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Pietersite is one of the most recent discoveries among crystals used for metaphysical work. It’s beauty is matched only by its intense field of energy vibrations.

What is Pietersite?

Often called the Tempest Stone, Pietersite evokes a strong natural energy. This species of quartz presents a rich gold color that is accented by blues, browns, and grays of varying shades.

The stone was named in honor of the father of its discoverer, Sid Pieters. Pieters found the first example of the stone in 1962 near farmland in Namibia on the African continent.

Today, the stone is still found in Africa and in the Henan Province of China. These are the only two known sources of the mineral.

pietersite-crystalSome believe that Pietersite is a combination of Tiger’s Eye and blue quartz. Eagle’s Eye is another name that is sometimes given to the Pietersite stone.

The unique color pattern of this stone has led to its association with storms and other forces of nature. Most examples have swirls of blue and white within the predominant gold color.

One could easily look upon these works of art as a storm globe of sorts. It is easy to see the raging tempest of energy which is locked inside each crystal.

The colors of the stone give it a very deep, almost three-dimensional appearance. It is often used for gazing and divination.

As one might expect, the energy vibrations emitted by Pietersite are very intense. This stone can have a significant impact on those who are very sensitive to crystal energy.

The stone can also serve to enhance the power of other stones. It is sometimes used to charge other crystals for energy work.

For all its appearance of turmoil, however, the stone brings about a sense of calm assurance. It can help to tame emotions to bring inner peace and stability.

Pietersite Meaning

Pietersite means that order and calm can be found amid the worst of life’s storms. It is a stone of cleansing, one that brings balance to the body’s spiritual aura.

Behind every challenge that life presents there is a place of victory. Pietersite encourages you to seek out the eye of the storm and establish control over your life.

From seeming chaos there can arise order. One must be willing to align their life with a higher purpose to find a place of peace and fulfillment.

Pietersite is a crystal that symbolizes empowerment. It is a reminder that you can achieve whatever you wish when you are willing to work hard.

This stone evokes confidence and strength. It reminds us that we are not merely observers of life but creators.

This stone also means that you are never alone in your spiritual quest. The beings of the higher realms are always with you to provide strength and courage.

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Pietersite Properties

The strongest property of Pietersite is divine energy. This stone is intimately connected to the spiritual energy of the divine realms.

Many healers and psychics use the stone to enhance their natural gifts. It helps to open up a channel to the spirit world, and it also prevents fatigue as a result of energy work.

The stone unites important energy centers of the body to increase vitality and psychic awareness. It can strengthen the intuition, giving its possessor a new measure of enlightenment.

Pietersite has a harmonious aspect that helps to bring balance. It can be very useful to those who have difficulty finding harmony between their physical and spiritual desires.

This stone is very good at creating a link with the astral realm. It can be used to great effect as an aid for astral travel or soul journeys.

Some have had success accessing the Akashic Records with this stone. This can be attributed to its astral link.

Pietersite is a good stone for those who need to start over and create a fresh outlook. It can help to purge the body of negative patterns that prevent spiritual growth.

Pietersite Healing Properties

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As the stone improves vitality and psychic energy, the body can also receive a healing boost. One can expect their overall levels of physical energy to improve when regularly working with Pietersite.

On an emotional level, this stone brings balance. It helps to eliminate repressed hurts and sadness, thereby relieving depression.

Those seeking spiritual healing will find that Pietersite is good for opening the Third Eye. It can help one receive answers in moments of prayer and contemplation.

Physical Healing

This stone is most often used as a stimulant. It has an energy field that can remove lethargy, and it resists physical inactivity.

Those who need to establish an exercise routine will be encouraged by the energy of the stone. It can maximize the effects of physical exercise.

The brain and the nerves seem to be the parts of the body which are most affected by this crystal. It can relieve anxiety, and it can also help to improve memory.

Headaches, especially those caused by tension, may be relieved with Pietersite. It can also help to alleviate dizziness.

Those who suffer from migraines will find that releasing the energy of the headache into the stone is very effective.

Some believe that the crystal stimulates the pituitary gland. This has benefits for the endocrine system which may help to eliminate toxins and infections.

Those who wish to speed up their metabolism for weight loss will have good results when wearing this stone. It can also help to lower blood pressure.

The heart and respiratory system benefit when Pietersite is worn and poor circulation can also be improved.

Pietersite seems to have an especially good effect on the eyes. It helps to relieve eye strain, and some believe it can even improve vision.

Simply placing the crystal on the closed eyelids can help to remove redness and irritation of the eyes.

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Emotional Healing

Feelings that have been repressed are often brought to the surface by this stone. This can be a painful exercise, but it is a key to emotional healing.

Just as there is an end to every storm, Pietersite brings an end to emotional turmoil. This can only be accomplished when the holder of the stone is willing to confront old hurts.

Those who are troubled by bad habits can find relief from this stone. It gives one the courage they need to remove behaviors that are not beneficial.

Addictions to harmful substances may be treated with Pietersite. The stone works on the root causes of the addiction.

Procrastination will be easily removed by this crystal. It encourages one to make a fresh start toward unaccomplished goals.

Loneliness can be relieved with the crystal, and it also helps improve one’s ability to avoid toxic relationships. It can be a great comfort to anyone that has suffered abuse.

Spiritual Healing

This stone’s connection to the source of divine energy has made it a favorite of those who spend time each day in prayer and reflection. It can clear the mind and help one focus on their requests for spiritual aid.

Spiritual understanding is improved with the heightened intuition that this stone brings. It allows one to see the relationship between all parts of the universe.

Those who work with the Tarot or other systems of divination may find that Pietersite increases their psychic gift.

It is helpful that the stone dispels false notions about one’s spiritual purpose. It removes doubts and increases faith.

There is an energy vibrating within this stone that emphasizes the spiritual connection of all beings. It can create a feeling of unity and brotherhood that inspires compassion and love.

Pietersite Uses

This stone is a great source of protection. It can be worn about the neck or carried in the pocket to keep one safe from both physical and psychic harms.

Pietersite brings safety during storms. It will protect its wearer and also speed the arrival of calmer weather.

The stone can also help pets who suffer from storm-related anxiety. Simply place it in the pet bed for immediate relief.

Those who wear the stone at all times will find that self-confidence receives a boost. The crystal helps an individual to be more assertive and sure of their skills.

The creative soul will find inspiration in the gold and blue hues of Pietersite. It can function in a manner not all that different from a crystal ball.

Those who are sensitive to electrical vibrations will discover that Pietersite brings relief. It helps to calm the nerves and mitigate the body’s negative response to electronic frequencies.

It should be noted that Pietersite can sometimes create minor disturbances to electric devices. These generally amount to no more than static from a car radio or the brief interruption of a WiFi signal.

Distancing the stone from the electronics that are affected will resolve this problem.

Placing the stone underneath the pillow at night encourages astral travel and lucid dreams. It can also serve as a key to the hall of Akashic Records.

The stone can also help to promote healthy sleep when kept beside the bed. It absorbs the energy that one has built up throughout the day and quiets the mind of racing thoughts.

Pietersite Meditation

Pietersite is one of the most effective stones for meditation. This key to the heavenly realms can put one in direct contact with divine beings.

It can even be used to contact departed loved ones during meditation periods. It may also be used for shamanic rituals.

The stone brings calm, and that is useful in periods of meditation. Simply holding the stone while breathing slowly will eliminate stress and tension.

The crystal also encourages focus and concentration. It can even be used as a type of visual mantra to keep one focused during meditation.

Gazing at the stone while meditating can induce visions of the astral realm. Some may find answers to questions or general enlightenment when staring into its swirling color patterns.

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Pietersite Birthstone

Pietersite does not serve as a traditional birthstone. This is because the stone is a relatively new find compared to other crystals.

This stone can serve as a natural birthstone when it has a mostly gold color for those born between July 22 and August 21 . This is the time of midsummer, and it is a period of intense solar energy.

Gold Pietersite as a natural birthstone symbolizes success and power. Those born during midsummer are generally assertive and confident.

Blue Pietersite stones are attuned to those born between February 19 and March 19. This period which precedes the spring equinox is associated with new beginnings.

Pietersite Zodiac Sign

This young crystal has not yet been associated with a sign of the zodiac. It would not be unreasonable, however, to find that the stone has an intimate connection with the Sun.

Pietersite Chakra

This stone is considered to be effective when working with multiple chakras. It can bring balance to all of the body’s energy centers.

Specifically, the stone vibrates in harmony with the sacral, solar plexus, and brow chakras. It stimulates the opening of these centers to increase physical vitality and psychic energy.

The sacral chakra is where the life force or kundalini of the body is centered. This chakra sits between the naval and the top of the pubic bone.

The sacral chakra is the seat of intuition. It gives valuable insights from the universe that can help one to avoid hardship and maintain balance.

The chakra of the solar plexus is intimately connected to relationships. It rests in the area of the body which is located between the ribs and the navel.

This energy center has a great impact upon the digestive processes of the body. When it is open, the gastrointestinal functions of the body are improved.

The brow chakra is often called the Third Eye. This chakra is man’s connection to the divine realms of spirit and universal energy.

The Third Eye is the seat of consciousness. It affects how we perceive the world around us, and helps us to evaluate every life event in a spiritual context.

When Pietersite is used for chakra work, the energy centers open to permit a flow of vitality throughout the entire body. This leads to increased physical and mental energy.

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