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Are you interested in the meaning of Number 21? Then this guide is for you.

Numerology has often been called the mathematics of the Universe.

Everything in the Universe emerges from a single unified field which, as Deepak Chopra has said, is made up entirely of energy and information.

Numbers are bits of information that carry an intrinsic energetic quality that is called the number’s vibrational essence.

In Numerology, therefore, we evaluate the characteristics of phenomena in terms of the numerological meanings, or vibrational essences, that accompany the numbers that appear in our experience.

By studying the mathematics of the Universe you can gain a better understanding of the deeper meaning and purpose underlying our experience.

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The Numerological Meaning of 21

In traditional Numerology, compound numbers like 21 are reduced to their underlying root numbers by adding up their individual digits.

In this case, 21 would yield the root number 3.

It is also interesting to note that 21 is the product of 3, its root, and 7 which is a highly spiritual number. In this way, we can see that 21 is not your traditional compound number.

This is because 21 represents the ultimate fulfillment of a long and arduous process of spiritual transformation.

The root number of 21, which is 3, is the number of unbridled creativity taking material form.

Your birth number is 21 if you were born on the 21st of any month, but your energy will be similar to anyone who was born on the 3rd, 12th or 30th because their birth numbers also reduce to 3.

Having this 3 energy in your Numerology chart means that you are creative, optimistic, charismatic and joyful.

The number 21 indicates that this joyful, creative energy has found its ultimate fulfillment in you.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Number 21

The number 21 is associated with the Tarot card The World, which is symbolic of the fulfillment of what is willed.

If you view the series of the Major Arcana in the Tarot as representing the stages of spiritual development from The Fool or neophyte to a fully realized spiritual being, then The World card represents the rebirth of the soul into cosmic consciousness.

This is why the illustration on The World card in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck is a nude dancing figure surrounded by laurel wreaths.

Laurels were used to crown the victors in the original Olympic games and are indicative of triumph.

This is a visual representation of the bliss of the soul once it has achieved its ultimate fulfillment.

Like The World card, the number 21 is symbolic of success, completion and the fulfillment of desires.

When the number 21 appears in your Numerology chart as your birth number, there are no negative connotations. It promises a life of fulfillment, triumph and victory.

Even when things seem to be going wrong, all it takes is a slight shift in perspective to see that things are actually working toward the ultimate fulfillment of your desires.

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How the Number 21 May Appear in Your Experience

In secular society we generally associate the number 21 with the coming of age.

The number 21 is the number of the drinking age in the United States and is the age that most people feel that they have reached adulthood.

The Number 21 is also likely to appear as a time of day (21:00 is 9pm), a day of the month, a money amount, an address, part of a phone number or in multiples as well.

When the number 21 appears in your experience again and again, it could be a message from spirit that you are reaching the completion or the fulfillment of your goals.

At this point, keep your eyes open for opportunities and never give up.

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The Deep Essence of Number 21

While the root number we derived from 21 is 3, it is also important to note the other root numbers that must be taken into account to see the full ramifications of the number 21 in your numerology chart.

The numbers 2 and 1, which make up 21, are the first two root numbers and have a special relationship of their own.

The number 1 is associated with leadership, originality, independence and self sufficiency, while number 2 is associated with teamwork, diplomacy and the ability to maintain relationships.

In 21 these two numbers are injected backward, so that the 2 is the primary number and the 1 comes afterward. This means that originality takes a back seat to diplomacy and teamwork.

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Karma, Destiny and Number 21

When your life path or destiny number is 21 it means that you are destined to establish or manage a team or group.

The 21 life path indicates the ability to use creativity to uphold and maintain relationships.

When the number 21 shows up in the form of karma it could indicate that you had a talent in a former life that was hidden, obscured or buried in some way.

In your present life you are meant to bring that talent to its maximum potential.

The number 21 is an altogether positive number, no matter where it appears in your numerological chart.

Unlike the root number 3 that is influential in your chart, your destiny is more spiritual and not so strongly influenced by unbridled creative energy.

When the number 21 appears in your everyday life, be on the lookout for good fortune, joy and harmony to appear from your day to day situations.

You are blessed with the kind of balanced and harmonious personality that will meet with professional success and personal fulfillment.

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