11 Numerology Meaning

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The Meaning of Number 11

Numerology number 11, also called master number 11, is one of the few compound numbers in Numerology that retains its own vibrational essence and is not customarily reduced to a single root number.

Master numbers, like number 11 at its highest level of vibrational energy, have special spiritual significance and indicate high spiritual attainment.

To resonate at the level of master number 11, you must reach a relatively high state of spiritual evolution. This is why Master Number 11 is often depicted as the number 11/2 instead.

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11 Numerology Meaning

The numerology meaning of 11 Master Number is derived from its master number status. Master numbers have the powers to shape our life effortlessly.

You just need to tap into the power accompanying this sign to see your life for what it truly is. As a life path number, Master Number 11 draws its power from both numbers 1 and 2.

1 stands for new beginnings and steady progress in your new life path. This sign asks you not to judge your future based on past failures and mistakes.

Instead, shape your current trajectory to determine what tomorrow brings.

Master number 11 holds various powers that enable you to run your life path more efficiently. The divine realm uses this number to inspire you to be more sensitive to your environment.

The energies of number 2 are seen through such qualities as empathy, harmony, balance, and spiritual growth.

The numerological meaning of this life path number reminds you of your responsibility to others. You have the divine duty to guide others on the right life path of love, peace, and light.

11 Master Number in Numerology

In Numerology, 11 is a Master Number. It is in the same category as other Master Numbers – 22 and 33.

Master Numbers are unique in the sense that they radiate more energy and vibrations than ordinary single digit numbers.

Ordinarily, single digit numbers have a certain level of influence. However, this influence rapidly goes up with handling double and triple-digit master numbers.

The vibrations become very powerful if you’re dealing with master numbers.

Master Number 11 has a massive impact on your life path. This life path number deals with the hidden mysteries of the Universe.

People pursuing this life path have a deep understanding of their soul mission and divine life purpose. If this is your life path number, take yourself as a child of the Universe.

You have a close link with the angelic realm, though you may not have realized this yet. Master number 11 indicates the presence of your Higher Power.

Take advantage of this to positively change all aspects of your life.

11 House Number in Numerology

11 house number is a place of exponential growth. The numerological meaning of this sign points to your intuitiveness and creativity.

The Universe wants you to utilize these energies to create peace, balance, and harmony where you stay.

You may encounter 11 house number in various ways. For example, it could be your birthday number. It also appears as your destiny number or life path number.

Whichever the case, this master number asks you to be guided by spiritual insight. You are twice lucky if Master Number 11 is your birthday number because you’ll enjoy higher vibrational living.

As your soul surge or life path number, 11 house number gives you the spiritual insight to advance your spiritual journey to spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Master Number 11 indicates that your life path is guarded by the best forces in the Universe.

11 Meaning in Tarot: The Enchantress

As a compound number, we can combine the individual digits of the Master Number 11 and arrive at the root number from which 11 Master Number receives its root essence. When we combine eleven’s individual digits, we come up with the number 2.

The number 2 is highly emotional and intuitive, associated with the Major Arcana of the Tarot with The High Priestess card.

At the level of master number 11, this energy is associated with the Tarot card called Strength or The Enchantress.

The journey from The High Priestess to The Enchantress involves reconciling the energy of ego expressed in the dual number ones in 11 with the intuition that emerges from its 2 energy component.

When Master Number 11 is expressed as 11/2 in Numerology, it refers to the fact that not everyone has developed the spiritual energy necessary to realize the high vibrational frequency of Master Number 11.

Unable to master this energy, those influenced by 11 Master Number will experience their energy falling to the level of number 2.

As the old saying goes, Master Number 11 and 2 work on stage: 11 Master Number performs on the stage; 2 sweeps up afterward.


11 Number Meaning on My Clock

What do you make of it when you keep seeing 11:11 on your watch, phone, or clock? This phenomenon passes special messages common to double digit numbers.

The recurrence of 11:11 means this sign has become your personality number. This means you must keenly listen to your inner voice and intuition to understand your life path.

When a sign is your personality number, it hints at your decision concerning critical issues in your life path.

You keep seeing 11:11 on your phone as a wake-up call to pay more attention to your intuition and inner voice. Your divine guides will often get in touch with you through these channels.

The numerological meaning of 11:11 indicates the answers you seek are within. This is your cue to take complete charge of your life.

Numerology 11 Personality Traits

They’re Intuitive Souls

People with Master Number 11 are spiritually insightful. Your psychic abilities are well-developed. Also, you take your roles seriously to help others achieve high vibrational living.

People with Master Number are highly imaginative. If this Master Number is your life path number, you are empathetic.

They’re Naturally Charismatic

Master Number 11 meaning is common amongst the naturally charismatic. These people pay attention to the positive aspects of their life path.

They are kind and generous in their love life as in other areas of their lives. Moreover, because they are naturally charismatic, they attract much attention wherever they go.

If this number appears on your numerology chart, it encourages you to shun negative traits and embrace positivity.

They’re Highly Ambitious

Master Number11 meaning is common with aggressive people. These people will stop at nothing until they have achieved their goals and dreams.

If this number appears in your personal Numerology, don’t allow challenges and hardships to kill your dreams.

Master Number 11 meaning in numerology asks you to see beyond your immediate difficulties. Instead, focus on the rewards the Universe has laid out for you on the horizon.

This should inspire you to discard negative traits and keep pushing toward the ultimate prize. The numerological meaning of Master Number 11 tells you to drop bad habits and outdated thinking patterns.

Has smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol become thorny issues in your life? A personal numerology sign asks you to break free from all forms of addictions.

Demerits of 11 Number Personality

Prone to Bad Habits

People with numerology chart number 11 can easily take up dangerous habits when interacting with others.

For example, they may easily be lured into drinking alcohol to the point of being alcoholics. Others become food junkies or pick antisocial behavior.

If Master Number 11 is your expression number, you need to closely monitor the people you admit into your inner circle.

They Can Become Arrogant

People with an 11 soul number may become too fixated on their ambitions that they become inconsiderate.

They may go beyond self-improvement to self-destruction. Master Number 11 asks you not to allow your ambition to make you forget your kind-heartedness.

After all, life is not all about work and making money. Instead, use your inner wisdom to balance ambition and kindness.

Number 11: Balance the Intuitive Qualities

Master Number 11 is highly spiritual, balancing the intuitive qualities of The High Priestess with the leadership and creative qualities of The Magician.

Those whose lives are informed by the number 11 are spiritually sensitive, charismatic, cooperative, and independent.

We have said that the energy of 1 and 2 are similar to the primordial energies of Yin and Yang found in Taoism.

The energy of 1 is independent and charismatic, while the number 2 is intuitive and creative.

In Master Number 11, these energies combine to form a master number with incredible spiritual power.

You could say that 11 has double digit number energy of two 1’s. This is tempered by the collective 2 energy that emerges from reducing 11 to its root number.

The focus is on spiritual dynamism, charismatic charm, and the ability to cooperate with others in a team. This is the energy of master number 11

The Symbolic Meaning of Number 11

The symbolic meaning of the number 11 is best expressed in the Tarot card primarily associated with Strength or The Enchantress. This card is ruled by the sun and is associated with Leo the Lion in Astrology.

The image on the Strength card is an angelic woman crowned with the symbol of infinity, closing the jaws of a fierce lion. This symbolizes moral fortitude and mastery over the lower animal aspects of our nature.

Mastery of the energy of number 11 is a distinct challenge. It requires the inner strength and fortitude to govern all aspects of a person’s life. However, it can be gratifying when a person with this life path or soul urge number is up to the challenge.

The energy of number 11 is the kind that can bring about genuinely great things.

Ways Number 11 May Show Up in Your Experience

The number eleven is ubiquitous, appearing twice daily on the clock or every hour when reckoning by the minute hand.

It can appear as a price on a menu, the amount of change you receive from a purchase, an address, a page number in a book, or as a day of the month.

When the number 11 appears in your experience, it will likely represent a calling from Spirit or Source.

It could serve as a reminder for you to take a broader perspective on a particular problem or serve as a reminder not to neglect your more profound spiritual calling.

The Number 11 Meaning and Love

11 meaning in numerology has a significant impact on your love life. Master numbers have much sway over all aspects of your existence, including your love life.

Because of their selfless nature, people with Master Number 11 often forget their own needs. As a result, you give so much time to others that they fail to give their best in the relationship.

However, this does not mean you are any less committed or dedicated to your partner. On the contrary, being highly intuitive, you know how to make your partner loved and to guide them on the right life path.

People with this master number should be supported regarding their love relationships.

Their partners should understand that your focus on other people’s welfare doesn’t mean you’re not serious about your love life.

Your interest in humanitarian activities should not be equated with a lack of commitment in your love relationship.

Numerology 11 Meaning in the Bible

Master numbers ordinarily indicate spiritual growth, progress, and spiritual awakening. In particular, Master Number 11 is closely associated with your ambition, goals, and dreams.

Interestingly, the Bible has a different approach regarding Master Number 11. This number is mentioned 11 times in the Bible.

In each of these mentions, this Master Number represents Man’s sinful nature. It indicates imperfection, chaos, and disorder.

Here’s a look at some of the more prominent Master Number 11 mentions in the Bible:

  • Genesis 11:1-9 refers to Man’s attempt to reach heaven by building the Tower of Babel. Unfortunately, God disoriented the builders by confusing their languages. As a result, the builders could not communicate with each other effectively, which created chaos and led to the collapse of their project.
  • Genesis 32:22 mentions the animosity between Jacob and his brother Esau. With the help of his mother, Jacob fraudulently stole Esau’s birthright.

To escape his brother’s wrath, Jacob fled with his wives and 11 sons – who later became the patriarchs of the Tribes of Israel.

  • In Genesis 37, Jacob’s 11th son, Joseph, saves his people from starvation as a prominent leader in Israel. This narrative indicates that Joseph’s life path was ordained by God.

Despite being sold by his brothers into captivity in Egypt, he rose to prominence.

Number 11 and Spiritual Awakening

One of the most common ways you will see number 11 is on a digital clock. Often spirit seems to communicate with us at particular times each day or night.

Many report seeing 11:11 on their digital clock in bed or at their work desk.

Of course, this time occurs twice a day, but what is uncanny is how everything seems to stop precisely that time, and they look up at the clock in the office and notice.

Or 11:11, for some reason, seems to wake us up each night. This is an example of a nudge from the spirit trying to awaken us to our broader purpose.

When things like this happen, take a moment to reflect on what is happening around you at that given time, as well as what is occurring in your life.

Master Number 11: Serve Your Higher Calling

Not everyone is spiritually developed enough to live up to the calling of Master number 11.

As we noted earlier, those who cannot live up to the high calling and purpose of master number 11 experience a fall down to the energy of 2 and find themselves relating to the trials and tribulations of life in a compliant and submissive way.

Those who are spiritually ready to enact the high energy and vibration of master number 11 will have the opportunity to experience life at the highest levels.

Mastery of the energy of number 11 requires intelligence, strength, moral fortitude, and personal discipline.

However, once that is accomplished, literally anything is possible.

The Number 11 and Your Career & Money

Master Numbers help us fulfill our lives’ deepest desires. For people with Master Number 11, their main goal is to achieve spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

This is seen in all aspects of their lives, including how they earn their livelihood. These natives are keen not to be entangled in dubious activities.

They make their living ethically and spend the money thus earned responsibly. At the same time, they are creative and responsive in their endeavors.

The Number 11 and Your Health

Master Number 11 tells you to love yourself as you love others. This is important considering that Master Number 11 people spend all their days thinking of how to improve the lives of others.

This master reminds you that self-love is the first step to changing your world. You can’t do much for others if you don’t shower attention on yourself from time to time.

Take good care of your health, enabling you to serve others better.

Final Thoughts…

The meaning of 11 in numerology is associated with those who dedicate their lives to serving others. These natives end up being important leaders in their community.

Therefore, they must nurture the right attributes from a young age.

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