are many spreads tailored to relationships and romance. Spreads for finding true love, healing a broken heart, and loving oneself are all available.

A tarot reference guide will provide a variety of options for the reader to try.


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Love Readings

The practices that the reader undertakes for a love reading are the same as for a general tarot reading.

If the reader has a deck that seems adept at responding to relationship matters, then this is the time to use it.

The reading space and the deck should be cleared by whatever means the reader typically uses, whether that is with clearing crystals or sage.

Including rose quartz in the environment during the reading will strengthen the reader’s ability to channel information about love.

Feel free to ask the cards to expound upon an answer they have given, but resist the urge to ask the same question of the cards over and over.

This is a common pitfall when the cards tell us something that we may not wish to hear.

If your reading does not yield the desired answer, take the time to evaluate what the cards have said.

Is there something in the present that needs to change in order to alter the potential outcome that the cards revealed? Give the cards and the situation some time before asking again.

At the conclusion of the reading, shuffle the cards and offer gratitude for all they have offered.

On matters of love, tarot can offer a guiding light.

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