The Meaning of Master Number 11

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In Numerology, multi-digit numbers are usually reduced to the vibratory meaning expressed in a single digit.

For instance, if the number 18 appears in a Numerology reading, it is reduced by adding 1 and 8, coming up with a total of 9.

However, in certain special cases, such as 11, 22 and 33, multi-digit numbers are not reduced to single digits.

These special cases are known as Master Numbers.

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What is a Master Number?

Master Numbers represent energies or vibrations that are more highly evolved than ordinary numbers and carry with them a higher potential to manifest or attract real outcomes in the physical world.

Throughout the field of Numerology, most experts agree that that are at least 3 Master Numbers — these being 11, 22 and 33 — but some argue that there are more.

We will be taking a closer look at Master Number 11, a highly evolved and highly spiritual number that signifies a high level of creative energy that manifests in the form of inspiration and spiritual illumination.

The Spiritual Meaning of Master Number 11

The Master Number 11, when it appears as your Life Path Number, is usually indicative of someone who is highly creative, extremely intuitive and even a bit sensitive.

The high level of intuition and creativity in a person with a Life Path Number of 11 are usually at odds.

Their creativity may prompt them to try to achieve great things, while their sensitivity may lead them to doubt their abilities and wallow in self-pity.

When the essence of Master Number 11 is activated in your life, acting as a guide down your life path, it means that the aspects of your personality that match this essence including intuition, creativity and illumination, will be highly developed and evolved.

It is important, however, to realize that an 11 essence also brings with it intense sensitivity.

Use your intuition to help you judge whether your sensitivity is well-founded before you react.

Thinking first and reacting later is something that people with a Life Path Number of 11 have to learn to do.

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Ways Master Number 11 Can Show Up in Your Life

When numbers appear in our daily activities, it is usually wise to recognize them as more than mere coincidence.

When a Master Number like 11 appears repeatedly in your experience, it is likely that your inner most spiritual essence is communicating with you directly.

There are several ways that Master Number 11 may appear in your experience, including:

Heeding the Call of Spirit

  • As a Time – If you see the number 11 come up in the time of a scheduled event, or if you notice that the time is 11, or 11 minutes past the hour, this is a sign that the events occurring at that time will have a special significance in your life. Once you are aware of this special significance, bring your full attention to whatever is happening. You should look for indications that the event is related to something extremely important in your life.
  • As a Date – The Master Number 11 is likely to appear in dates fairly frequently, so it may go by without notice. Numerological dates however, are a bit different. In Numerology, we simplify the numbers by adding them all together, reducing them as much as possible to the vibrational energy of a single digit. When dates add up to 11, it means that the day will be full of 11‘s energetic essence. To be sure, your intuition and creativity will be highlighted on that particular day.
  • As an Amount – There are several numbers that relate directly to Master Number 11 and may even appear as 11 in a disguised form. One example is 29. If we break 29 down, we add 2 + 9, which gives us 11. So when 29, 38, 47 and so on, appear in our lives as dollar amounts or quantities it is a good idea to take a step back and look for the wider significance of the transaction or event that is taking place. In this instance, the special characteristics of Master Number 11 will be accentuated and you will be able to access higher levels of intuition and creativity to help you reach your goals.

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The appearance of Master Number 11 in your life is a kind of call to take up the path of deeper spiritual fulfillment.

Our innermost spiritual essence often uses numbers to communicate to us from a place of ultimate truth.

The number 11 could indicate an opportunity to fulfill ourselves in a new and deeper way.

By paying attention to the guidance of our innermost selves, we can activate strong attractor energies that will bring everything we desire into our actual, every day experience.

Because of the nature of Master Number 11, its depth and spiritual importance, people who have this life path number are much more likely to develop later in life.

With higher intuition, deep spiritual insight and intense sensitivity, it may take longer for your creative gifts to manifest themselves.

However, if you follow your inner guidance and trust your heightened intuition, you are likely to be able to achieve levels of spiritual attainment and supernatural abilities that border on the miraculous!

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