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What is Sapphire Crystal?

Though it can form in a wide array of colors, Sapphire is a special type of Corundum that is traditionally a heavenly blue color.

Sapphire Crystals may be either transparent or opaque, and form as prismatic, pyramidal, or rhombohedral crystals made from aluminum oxide.

The wide array of colors known to occur in formations of Sapphire Crystals appear due to the presence of additional mineral deposits, such as iron or titanium.

sapphireAll varieties of Corundum Crystals are Sapphires with the exception of red Corundum, which is actually Ruby.

Ranging from a pale blue to a deep and rich azure color, the name Sapphire comes from the Greek word ‘sappheiros,’ and the Latin ‘sapphiryus,’ meaning blue stone.

In the ancient world, the stone known today as Lapis Lazuli was also often referred to as Sapphire.

This means that the Sapphires referred to in the Bible may have been Lapis Lazuli.

Sapphire Crystal Meaning

Sapphire, known as the gem of wisdom, is a magnificent and holy Crystal said to enhance wisdom and stimulate the gift of prophecy.

As a stone of royalty, steeped in historic meaning from ancient times to the Medieval world, Sapphire gems have always been a sign of Divine favor in all religions.

Even today Sapphire is considered to be a stone of wisdom, carrying the profound ability to activate psychic powers and stimulate learning.

The activation of these mental factors leads to deep concentration and the ability to focus, leading one to be able to see the deep truth beneath appearances.

As the stone of wisdom, this gem has been prized for millennia for its ability to bestow wisdom and psychic powers on its owner.

Associated with the planet Saturn, Sapphire Crystals resonate at frequencies that promote order, calm, and regularity.

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Sapphire Crystal Properties and Varieties

Each variety of Sapphire resonates with its own energy, bringing its own particular form of wisdom to its owner.

Also known as a stone of abundance and prosperity, Sapphire Crystals align our minds with our deepest intentions, putting us in direct alignment with Divine Source.

Once we are in alignment, we are able to manifest our desires for abundance, success, and healing at an accelerated rate.

Blue Sapphire – This royal crystal of great wisdom and power emits energy that embraces order and self-discipline.

The blue variety of Sapphire has the power to transmute our negative thoughts, allowing us to act in very disciplined, orderly, and successful ways.

Sapphire (Black) – Black Sapphire is a protective and grounding form of sapphire, enhancing intuition and bringing confidence and wisdom to all who carry it.

Black Sapphire is the ideal talisman to carry when you are seeking work or wishing to maintain your present employment.

Sapphire (Green) – Green Sapphire encourages compassion for others, bringing us the wisdom of loyalty and the integrity of our deepest convictions.

Green Sapphire helps us remain true to ourselves, concentrating our higher vision, and even improving our ability to remember dreams.

Sapphire (Orange) – Orange Sapphire helps us bring our deepest wisdom from the heart to the surface, where we can share it with the world.

This is the ideal crystal for writers, singers, and spiritual teachers who seek to unite creativity, sensuality, and spiritual insight.

Sapphire (Pink) – Pink Sapphire promotes strength of character, stimulating love and forgiveness, and allowing us to enjoy release from past emotions.

Wearing or carrying Pink Sapphire fosters acceptance, making us more resilient and flexible.

Sapphire (Violet) – Violet Sapphire induces the deep wisdom of spiritual awakening, initiating feelings of oneness with everything in the Universe.

When used in meditation, Violet Sapphire arouses the Kundalini energy, allowing it to rise to the Crown Chakra.

Sapphire (White) – The energy of White Sapphire gives us the spiritual power and strength to persevere on the spiritual path.

Bringing a deep sense of clarity, White Sapphire opens us up to higher spiritual forces, putting us into direct communication with our spiritual guides.

Sapphire (Yellow) – The energy of Yellow Sapphire assists us financially, bringing us spiritual wisdom, abundance, and prosperity.

By opening the Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow Sapphire opens us to states of heightened creativity, helping us to achieve our goals and realize our professional ambitions.

Sapphire Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products, and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

The healing properties of all varieties of Sapphire Crystals restore balance to the mind and body, offering the wearer feelings of serenity and peace.

Also known as the stone of prosperity, Sapphire Crystals allow us to focus on our deep desires, helping us attract success, achievement, and financial abundance.

Once our balance is restored, we are better able to manifest our desires into our lives.

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Physical Healing

Sapphire is a restorative gem that can assist in the healing of any part of the body that is necessary.
Whether it is used externally and placed upon the part of the body requiring healing, or in the form of an elixir, Sapphire purifies the body, restoring you to your former state of health and vitality.

Sapphire can be used to heal blood disorders and insomnia. The energy of Sapphire Crystals strengthens vein walls, combatting excessive bleeding.

Sapphire can have healing effects throughout the body helping to treat cellular disorders, overactive glands, and any other overactive physical system.

Blue Sapphire has been used for centuries to cure eye infections and even improve a person’s eyesight.

Sapphire is also effective in the treatment of headaches, fever, nosebleeds, and inner ear problems.

Sapphire Crystals are effective in the treatment of endocrine disorders, including swollen glands and thyroid disease, especially in the area of the Throat Chakra.

The energy of Sapphire can help relieve communication difficulties and even help in nervous system disorders like dementia and degenerative diseases.

Emotional Healing

Sapphire Crystals free us from the binding energies of negative emotions, freeing us from our emotional suffering.

Sapphire Crystals can effectively remedy states of neurosis, depression, and even psychotic episodes.

By focusing on the mind and freeing the heart, Sapphire lightens our mood and restores a sense of emotional balance.

Sapphire’s centering energy grounds us, helping those who are easily swayed by the opinions of others to find their sense of value and self-worth.

Sapphire is the ideal crystal for those who suffer from feelings of inferiority, restoring our sense of self-esteem.

Carrying a Sapphire can help us avoid emotional tension by silencing negative, unwanted thoughts, aligning us with our pure desires and the energy of the Source within us.

Spiritual Healing

Sapphire is a gemstone with a great deal of spiritual power, helping us realize our fullest potential in life.

Blue Sapphire is the ideal stone for those who are working on past life therapy and soul-healing exercises that require deep meditative states.

Sapphire is also used in Shamanism to promote deep trance states, for those who are in search of a vision.

Those who are easily swayed from their spiritual path can wear or carry Sapphire to stay focused and grounded, making swift and easy progress toward their spiritual goals.

The energy of Blue Sapphire activates the higher mind, activating our awareness of higher planes of spiritual existence, and opening communication with Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides.

The increased focus and mental stability that Sapphire promotes rouses our ability to absorb and understand deep spiritual teachings.

As the stone of wisdom, Sapphire enhances all of our spiritual gifts, increasing our intuition and spiritual power.

Sapphire helps us attract spiritual insights, extrasensory perception, and profound visions.

Those who are struggling to make ends meet can use Sapphire to attract the prosperity and abundance needed to support them on their spiritual path.

Sapphire Crystal Uses

The main use of Sapphire Crystal is to calm and focus the mind. It accomplishes this by allowing us to release unwanted mental chatter and negative thoughts.

Once the mind is calm, focused, and freed from tension, our powers of intuition, levity, and joy are allowed to freely come to the surface.

Blue Sapphire may be used to strengthen our resolve and assist in matters requiring self-discipline, and clear vision.

Because they symbolize integrity, Sapphires are effective in influencing matters of justice, bringing all legal matters to a speedy and just conclusion.

Blue Sapphire should be worn whenever you are signing a contract or whenever we are entering into payment negotiations.

Wearing or carrying Sapphire Crystals also promotes healing and allows us to channel the healing powers of angelic and celestial beings, making it popular among Reiki healers.

Due to its hardness, Sapphire is often used in industrial applications like movement bearings, scientific instruments, insulating products, and solid-state electronics.

In the professional world, Sapphire brings the kind of calm focus that is helpful to journalists, corporate executives, scientists, archeologists, writers, and lawyers.

Sapphire, in its pale varieties, symbolizes wise leadership and honesty on the part of leaders, making it perfect for present-day entrepreneurs.

Sapphire Crystal Meditation

The vibrational frequency of Sapphire Crystal stimulates the unconscious mind, enhancing our ability to experience and remember our dreams.

In meditation, we will find our unconscious mind to be considerably more active under the influence of Sapphire Crystals.

This influence allows us to reach higher realms of creativity, and even astral projects, reaching unseen realms of consciousness.

Sapphire Crystals are perfect for those who would like to practice lucid dreaming and dream yoga.

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Sapphire Crystal Birthstone

Blue Sapphire is a natural birthstone for those who are born at the end of winter, as the world awaits the reawakening of life in the form of Spring (February 19 – March 19).

Life is preparing to burst into being, making this a time of pure faith, patience, and trust.

Indigo Sapphire is the birthstone of deep winter (January 20 – February 18), and are rare and valuable crystals, bringing spiritual truth and dignity to all who carry them.

Sapphire Crystal Zodiac Sign

Sapphire Crystals are the zodiac stones for those who are born under the sign of Taurus, which is in the Spring, between April 20 and May 20.

Taurus is the sign of the strong and quiet, completely dignified bull. The strength and confidence of Taurus the bull are derived from its ruler planet Venus.

Taurus is a grounded or ‘down to Earth’ zodiac sign. This makes those who are born under this sign realistic and grounded.

Known for their even tempers, those of us born under the sign of Taurus are also known for being stubborn and emotionally attached.

Sapphire Crystal Chakra

Sapphire Crystals, especially in their blue varieties, are perfect for awakening and aligning the energies of the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.

In the Throat Chakra, the energy of the Blue Sapphire awakens the voice of the body, healing problems involved with communication and speech.

When used to align and open the Third Eye Chakra, Sapphire awakens deep wisdom within us.

Each variety of Sapphire can be used to heal, open, and align a different chakra:

Yellow Sapphire – the stone of prosperity, aligns and heals the Solar Plexus Chakra. helping us attract wealth and professional success.

Black Sapphire – The perfect centering and grounding stone, this form of Sapphire is associated with the Base Chakra, helping us to bring order to our environment.

Black Sapphire also enhances intuition and offers us protection from inner and outer threats.

Pink Sapphire – Associated with the Heart Chakra, Pink Sapphire is ideal for restoring emotional balance by clearing the heart Chakra of unwanted emotional blockages.

Wearing or carrying Pink Sapphire promotes unconditional love and a peaceful household.

White Sapphire – This protective form of Sapphire is associated with the Crown Chakra, removing obstacles from our spiritual path and helping us realize our full potential.

White Sapphire also helps us find our moral center and discover our higher purpose in life.

Green Sapphire – Known as the stone of fidelity or loyalty, Green Sapphire opens and aligns the energies of the Heart Chakra.

This energy helps us attune to a higher spiritual vision, and can even help us remember our dreams.

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