Numerology Number 22

The Meaning of Number 22

In traditional Numerology, two digit numbers like 22 are reduced to a single digit for analysis.

This is because multi-digit numbers are said to receive their energetic essence from the single digit root numbers that inform them.

This is not the case with certain numbers called master numbers. Numbers like 11, 22, 33 and 44 are called master numbers and carry a special energetic essence all of their own.

As a master number, 22 is associated with the vibration of The Master Builder who has the ability to turn the loftiest dreams into concrete realities.

The number 22 is a master number when it occurs in one of the core positions in a person’s Numerology chart.

However, when it occurs in our everyday experience, number 22 is an ordinary multi-digit number that can be reduced to 4 and is usually depicted as 22/4.

The Numerological Meaning of 22/4

When the number 22 does not appear in the Life Path, Destiny or Soul Urge areas of the Numerology chart, it is treated like an ordinary multi-digit number, which means that it derives its energy from the single digit root numbers from which it is made.

In the case of 22 the root numbers that inform it meaning are 2 and 4.

The number 2 is the number of cooperation and partnership. It brings an air of teamwork and camaraderie to any situation in which it appears.

The number 4 is associated with Earth-bound concerns and problems involving work and material life.

When 4 appears in your Numerology chart, it is indicative of hard work and practical, materialistic concerns.

The number 22/4 has twice the amount of 2 energy than 4 energy which means that qualities like cooperation, passivity and introspection are favored over the more determined 4 energy.

The number 4 is more ambitious and pragmatic, possessing a great deal of ability and discipline.

When these two qualities come together you end up with someone who is cooperative, pragmatic and highly skilled, exhibiting a great deal of professional potential.

The Symbolic Meaning of Number 22

The Major Arcana series of the Tarot culminates with The World card in the 21st station. The World card is symbolic of the attainment of your ultimate spiritual fulfillment.

As a master number, the vibration of number 22, the vibration of the Master Builder, is even higher than that.

The Tarot card that is associated with the energy of 22 is usually The Fool card.

This seems like a contradiction at first, until you take a closer look at the symbolism of The Fool, which is strangely elevated given its name.

The Fool card is either numbered zero or goes unnumbered in the Tarot deck.

As a null card, however, it can be said that The Fool is outside of the spiritual progression that the Major Arcana represents.

Another way of looking at it is that the entire series is actually happening inside him.

The Fool as The Master

The archetype of the Wise Fool is as old as time itself.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot shows the progressive evolution of the neophyte or fool as he travels through all of the symbolic or spiritual archetypes on the way to attaining the highest spiritual realization.

The image of The Fool in the Rider Waite deck is of a young man up on a ledge, his eyes fixed on the heavens above. E

ven though there is an abyss before him, The Fool is not afraid because he has mastered his inner space.

This is symbolic of his new mastery over self.

Number 22 and the Accident of Birth

The number 22 is more of a potentiality than a prophecy. If the number 22 appears in your Numerology chart, it is a sign that you have the potential for spiritual mastery and great achievement.

However, if you are not up to the challenge of mastering this high vibrational energy, then you will fall to the level of the root number that informs number 22, which is materialistic 4.

The number 22 is your birth number if you were born on the 22nd of any month, but you share a similar energy with those who were born on the 4th, 13th and 31st. As a birth number, 22 stands as a kind of potential.

However, it comes with a great deal of responsibility.

The vibration of number 22 is extremely high and manifests as 4 energy until adulthood.

This means that someone who has a birth number of 22 may find themselves so attuned to materialistic pursuits and values that they might not be able to realize their higher, spiritual potential when they come of age.

Karma, Destiny and Number 22

The number 22 is associated with universal love and a message of peace and optimism. Because the idealism of this love is tempered by the pragmatism of 4, it is never airy-fairy or unrealistic.

Those who are born with the energy of 22 in their chart are possibly destined for great things. They are highly capable, caring and full of love for all of humanity.

The presence of number 4 in their chart is a sign that they are able to achieve meaningful, real world outcomes with their actions.

When the number 22 appears as karma it is generally optimistic and positive. The number 22 is the sign of a highly evolved soul.

The challenge involved with this karma is the ability to live up to the high vibration of 22, the Master Builder.

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